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lunamoth Pic Contributions - Legs

Started by lunamoth, 25-Aug-14, 03:38 PM

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Hello everyone! I am one of those fellas who has been a female muscle/female domination enthusiast for his entire life. Since I was a very young kid actually. I have never been on any forums of any kind or put myself "out there" as it were in any forums or whatever. I like this site a lot and though it will take a while I want to begin contributing with from my extensive collection of everything. My hopes are that I can contribute stuff that you guys like and maybe haven't seen yet! I have never posted anything before so let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks for the great site!

Here are a slew of my favorite legs pics.






You have great taste sir, gorgeous selection, appreciate you sharing, thanks!


Some super sexy legs to admire keep posting!



Those are some Incredible Ladies Luna, I hope that you are still here and Thanks so much for sharing these. Have a Great Day

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