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Lambs To The Slaughter saga

Started by Smothered123, 10-Feb-15, 06:12 AM

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In stark contrast to my other thread, 'Her Rules' which is more or less pretty true, this is a flight of sheer fantasy, I hope you enjoy it. I will get round to resuming the other thread sometime soon.

OK, here's the setup, I know some people dont bother with this bit as it generally doesnt get to the meat of the story, but if you do read it you will undersatnd the back-story and hopefully enjoy the rest that bit more.

Part 1 -

I can't tell you how delighted I was to see my kid sister Jo again after all the trouble the family had been through lately, it seemed like years since I had seen her last, although it was in reality only about fourteen months, I suppose I need to fill in some of the background. Our father had been the type of guy who had always played life a little close too the edge, always one eye on the main chance and not always that fussy about the type of person he did business with, but fundamentally a nice man.

He had unfortunately made the mistake of getting involved with some people who were, shall we say, neither nice nor legal and got in way over his head. Having tied up all his equity in this particular venture, he then discovered the full extent of his associate's business dealings; it would save time if I just mentioned what nasty rackets they were not involved in. Needless to say, when my father found out he had to make a decision. Should he let the potential rewards make him turn a blind eye to the evil activities he was now up to his neck in or do something about it? His inherent honesty led him to make the right decision and he brought the whole filthy business tumbling down. He said what clinched it for him was standing in a squalid little bed-sit in the east end of London, watching a fourteen year old hooker, working for his boss, die of a heroin overdose supplied by her pimp who also worked for his boss.

He took it all to the police and turned queen's evidence, testifying against all of his former business partners on the understanding that he and his family would be whisked away into the anonymity of the witness protection programme and provided with a new life and identity. As you can imagine, this type of situation is not without its pressures, by the time the family had been finally settled in Auckland, New Zealand the atmosphere within the family had become like a pressure cooker. Our lifestyle and standard of living had plummeted and we were all constantly bickering, thrown together in a small house a quarter of the size of the comfortable country home we had left behind in West Sussex, England.

Mum and Dad were at each other's throats, Jo-Anne was permanently locked in her tiny bedroom and I couldn't stand the sight of any of them. For the sake of my sanity I made the only decision I could, I got out. I scraped together all my assets and got myself a flight to Australia to make a clean break and a new life for myself. I was already eighteen months into my training as a state registered nurse back in the UK so I had no problems getting myself a job in a hospital, continuing my training. I set myself up in a little apartment and started making a nice little scene for myself.

Then my kid sister mailed me to say that Mum and Dad had busted up and Dad had foolishly flown back to England, to London of all places where the entire underworld were on full alert looking for him, and they didn't want to take him down the boozer for a drink either. Jo, who was now eighteen, used Mum's credit card to get herself on a flight to the UK to try to get him to come home, before he got himself killed. She wrote to me from London explaining the situation, this was why I was so desperate to get the money together to get myself back there to attempt to save half my little family from certain death. This was why I had agreed to subject myself to the torture and humiliation I had suffered courtesy of Alan and Jen and why I had absolutely no choice in the matter.

What a fool I felt when I discovered that my wonderful, brave, resourceful little sis had managed to sort things out and get my Dad back to Auckland and patch things up with Mum before his old friends got to him first. I can't tell you how much I love Jo, through all the rough times I was the one who played the role of Mum to her. We had nearly lost her when she was seven to a terrible illness which had her bed ridden for almost a year, as a result of this she had always been on the small side. Now a fully grown woman she was still only four feet eight inches tall but I was amazed when she came to see me to see that she had blossomed out into a beautiful young woman with curves in all the right places. She has a great little pair of firm upright tits and the cutest little arse you ever saw.

I had arranged to meet her at a well known coffee bar in the harbour area and was sitting outside when I saw this stunning young woman coming down the road, dressed in a tight fitting crop top showing of her perfect, full breasts and a little checked pleated skirt, so short that from my seated position I could see the colour of her tight pink panties. I remember thinking 'I wonder if her parents know she's walking around dressed like that'. It took me a second glance to realise that this was my little baby sister, all grown up and sexy as hell. We ran to each other and hugged for an eternity, we sat together sipping coffee for the next hour, catching up on what we had each been up to and how our parents were doing back in NZ, it was heaven.

Imagine my total shock and surprise when I looked up and saw both Alan and Jen standing there at our table, talk about when worlds collide. I hadn't seen either of them or Jen's brutal minder/slave Ming for some months now, no longer being desperate for the cash they could provide and also to keep myself healthy in mind and body. What I had not known was that they had a long while ago, had copies cut of the keys to my apartment and were frequent visitors while I was at work. Dropping in to read through my private files and correspondence in order to keep me ensnared in their web. The only reason I hadn't heard from them for so long was that Jen had been on a world wrestling tour, culminating in her winning the world no holds barred wrestling championship belt, bringing her enormous rewards in prize money and sponsorship deals. Now she was back they had decided it was time for more fun, only this time there would be an extra bonus for them.

Part 2 to follow shortly, hopefully your patience will be rewarded. if you enjoy it I'd be really happy for you to give a little Karma to share the love! :D


Part 2 -

Both Jo and I sat there as they explained how things were going to pan out, as they spoke we both became more and more worried, this worry turning to terror. Jen told us that they had been keeping a keen interest in the goings on with our father and they really sympathised with our family's suffering of late, however they now found themselves in a position to 'persuade' both myself and my little kid sister to join them for some more 'fun'. I went crazy, the thought of my darling sister having to go through one tenth on the misery these two had caused me left me totally appalled, I told Jen there was no way this was going to happen, that's when she closed her trap.

