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Author Topic: My first experience  (Read 7833 times)

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My first experience
« on: 08-Oct-14, 06:53 AM »

I was 13 years old only. She was 19 and horny like hell, but in 1978, Spain was yet a very conservative, old style society. A "good girl" NEVER had sex before marriage. In addition, she was frightened about venereal diseases or become pregnant. She was a big girl, a little fat, brute tomboy type. She pick fight with guys and use the fights to rub and paw his bodies. To enjoy more, she chooses younger boys, shorter and lighter than her.

I become her favorite because I was weaker than her, but very aggressive. I hate her and never refused a fight. In other hand, i enjoy pawing her body under her clothes, her breast, her butt, her pussy...

Usually she win, but sometimes, she began to scream and lost control. In this moments I had the chance to take the upper hand and mounted her and kiss her on the lips. The first time, I don’t understand what happened. I believe she had suffered a muscle cramp. Hey, not smile!, remember I was 13 only! She hated to be kissed by me. I was only her sexual toy, and to kiss her was a privilege only by her serious boyfriend or fiancé. But she become weak and helpless after an orgasm. In this moments, I can ride her, kiss her and rub my groin whit her soaked undies until she scream again in delight.

The fights were very rough all times, but the wild thing began really when I was 14 years old and began to try to nail her, to have sexual intercourse. She was very afraid to get pregnant, and started to fight like a feral jungle cat in rage. She usually ended this fights face sitting me, forcing me to lick her soaked pussy.

Many times we have not clear winner but one day I won. A clear and undisputed victory. She became so desperate to avoid be nailed and fucked than accept to make me a blowjob. I cum in her mound and I was the happiest guy on the town… until she attacked me by surprise like an enraged best, searching revenge.

When I was 15 and she was 21, she becomes engaged to married a nice and rich guy, and she stopped her sex-wrestling relationship with me. I was her sex toy only, but the next year they broke their engagement. I don’t know why. She challenges me again to fight. I was 16 and she was 22. No dirty games this time; hard, uncompromising fight to the finish.

This time we were very close in size, weight and height. She used those savage fights to vent his sexual frustration and her anger over her failed engagement. For my part, I only wanted to tear off her clothes and raping her. She kick my ass again one and another time, but at the third attempt, her pussy was mine! Of course, she was furious, calling me a rapist pig and swearing that she would kill me if I had impregnated her. (Note: I had not pop her cherry; she was not virgin) She attacked me again and gave me a huge one sided beating. I did not see her again for two months.

Two months later, she challenged me to fight and we spent all summer fighting savagely two or three times each week. I managed to fuck her several times, but she managed to defeat me most of the time. She was not afraid of getting pregnant because she had learn how to use birth control methods. Even she used my dick as a toy when she defeated me in our perverted sexual combats! We were in 1981, social customs and taboos have changed a lot in a very short time, and it was much easier to get birth control pills discreetly. In September, she has reconciled with her fiancé and never saw her again. I had been only her sex toy.

Muarijun (Spain)