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Her Rules - PART 2

Started by Smothered123, 04-Feb-15, 04:56 AM

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I put down my wine and joined her on the duvet, us both on our knees. She was looking eager and confident like a young lioness, I felt none of my initial confidence having been so easily overcome in the first round. I told her I was ready but she had a strange smile on her pretty face, she said, "OK, before we start I'm introducing a new rule." I said I didn't realise there were any rules but she explained that she liked to make them up as she went along and asked was I OK with that, keen to get on with the match and get to grips with her fantastic body I said it was all right. She told me this first rule was that the winner of a round has the right to get the loser into any hold they like at the beginning of the next round, I told her that didn't really seem fair to me but agree to go along with her anyway.

With a sly little smile on her face she told me to lay on my front with my hands at my side, I asked what hold she was going to use but she said it was one she had invented and she didn't have a name for it yet, I just did as she asked and waited to see what she would do. She hitched up her tight little knickers around her prominent pudenda, the thin material pulling up into the crease between her labia then she positioned herself in front of my head, sitting with her thighs apart and her crotch close to my face. I could now see she had a wet patch spreading across the gusset of her pants, she was obviously finding this as much as a turn on as I was.

She now shuffled herself forward, at the same time positioning her legs over my shoulders, pulling my head up so I was facing her pussy she moved in even closer so that my face was now pressing into her wet knickers, not only could I smell her excitement, I could now taste it as well, I was just about able to to breath through my nose which was not completely buried in her smothering crotch. Meanwhile, being very business like she got on with securing her hold, she obviously knew exactly what she was doing. I felt her reach down and grab both of my wrists and none too gently she pulled them both up into a double hammer lock, over the top of her thighs, this suddenly changed what was quite a sexy hold into a painful, smothering submission hold, it was at this point I became somewhat alarmed.

I could just about hear her cute little giggles as her strong thighs were clamped either side of my head, she was finding this quite amusing by the look of it. Slowly she pulled both my arms higher up my back putting an ever increasing amount of painful pressure on my shoulders, it occurred to me that the hold was not even completed yet as she had told me she would let me know when I could begin to wrestle. As nice as it was to have my face buried in her wet crotch, savouring her increasing excitement, I was also starting to panic at the complete helplessness of my situation, with the move not yet complete, she was already in total control of me and I knew this could only end with my submission.

She now completed the hold, she brought my hands together behind my back until they were interlocked, if you make your hands into a dove shadow puppet you will see how this meant that my thumbs were interlocked. This meant that she was able to grip both my upturned thumbs in her left fist, completely immobilising both my arms and leaving her right hand free, I had never felt so helpless, she had obviously put a lot of though and planning into this devilish move. Finally, saying, "let's get that face down where it belongs", she eased her bulging wet crotch higher against my face and pushed my head further down between her thighs with her free hand, this meant that my nose was now firmly inserted into the groove between the bulging lips of her sex, cutting of the merger supply of air I had previously had. My entire face was now mashed firmly into her engulfing, wet pussy, the only exception was my eyes, which were still uncovered, I had a close up view of her dominant, bulging mound.

It was lucky for my that she had her right hand free as after about thirty seconds of this evil smother hold she placed her hand on my forehead and pushed my head back, easing my now glistening face away from her suffocating crotch, with an amused giggle in her voice she informed me that the hold was now in place and I could begin to wrestle, I took this opportunity to gulp in a few lungfulls of air just before, with a dirty little laugh, she pulled my face back into her wet gusset, once more I found myself in a world of smothering darkness and agony. I started to wonder whether I was actually enjoying this or was it developing into some kind of scary nightmare.

With my nose and mouth intimately connected with her pussy I could sense her ever increasing pleasure as she exercised her dominance over me, I became aware of her womanly juices seeping into my open mouth and pooling around my tongue. Under normal circumstances I would have found this powerfully erotic but as you can probably appreciate, these were by no means normal circumstances. She was able to hold me in this fiendish position with absolutely no effort on her part, she just sat there, enjoying her power over me and stimulating herself by slowly rubbing her wet sex up and down against my captive face.