With the sweetest of smiles she informed us that she had, through her various enterprises, made quite close connections with the very bunch of criminals our father had been in business with and they were very keen to catch up with him. Due to the fact that she and Alan had been reading all of my personal correspondence, she knew the exact location of my parents new home and had even gone to the trouble of paying a couple of her low life associates in NZ to keep an eye on them. She said they reported back on a regular basis re their movements so there was no point in us trying to warn them as any sign of them fleeing would result in a quick phone call to the UK after which, we had no doubts, our beloved parents would meet a bad end. Both Jo and I listened to all this horror struck, Jo was totally unaware of my dealings with them and her mouth hung open as between them they brought her up to speed regarding their 'little bit of fun'. They left out none of the details and the look on Jo's face tore me apart. After Jen had told her what had been happening she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said how sorry she was for what had happened to me, I explained why I had had no choice but to go along with their warped game and she just hugged me and together we wept on each others shoulders.

Jen said that this was all very touching but we should stop weeping like children and listen hard to what she was about to tell us. Through all this Alan had sat there at Jen's side with a big grin on his face, he was eyeing Jo's perfect little body with a look of pure lust and from where I was sitting I could see his enormous cock was rock hard and bulging out in the front of his tight, pale blue jeans, the thought of what damage that monster prick of his would do to my cute little sis made my blood run cold. Jo saw the direction of my gaze and glanced down at his lap. Her eyes fell on his massive bulge and her jaw dropped open at the size of it, Alan grinned and said "Do you like it sweetheart..? don't worry baby Jo, soon you'll be able to do more than just admire it now listen up to what Jen has to tell you".

Jen reached across and ran her hand along the length of his erection saying "Al, this monster of yours seems to get bigger every time I see it, hey Jo, just you wait till you see our boy here stripped down to his tight, white wrestling thong, it's quite spectacular believe me, your sister will testify to that wont you Soo" I just looked away and blushed, Jo laid her tiny hand on my arm to comfort me. Jen went on.."Anyway girls, as I was saying, I think you'll find that you are both now in a position where you have a difficult choice to make, either you both play our little game and do as you are told or I make a call to a certain 'businessman' and I think we both know what that would mean for your parents, suffice to say you would both qualify for the orphans picnic", they both laughed loud at Jen's little joke, she continued "You see Jo, it's like I was telling you a few minutes ago, Al and I have what you could call a passion for wrestling and we like to indulge our passion as often as possible. Over the past few months our little sessions have been made more fun through the inclusion of your dear sister, we've kind of come to love her in our own way and now you are here we intend to share the fun with you too, kind of keeping it in the family really. As you can see, we are both fine specimens of humanity and you're probably thinking that you won't stand a chance against us, I'm sorry to say you are right. I'm afraid once you climb into the ring with either of us, or both for that matter, you will be completely at our mercy and the 'fun' I mentioned will be all ours, you can look forward to a fair bit of pain and humiliation at our hands but I'm afraid there's absolutely nothing you can do about it if you want your beloved parents to stay healthy. Now, its decision time, what's it to be girls?"

I literally begged them both to leave Jo out of it, I said I would do anything they said, I offered to be their absolute abject slave and do 'anything' they commanded but they would have none of it. Jo looked at me and said that there was no way she would let me go through it alone, she said that we would face this together and it was a sacrifice she would willingly make after all I had done for her over the years. I broke down in tears at her bravery and said to Jen "it looks like we have no choice does it, ok we'll wrestle you, we're at your mercy and you know it". Jen and Alan had huge smiles on their faces, Alan reached across and put his hand on the top of Jo's thigh saying "That's a clever girl Jo, you know the score", his hand slipped up her leg a little further, pushing back the hem of her short little skirt and coming to rest on the crotch of her tiny pink panties. Jo recoiled out of instinct and went to push his hand away but Alan just said "Uh uh little Jo, don't be naughty now, you know what can happen if you're not nice to me, I just want to see if your little pussy is as juicy as your sisters" so saying he thrust his other hand between my thighs and sat there groping both our crotches as we sat helpless to resist his probing fingers. Jen watched the proceedings with a look of satisfied amusement as he pleased himself, Jo gave a little gasp as he slipped his index finger under the elastic of her knicker crotch and inserted it between her lips. She closed her eyes and blushed in shame as he worked his finger in and out a few times before withdrawing it and still feeling my crotch, put his finger in his mouth and gently sucked it. I looked on in horror as he half closed his eyes and savoured the taste of my brave little sister's pussy juices, I knew this was only the first of many and ever increasingly shameful indignities he would be subjecting her to. I gave a small sob but Jo just looked up at me and said "it's ok Soo, I can handle it, don't worry".

This really pleased Alan and as if to show her the effect she had on him he took hold of her little hand and placed it on his enormous erection which was threatening to burst the zip of his jeans, now resigned to her fate she offered no resistance but her eyes opened wide as she felt the full length and rigidity of his cock, he leaned close to Jo and in a throaty voice said "you and him are going to get to be very good friends, believe me Jo, I've tasted you now, next time it will be your turn". She sat there with her hand on his throbbing erection and her eyes downcast demurely. Jen said "Now listen up little ones, tomorrow at nine sharp you'll both turn up at the gym, as it's Sunday I've booked the whole place so there'll be nobody there but us, I've got it for the whole day so we can take as long as we like to introduce your adorable little sister to the joys of the ring."

