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First experience

Started by Wrestlejunkie7, 03-Jan-15, 04:57 PM

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This last summer I started talking to this girl I went to high school with. We talked for a couple weeks about hanging out. Then I brought the topic of us wrestling and this intrigued her. So I issued her a challenge. She gladly accepted it and invited me over that day to have out match. The rules we decided on were a 15 minute time limit and whoever got the most pins or submissions within that time wins, kind of like an ironman match for those WWE fans out there. I showed up and she opened the door and she was in just a sports bra and spandex. She was a redhead 15 year old about 5'2 thick legs and tight ass, she acquired this from years of cheerleading. I was still 17 about 6'1 18 years old with a slim build not skinny and I played soccer for 14 years. She walked me to her living room which was completely cleared for out match. There was heavy lifting necessary to move that stuff too. So we started out match, the next 15 consisted of this 15 year old girl throwing me around her living room putting me in scissor holds(headscissor, standing headscissor, and bodyscissor), schoolgirl pins, and grapevines. The final score of the match was 17-0 with her victoriously stamping her foot on me and flexing. That was my first wrestling experience.


6-1 guy beaten by 5-2 girl? what a wimp.


So, right up the top of this forum it says "No underage material allowed - please keep all posts 18yr+"

Don't discuss underage again or you will be given an official warning, thank you.

Thread Locked.

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