I realised pretty soon that I needed to submit to her and started to mumble my surrender into her smothering crotch, I'm sure she knew what I was trying to do but she chose to pretend she didn't. Once again I started to run out of oxygen and began to kick my legs to show her my distress, she left it just a bit longer this time before pushing my face away from her crotch. As I was desperately gulping in great lungfulls of precious air, she used her thumb to ease aside the wet crotch of her knickers, presenting me with an intimate view of her open labial lips, she was incredibly wet there, I was just about to scream out my submission when she pulled my face back onto her body, my nose now pressed right inside her slippery wet vagina.

Her juices were now rapidly filling my open mouth and I instinctively swallowed a great mouthful, I felt the sweet, pungent liquid slipping down my throat as I lay helpless and at her mercy, I felt her tense her thighs around my head and give a huge shudder as she obviously reached her first orgasm, Again flooding my mouth with her spendings, I knew it would not be her last before she was done with me. She now relaxed a little, probably savouring the after glow of her climax, she left it for about another twenty seconds before pushing my own soaking wet face free of her glistening, naked crotch, I noticed shiny threads of her intimate juices ran from my nose to her pussy lips, she asked in a cute little girly voice if I wanted to submit. Between gasps I told her that I did indeed submit to her, after a final grind with her pussy against my face she released the hold and pushed my over onto my side, I lay there like a grounded fish, my face covered in her wetness, filling my lungs with air as she knelt there above me, pulling her wet knickers into place over her bulging crotch.

With her foot she rolled my onto my back, I just flopped over and lay there looking up at this magnificent sexy woman, her firm proud tits had a sheen of sweat on them and her large, firm nipples were fully erect with sexual arousal. The delighted smile on her face at that moment was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life. She looked powerful and satisfied, she knew she could do anything she wanted with me and looked like she was running through all the possibilities in her mind and looking forward to them. With a kind of throaty huskyness in her voice she just said, "that's two nil to me lover boy, oh, there's an extra rule in the next round but I'll wait till you've got your breath back before I tell you what it is." Rubbing her crotch then inspecting her glistening fingers she adopted a mock cross look and said, "look what you've done to my knickers you bad boy, you've made them all wet, I shall have to think of a suitable punishment for you shan't I?"

As she dissolved into a fit of pretty girlish giggles I reached wearily for my wine and drank deep, this was going to be a long night!

Stay tuned for the next juicy instalment where the dominant Sally continues to put me through the wringer for her pleasure and satisfaction


I'm guessing from the total absense of comments and karma that I am off base with my accounts, I'm afraid there not much I can do to change it. Apart from a bit of artistic licence and some purple prose for the sake of the narrative, this is pretty much how it happened. Sorry if it doesn't quite hit the mark!


Quote from: Smothered123 on 04-Feb-15, 09:17 AM
I'm guessing from the total absense of comments and karma that I am off base with my accounts, I'm afraid there not much I can do to change it. Apart from a bit of artistic licence and some purple prose for the sake of the narrative, this is pretty much how it happened. Sorry if it doesn't quite hit the mark!

Five hours isn't a huge time to allow for a response from other members. For example, I've only just logged in and I've given karma, since I believe stories are a much undervalued and important part of the genre.

No doubt the vast majority here are video-leechers, but there is a minority of true fans.....great story, BTW 8)
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Thanks Stewie, I take your point, plus I suppose I'm not taking the five hour difference between US and UK into account. As you appreciate it takes some degree of effort to sit down and put these things together, it's just nice to have someone show appreciation.

Love the show btw ;D



Sorry, mate.  I just read both of your accounts and have to say they are incredibly hot.  You are a lucky guy.  I hope you take the time to write part three because you've really got me interested now.  Thank you for sharing these with us.


Thanks Mix, glad you are enjoying it, just trying to carve out some time to continue with the action. Watch this space.


Incredibly sexy story, my friend. And if that really went down that way, you're one lucky bastard. :D
Karma given.


Thanks for the comments and karma blackout. The events pretty much went as I've written them, just put a little bit of creative writing in to make it more readable. I'll get round to continuing once I find the time, meanwhile I'll carry on posting my story, 'Lambs to the slaughter'.

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