She reached into her bag and took something out, reaching across the table she handed Jo a tiny little thong, it seemed to be made of a kind of netting material and very stretchy, from the look of it, it would barely cover her cunt lips, Jen said "here you are sweetheart, a little present from us, I expect to see you wearing this when you turn up tomorrow, understand?" Jo nodded, Jen said "there's a good girl", then leaning nearer she peered closely at Jo's pert little breasts as if noticing something, a big grin broke out on her beautiful face as she said "Well, well Jo, you're a bit of a dark horse aren't you, unless I'm much mistaken you have nipple rings in both of your little buds, how very delicious", I had no idea Jo had pierced nipples, I was finding that my little sis had hidden depths, I had no reason to be surprised I suppose, she was after all a grown woman of eighteen. Jen went on, "Jo you must let me take a look at those, come with me to the restroom and you can give me a little show". I looked at Jen imploringly, silently begging her not to do this but she just smiled wickedly at me and taking Jo's wrist firmly guided her out of her seat and away towards the ladies room.

Alan and I were alone, I begged him to appeal to Jen and not put my kid sister through this, I said I'd do anything, I offered to be his whore but his personality seemed to have changed drastically from when I first met him, all he seemed interested in now was keeping Jen happy and indulging his own lusts, I could only put this down to Jen's influence and the strange hold she had over him. He sat there still feeling my now damp crotch and telling me about some of the new holds he and Jen had been working on, some of which were evil sounding two on one moves, my heart sank by the minute. After a while it occurred to me that they had been gone a long time, after a few more worrying minutes I saw them emerge from the ladies powder room, Jo walking in front of Jen who had a big sexy smile on her face, I noticed Jo's hair and makeup were a bit dishevelled, I started to silently pray that this didn't mean what I thought it did, Jo wouldn't meet my gaze as she sat back down, Jen was looking very pleased with herself, she said, "Sorry Al, I couldn't resist, the sight of her amazing firm little tits with those kinky little nipple rings got me so juicy something simply had to be done about it," putting her index finger under Jo's chin and lifting her head up, she spoke to me whilst looking Jo in the eyes, "I have to tell you Soo, we have a real little treasure here, her tongue is every bit as skilful as yours and she knew just how to find my magic spot, what would have made it perfect would have been you, on your knees behind me with your expert tongue working away at my arsehole at the same time, still early days yet eh?." She gave a really dirty laugh which Alan joined in with; I've never felt so bad in all my life.

Jen spoke, "well kids, it's been great, a real pleasure meeting you Jo and the pleasure was all mine" another dirty laugh, "Now Soo you'd better get Jo home and start teaching her some wrestling moves and holds, not that they'll do her much good but there you go. I expect to see the pair of you at the gym tomorrow, remember nine sharp, don't be late, Soo knows what can happen if we're kept waiting don't you dear, oh and one last thing Jo, I'll expect to see those nipple rings in your tits tomorrow understand?." They both stood up to leave, Alan had to do some major readjustment in the front of his jeans to get his huge cock into a comfortable position, I saw Jo eyeing it with a mixture of awe and fear, Alan saw the direction of her stare and said "tomorrow honey, then you'll get a real close look, bye little bird". So saying they both left the café and we watched as they drove off in Jen's brand new, top of the range convertible Mercedes sports.

I looked at Jo and said "Oh Jo, what have I got you into, my poor little darling, you have no idea what these people are like", she said "Soo, it's not your fault sis, you were only doing your best for Mum and Dad, don't worry, I'm a big girl now, I can handle it, I'm tougher than you might think". I asked her about her nipple rings and she told me her last boyfriend was really into body piercings and she had them done for him as a birthday treat, after they split up she found that she had grown to like them and so left them in. I warned her that they would be used against her to torture her tits, I think it was at this point she realised the full potential of what she was now involved in, I started to sob again and she joined in. Both crying we left money for the coffees, made our way to my car and drove back to my apartment. 


I hope you like the way this is developing, if you do let me know and I'll get part 3 posted so you can see what awaits our helpless 'Little Lambs'.


Thank's for the appreciation Stewie, I rate your opinion as a fellow creator!


I had hardly any time at all to get Jo prepared for what she would have to face the next day so I was determined we shouldn't waste the few hours we had. Jo helped me to clear the furniture back to the walls of my lounge to create a makeshift ring. In order for it to be as near to the real thing as possible we both stripped down to our panties. As I had already seen, Jo was wearing a tiny pair of thin stretchy pink knickers, the back was tanga style and showed off her great little arse cheeks beautifully, Jen and Alan were going to go wild when they saw her stripped down. Her lovely firm, little tits stood out proudly with no need of support, topped off by her surprisingly long nipples, adorned with little gold rings which just begged to be played with and I had no doubt they would be before long. I stripped to a tight black thong, we stood facing each other in the middle of the carpet and I started to go through the basic moves. I showed her wrist locks, arm levers, full and half nelsons, headlocks, and a number of other arm and leg holds. She was an attentive student, keen to learn but I couldn't help but notice how light and lacking in overall strength she was, she was a pushover even for me. I then went on to demonstrate some more advanced holds, I applied a half then a full boston crab which had her screaming out in pain, even though I went easy on the pressure, I dreaded to think how she was going to cope with Jen or Alan's arse bouncing down on the small of her back in a spine stretching boston, she was going to be such easy meat for them.

I now showed her some smother holds in case she got the opportunity to apply one, at least oxygen starvation was something that even Jen and Alan were susceptible to and it might afford her a slight chance. I demonstrated both forward and reverse face-sitting holds, showing her how to get an air tight seal over the victim's nose and mouth with the crotch of her panties, then I showed her the forward and reverse head-scissors, again with her face pulled tightly into my smothering crotch. She showed an aptitude for the smother holds which, when she got to try them out on me left me gasping for breath, I told her that the secret was to ensure the crotch of your knickers was as wet as possible in order to maximise the smothering potential, she asked how this is done and I told her, once you get the other persons face in your crotch you need to grind your pussy onto their face, using their nose to stimulate yourself, I told her she may find this shocking but it makes the hold more effective.

Later after a rest and a light meal we had a practise match, I was still in my black thong, to get the feel of it, Jo changed into the little thong Jen had given her. Once on I was shocked at how much of her sexy little pussy it displayed, being made of a fine netting it left nothing of her pouting, shaven cunt lips concealed, it just looked like a fine tracery of lines drawn over her fanny. It struck me that this would be the perfect garment to allow Alan to apply his terrifying signature move, the combined cunt and arse claw, he would simply be able to slip his fingers through the netting straight between her lips and his thumb up her arse with agonising results. I had purposely not told Jo about Alan's special claw hold or Jen's Cunt of Death hold in order not to terrify her too much, I just prayed they would go easy on her and refrain from using these dreadful holds.   

We agreed to wrestle for one hour regardless of submissions gained. I told her that there was no point in my taking it easy on her as anything I could throw at her would be nothing compared to what she would face the next day, she agreed and we squared up facing each other, I said begin. She showed initial promise, managing to successfully apply a number of good holds, she managed to take me off balance and get me onto my back, quickly straddling my head for a well executed forward smother pin hold, however, I soon noticed that the tiny net thong was next to useless for cutting off my air and I was able to get a meagre supply of oxygen as she attempted to create a seal over my nose and mouth, was this why Jen had picked this particular garment I wondered. She had made a good start but it soon became apparent to me that she lacked stamina and reached a point where she became like a rag doll in my hands. I shouted at her and egged her on, telling her that she had a whole day to get through the next day, not just an hour but she couldn't help it, she was just too weak, Alan and Jen were going to play with her like a toy and put her through untold miseries and humiliations and all I would be able to do was watch.

By the time we had finished practising and I had taken her though some more moves and tactics it was half past two in the morning, we were both physically and mentally drained and as we now only had four and a half hours in which to sleep I said we had better turn in. It seemed I had only just closed my eyes when my alarm went off, I felt like I hadn't slept a wink. I got up and went to wake Jo, she said she ached all over and felt pain in her arms legs and back, this after only a few hours gentle practice, how in hell was she supposed to cope with what she had coming to her at the gym. Neither of us felt like eating so after our showers we just had a cup of coffee and set off for my car, both with dread in our hearts. I wanted to ensure that we were not late; I didn't want to give them any reason to inflict any more punishment than they already had in store for us, not that they needed an excuse.

We didn't speak much on the drive over to the gym, as I parked the car I said to Jo, "listen sweetheart, there's something important you need to remember, If Jen gets you into a forward crotch smother hold, and she will, it's one of her favourite moves, but you have to watch out for her pulling the crotch of her thong aside and clamping her cunt lips over your nose and mouth. If that happens you must submit immediately, in any way you can, under no circumstances must you try to suffer the hold, she can cause serious injury to your lungs using the pressure she is able to build up using her internal pussy muscles, do you understand me?" Jo said she understood but I could see she was now even more terrified than she had been. I locked the car and we approached the gym, arm in arm for comfort.

The door was open and we went inside, after our eyes had adjusted to the relative darkness of the gym we saw the ring, bathed in light from above, waiting there to receive us, we were going to be put through untold tortures inside those ropes. As we walked down toward the ring we saw Jen and Alan waiting for us ringside, it came as a great relief that Ming was not there. Alan looked fit and toned wearing a rugby shirt and a pair of white, tight fitting trousers, showing off his fully erect cock to perfection. Jen looked amazing, ever the showgirl, she was wearing a skin-tight, red rubber mini dress which revealed every contour of her magnificent body through the thin stretchy latex. Her long hard nipples poked out towards us from her frighteningly large, firm breasts, and the lips of her pussy bulged proudly out, just above the hem of the ultra short garment, it was clear that she was wearing no underwear, beneath that dress she was as naked as the day she was born, they both greeted us with huge smiles. 

Jen spoke, "Hi Soo, hello little Jo, glad to see you made it in plenty of time, you wouldn't want to be late for our first special session now would you ?..believe me you really wouldn't." Jen sat down on one of the ring-side seats, her thighs were casually apart and a glance confirmed what I had thought, she was wearing no knickers, her moist pussy lips glinted in the light from the overhead ring lights, she beckoned Jo towards her. Shaking, Jo walked over and stood in front of Jen. With a curious smile on her face Jen reached out her hand and with one perfectly manicured nail she lifted up the hem of Jo's thin, cotton summer dress to reveal the tiny fish-net thong Jo was wearing, this pleased her greatly, she said, "Oh Jo, they really do suit you, your lovely little pussy looks so edible squeezed into that little net thong, what do you think Al, doesn't she look cute in them?." Alan sat in the seat next to Jen and craned his neck forwards for a good view, as he closely inspected my little sisters almost nude cunt lips I saw his already erect prick twitch in anticipation, it began to visibly throb as it became even more engorged. Jo just stood there like a rabbit transfixed in a car's headlights, too scared to move, her eyes fixed on his ever lengthening cock, he said, "Now that really is a sight for sore eyes, I can't wait to see how they look when I get her in a crotch-splitting leg stretch hold, I'm sure they'll look even better from that angle". So saying he reached out and ran his index finger up and along the groove between Jo's lewdly displayed fanny lips, Jo just stood there mesmerised by his now frighteningly erect monster.

Obviously keen to waste no time Jen stood and told us to follow them to the changing rooms, as we walked towards the doors Alan walked right past the males locker room, upon reaching the ladies, he held the door open for Jen and ushered us inside, following us in, it would appear that we were to be afforded no modesty, not even when changing. As Jo walked past Alan he hooked his finger into the neck of her dress and pulling it away from her body, peered down at her tits, he said "Just checking you remembered what Jen told you about those nipple rings, good girl, we'll have fun playing with those". He spoke to me, "You wearing your little white thong Soo, I've always loved the sight of your pussy encased in that thin stretchy material". I lifted the hem of my short pleated skirt to show him my underwear; he smiled a real dirty smile as he ogled them. He now spoke to Jo, "OK Jo, before I change into my wrestling thong I need to have my body lightly oiled, makes it all the more fun you know, would you be a sweetie and help me". I said it was ok, and that I would do it but he was having none of it, "Oh no Soo, Jo will be just fine, besides, I think you'll be busy oiling Jen," a nod and a smile from her confirmed this. Jo just looked at me and said it would be ok; it was time she started to do her bit.

Alan took a bottle of muscle rub oil from his kit bag and handed it to Jo, as she stood there awkwardly, he first pulled his shirt off over his head, revealing his broad muscled chest and his washboard abs. Next he undid the button of his trousers and pulled the zip down, as he eased the waistband down over his hips his huge cock sprang out like a tree branch and stood there proud from his shaven groin, quivering and throbbing, he too had worn no underwear. This was Jo's first sight of his enormous prick unfettered by clothing and it made her gasp, Alan looked satisfied with the effect it had on her and hefted it in front of Jo. Due to the length of his cock and Jo's relative shortness, the firm purple head was only inches below the level of Jo's chin, she looked like a child compared to his massive, muscled frame. He reached down with both hands and taking hold of the hem of her sundress, lifted it up and over her head with one expert movement, now apart from her sandals she was naked but for the tiny net thong and her nipple rings, I swear the sight of her beautiful little body caused his weapon to grow another inch, a bead of pre cum now evident at it's tip. He said, "Ok Jo, you can kneel down and start oiling my body, I want you to start at my ankles and work your way up my legs, you can stand up when you get to my balls and my cock. Rub plenty of oil up and down the full length of it, I want it to be nice and smooth for you, you never know where it may end up, isn't that right Soo?"     

I groaned at the thought of the task my sister now had to perform, Jen spoke, "ok Soo, strip to your thong and get yourself over here, we cant have you standing around ogling Al's cock while your sister has all the fun now can we, I have need of your services". Feeling dreadful but resigned I stripped to my tight, white wrestling thong and walked over to Jen, and at her bidding helped her peel the sheer latex sheath up her tall muscular body and pulled it off over her head. She now stood there, towering over me, her huge firm tits jutting out at me at eye level, the long hard nipples looked dangerous. She too reached for a small bottle of clear, scented oil and handed it to me saying, "Start with my tits and work down, I'll give you more specific instructions when you get below my waist, take your time with my nipples, I want them nice and hard before we start our match.." 

I took the bottle and poured some of the scented oil into my hands then started rubbing it into her huge firm tits, her nipples got bigger and harder as I rubbed my hands in circular movements on her magnificent breasts, she looked down at me with a smug, superior smile on her face. As I massaged the oil into her tits, her right hand went to her pussy and she began to rub her middle finger up and down between her cunt lips, half closing her eyes with the pleasure she was giving herself, I knew she was just getting herself ready for me to take over. After roughly ten minutes Jen told me to start working my way down her abs, I applied some more oil and began to descend with my hands down across her firm, flat stomach. As I ran my hands across her smooth hard muscles I saw that Jo had now finished oiling the top of Alan's thighs and he said to her, "Right little Jo, stand up, you've done a great job on my legs, now it's time to get busy with this," so saying he took hold of his heavy erect cock and rubbed the engorged head of it across Jo's perfect little breasts, as he did this I saw him leave a trail of pre cum on both her tits, her humiliation would now truly begin in earnest. From where I was some six feet away I could see the blue vein which snaked its way down the underside of Alan's shaft actually pulsating as a steady trickle of clear sticky fluid oozed from his large purple knob.

He continued, "OK Jo, first pour plenty of oil onto your hands then I want you to grip my cock with both hands, not tightly but firm, then slowly run your hands up and down the shaft, give special attention to this area here," he indicated the spot on the underside, just below the head, "and just keep that up until I tell you to stop, maintain steady, firm pressure and keep those hands nicely oiled, do you understand what you have to do Jo?" Jo nodded and started pouring oil into her palms and rubbing them together in preparation for her task. As I rubbed Jens hard, rippling abs I saw my precious, beautiful little sister circle her little hands around Alan's massive throbbing penis and slowly rub them up and down its length, pausing slightly at the knob to provide extra pleasure for him. Judging by the look on his face and the noises he was making she was very good at rubbing his cock, I could see his breathing start to quicken and it was obvious to me that it was not going to take too much more of this before Jo's skilful massage caused him to come and judging by the size of his heavy pendulous balls Jo would end up bathed in his hot spunk when that occurred.

Jen said, "I know how you must be feeling watching your sis running her hands all over Al's lovely big cock, so you remember what I said yesterday about how it would have been perfect when Jo was licking my clit to have you behind me, tongue worshipping my arse, well so that you don't have to witness what we both know is going to happen next you can get down on your knees behind me and put that gifted little tongue of yours to work between my arse cheeks. Don't waste your effort, I want to feel you licking my rosebud, I want you to push the tip actually inside me, fuck my arsehole with your tongue, understand?" To emphasise her point she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me down to my knees, I squealed in pain and said I understood what I had to do. I moved round behind her, still on my knees, as she presented her arse to my face, reaching behind her she pulled her firm, muscular arse-cheeks apart, presenting me with my task, she said in a throaty voice, "OK, get licking, and heaven help you if I'm not satisfied with your efforts, I'll be taking it out on Jo if you don't do it right, understand?" Terrified for Jo I said, "yes Jen, don't worry, I know what you want, just please don't hurt Jo I beg you, I'll do anything you say just please take it easy on her."
End Of Part 3

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Jen chuckled with satisfaction as I thrust my face into the valley of her arse cheeks and got to work on her anus with my tongue. She started to rub her clit as I orally fucked her in the arsehole, after a few minutes I could hear Alan's breathing getting faster and faster, I heard him say, "Don't you dare stop unless I tell you to, open your mouth now, understand?" I heard Jo say 'ok' and the sound of her hands sliding rhythmically up and down his engorged shaft continued. No more than a minute later I heard Alan hold his breath then breath out with a low growl, this growl lasted about thirty seconds and was accompanied by a wet, splashing sound and I knew that Jo's face and tits would now be dripping with Alan's fresh, hot spunk, her indoctrination into my world of pain and humiliation was now complete. Jen reached behind her and grabbed a handful of my hair, wrenching my face out from between her arse cheeks, she held me so I had I good view of Alan and Jo. Jo's eyes were downcast and her cheeks were burning with shame, Alan's come covered both her tits and her face, it was dribbling down her chin from the corner of her open mouth. Alan stood over her, his Viagra enhanced erection still solid and towering in front of her. Still with a firm grip on my hair, Jen turned herself towards me and mashed my face into her dripping wet crotch and said, "Lick it." Knowing I had no shred of resistance left in me, I thrust out my tongue and began to lick her hard, slippery clitoris as she started to shudder.

I heard Alan instructing Jo to lick his cock clean and the sounds that followed told me that Jo was at work, licking his fresh hot spunk from off his cock and balls. It only took a few minutes before Jen came to a shuddering climax, gripping my head with both hands and grinding her dripping wet cunt into my helpless face, her juices filled my mouth and trickled down the back of my throat. As if nothing had happened she just handed me the oil again and told me to clean her up with my tongue then to finish oiling her body. I looked over at Jo who was similarly engaged, rubbing oil into his broad back and between the cheeks of Alan's firm muscular arse, his come still evident on her face and tits. Once she had covered all of his body in the oil he told her to fetch his white thong from the bench and help him get into it, this was going to be no easy matter given that his cock was still fully erect. I saw her kneel and hold the thong open for him to step into; once he had both his feet in the leg holes she pulled the small, stretchy garment up over his solid muscular thighs and came to a stop with the waistband halfway up his erect prick. She looked up at him bewildered as to ask how she was going to get it all into the thong, he just said, "come on Jo, you're a smart girl, just take a firm grip and stretch the thong over my cock, don't worry, you wont hurt it." He grinned down at her as she wrestled to get his huge erection covered but eventually she managed it, Alan said, "there's a clever girl, I enjoyed that, now please get the oil again and rub it into my thong, be generous with it now."

As she smoothed a good handful of the sweet scented oil into the front of his wrestling thong it had the effect of turning the material all but transparent, his heavy balls and every bulge and vein in his cock were clearly visible, despite the situation I was in I still couldn't help feeling a warm wetness between my thighs as my juices responded to the sight of such a magnificent display of rampant manhood. Jen indicated that she too was now ready for her thong and I did for her what Jo had for Alan, helping her into it and liberally oiling the thin, light pink, stretch material until her full, pouting cunt lips were fully on display. Now it was our turn, Jen told both Jo and I to stand side by side on the bench which we did immediately, how well trained we had become. Jen and Alan stood in front of us both and Alan began rubbing oil into Jo's beautiful little body as Jen oiled me. I saw Alan taking plenty of time rubbing the oil into Jo's crotch and tits; this was obviously not a chore for him, more a labour of love. I saw Jo wince and flush with shameful humiliation as Alan inserted his oily finger into her tight little anus and work it in and out five or six times, he and Jen exchanged dirty grins and Alan just said "tight". 

Once we were both glistening with oil we were told to help them on with their boots, I looked around for ours but couldn't see any apart from Jen and Alan's, Jen saw me looking and said, "looking for your boots Soo love, I'm afraid you girls are wrestling barefoot, Al insisted I'm afraid, he said you can do too much damage with a boot on your foot as he found out last time we met, he's only just got that knee back to full fitness after all this time, you really did a number on it, didn't she Al?" She looked across at Alan who just grunted in agreement, by the look on his face I got a sick feeling in my stomach that he was out for revenge this time and it wouldn't be just me feeling the brunt of his vengeance. Once their boots were laced Jen led us out to the ring, first Jen jumped up and between the ropes, I clambered up after her. Jo was having trouble, never having climbed up into a wrestling ring before and needed a firm push from Alan which he provided by means of his hand between her thighs, she tumbled into the ring under the bottom rope coming to rest on her back looking up at Jen standing over her. Alan jumped nimbly up onto the apron and vaulted over the top rope, landing catlike on the canvas, he looked bronzed and refreshed and fit as ever I had seen him, that surgeon of Jen's was a real magician given the treatment his right knee suffered at our last encounter.

Jo got to her feet and we all four stood there in the ring, under the harsh lights as Jen explained what was going to happen. She first told Jo about the special rules which applied only to Jo and myself, how we had to ask permission from them if we wanted to submit by saying, 'permission to submit please', that if we got the wording wrong our application would be ignored, which it may well be even if we got it right. She went on to explain the 'Relax' rule, meaning that when either of them used that word at any time Jo or I would have to just lie still and unresisting until they said the keyword 'wrestle', it took Jo a while to grasp this rule but when she did she just said, "but that's so unfair, you can do anything you want to us any time you like!" With a grin Jen said, "that's just about the size of it Jo, yes, you'd be easy enough to beat without that rule but it just makes it that much more fun for us you see."

Jen announced that the match would begin with Alan in the ring against Jo, I pleaded to be allowed to start with Alan but Jen told me firmly that she wasn't asking me she was telling me, she gave me a look of warning which left me in no doubt that I had better just shut up. She went on to explain that she had the right to enter the ring and either join in for some two on one action or tag Alan out at any time, however, this right did not extend to me or Jo, we had to wait on the apron to be tagged in the normal way, she said she had made sure of this and gave Alan a broad wink. Ushering me out of the ring she too climbed through the ropes and took up a position right next to me instead of on the opposite side as would be normal, I thought this strange but didn't argue. Jen now crouched down and reaching round me, retrieved something from behind the corner post, as she stood up I saw what it was and gasped in shock, it was a pair of what looked to be police regulation handcuffs. Jen said "Just a little modification to the rules, I know how much you love little Jo there and thought you might be tempted to occasionally jump into the ring to assist her if she's in trouble, and we can't have that now can we, its against the rules. So, when either of you are outside the ring you will be cuffed to the post to take away the temptation, when you're tagged I'll unlock the cuffs and swap you over." So saying she clipped one side of the cuffs through one of the eyelets of the post cladding then closed the other side firmly over my right wrist, the cold metal biting painfully into my flesh as she did so. Looking very pleased with her work she put the key on the apron well out of my reach then took up a position next to me at the ropes to watch the proceedings.

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Alan and Jo stood facing each other in the middle of the ring, the difference in their sizes and body mass was ridiculous, she looked like a little schoolgirl standing there before him, his massive hard cock bulging out at her in all its detail through his transparent thong, god help her, she didn't stand a chance. In a loud theatrical voice Jen said "Begin Wrestling". Before Jo knew what had hit her Alan had reached out with both hands and seized her around her waist and with a deft movement he pulled her up onto his body in a cruel looking bear-hug, locking his powerful arms in the small of her back and squashing her wonderful little body to his chest. I heard the gasp as all the air left her lungs and saw the look of stunned pain on her face as he piled on the pressure with his strong muscular arms, beads of sweat broke out on her face as she struggled to suck air into her crushed lungs, she was forced to wrap her legs round his hips in order to ease the pressure on her spine. Jen was right, my immediate instinct was to leap into the ring and go to her aid, however the cold hard steel of the cuffs bit deep into the flesh of my wrist, pulling me up short with a jolt of pain, Jen couldn't help but laugh at the look on my face, I just stood there helpless and watched Alan torturing my little sister in the ring.

As easy as going for a Sunday stroll Alan walked across the ring to where I stood, Jo's back was towards me and Alan was grinning at me over her shoulder, looking down I saw the head of his huge erection thrusting upwards in his thong and pressing against the flimsy netting covering Jo's pussy, he gave a couple of lewd fucking motions, probing at her crotch saying, "remember this one Soo..? the old 'atomic drop womb basher' move, I'm sure you haven't forgotten have you. I must say I'm sorely tempted, her cute little cunt feels real hot against my cock". I pleaded with him to spare her the agony of this terrible move, he was right, I could still feel the pain of his massive solid cock powering up inside my pussy as he dropped my entire weight down onto the full length of his shaft, it wasn't called the womb basher for nothing, he looked me in the eyes and with a grin said, "OK Soo, I'll be kind and leave that one for later, maybe after I've softened her up a bit".

Jo's head was now slumped forward resting on his shoulder, eyes screwed shut in agony and I noted a stream of saliva dribbling from her open mouth and running slowly down his broad muscular back, she was already defeated and just a plaything for his amusement. Suddenly with a deft movement of his hands and arms he spun her through 180 degrees so that she was now upside-down, still clamped in his powerful bear-hug, still in a world of pain. In her new position her head was now directly level with his cock and I saw the look of horror on her face as he rubbed his massive oiled prick into her helpless face. Too weak through lack of oxygen to support the weight of her legs they had flopped back, bent at the knee, her thighs falling open obscenely displaying her all but naked crotch for his pleasure right in front of his face, her mound pressing against his chin. With a leer at me he bent his head forward between her legs and, maintaining eye contact with me, gave her cute little fanny a long slow lick, thrusting his cock against her face as he did so, tears sprung to my eyes involuntarily as I watched this spectacle. He obviously enjoyed the taste of my little sister's juices as he now proceeded to bury his face in her crotch and with loud slurping noises, push his tongue through the netting of her thong and deep between her shaven lips.

Jen said, "Enjoying yourself Al.?, remember the job in hand and leave some to go round eh?". There was something in her tone of voice which seemed to bring him up short, like a Mistress jerking her dog's choker chain and he came out of his lust frenzy, lifting his now sticky face from out of Jo's crotch. Adopting a more businesslike expression he gave his full attention back to the job in hand. Walking across the ring to the far corner post he stopped and steadied himself, getting his balance, then with a graceful movement he lifted Jo's body up and away from his own, she hovered there, upside down in font of him for a few seconds then he brought her down, back first with a sickening thud, onto the corner post, she gave one short scream then was silent, laying spread-eagled on top of the post on her back. Taking a grip of her wrists he pulled her roughly off the padding, scraping her soft skin over the post as he did so. As he dropped himself back onto the canvas both his feet came up together and he planted his boots into the small of her back before expertly flipping her into the air with a thrust of his legs, she seemed to be moving in slow motion as she tumbled in a high arc across the ring then landing with a sickening crunch in a heap a few feet in front of where I stood, chained to the post.

Jen was shouting her approval at a great move, well executed. As I stood in horror Jo's eyes met mine and I could see the terror in them as she heard Alan advancing on her across the ring to resume his work, she reached out a hand to me and just said  "Help me Soo".  I reached out with my free hand towards her, the cold steel of the cuffs biting into my other wrist as I strained to tag her. Our fingers were only centimetres apart when she was suddenly dragged back to the centre of the ring by Alan who had a firm grip on her right ankle. He dumped her in a heap at his feet and looking at me with a broad grin said "Nice try girls but I'm afraid I haven't finished with you yet Jo, I'm having far too much fun to let you out of my clutches quite yet".

He now reached down and hooked both of his little fingers into Jo's nipple rings, she stiffened immediately and got to her feet as he slowly pulled up on the rings. Once she was on her feet he continued to pull the rings up, forcing her onto tip-toes to ease the pain he was inflicting on her poor beautiful tits, my heart went out to her as I saw tears of agony coursing down her cheeks, Jen called out her encouragement telling Alan what a great hold this was. He responded by pulling the rings round in circles, forcing her agonised nipples to follow his fingers, her poor little buds were being stretched dangerously close to ripping the flesh, she was moaning in pain as she concentrated on keeping her balance on her toes.

Unhooking one of his fingers he now used the other one to drag her down to her knees in front of him, she knelt there, eye level to his swollen cock and was powerless to resist as he eased his stiff shaft free of his oiled thong with his free hand. Still keeping her trapped on her knees before him he now took a grip on the base of his massive erection and slapped it against her face, first the right side then the left. As he repeated this punishment her head was being knocked from side to side with the force of each blow, it was as if he was hitting her with a large heavy cucumber and she seemed to be reeling from each whack. After a while he seemed to tire of his little amusement and let Jo drop to the canvas in a dazed state as he forced his huge glistening cock back into his thong.

Jo was still dizzy from his cock-whipping and was powerless to resist as he crouched down before her and with a practised expertise, hoisted her up onto his right shoulder in a classic back-breaker, I could feel the pain myself as the memory of being in the same hold came flooding back. Jo screamed as he started to work the hold, bouncing up and down with flexes of his knees, powering on the pressure to her weakened spine. He walked across the ring with Jo hanging there like a hunting trophy, her thighs hung loosely apart as he stood in front of Jen and I giving us both a clear view of the tiny net thong stretched tightly over her wet little pussy lips. Observing the direction of Jen's gaze he brought his free hand up between her sweat soaked thighs and inserted two fingers through the mesh and into her dripping cunt. He tightened his cunt-hold and pulled down on it, causing Jo to scream out in pain as he put further pressure on her now damaged back. I now watched in dread fascination as he positioned the tip of his thumb at the entrance to her tight little arsehole, working his thick digit slowly inside her until the knuckle was no longer visible. Jo was screaming out in pain now as I pleaded with him not to use that hold, not on my poor, delicate little sister's most sensitive areas, I looked to Jen for some kind of support but her eyes were narrowed in cruel fascination at the torture being demonstrated for her pleasure.

Alan locked eyes with me and said, "Remember this one Soo..? my cunt and arse claw, I thought it was time Jo was initiated properly into our discrete little club and I'm afraid that this is her right of passage, after she's suffered this her spirit will be truly broken and she will belong to us. Can you feel it now Soo, can you feel my fist closing, squeezing your delicate cunt flesh and the pain as my thumb powers into your arse, you can, I can see it through your tears in your beautiful sad eyes." He now gave her spine a viscous jerk down over his sweaty, muscular shoulder as he spoke to Jo, "Have you ever felt pain like this before Jo, can you feel my strong fingers invading your most intimate places, I'm inside you, I'm controlling you, you belong to me, tell me you're mine".

Jo was now screaming out in pain, "Yes, yes, Yes, I'm yours, I'll doing anything, anything just make it stop, please make it stop", she was sobbing incomprehensively as he took her to the edge of agony and then beyond the point where she could reason, she was now like a wild animal caught in a trap, all she knew was the pain and her need for it to stop. Alan came close to the ropes and stood in front of Jen, he said to her, "I think she needs to get the scent and taste of her mistress for her to be truly broken to our will, what do you think Jen". Jen smiled wickedly and said, "Clever boy Al, you're developing this into a real art form aren't you".

I had not understood what they meant until I saw Jen turn around, plant her feet apart and bend forward, thrusting her incredibly sexy arse though the ropes, she reached behind and pulled the string of her thong out from between her arse cheeks. Alan also turned and at the same time went down on one knee bringing Jo's pain wracked, sweat soaked face up under Jen and into the crease between her beautiful, glistening buttocks. Alan said, "I think you understand what you have to do now Jo don't you, your big sis did such a great tongue job on Jen's arse that you will have to really go some to live up to it, won't she Jen". In a throaty voice Jen said, "Yes little bird, Soo's saliva has only just dried where she tongue-fucked my tight, little areshole, now your spit will mingle with hers as you pay homage to my most intimate orifice. Like I told Soo, I want to feel your tongue inside me pushing in and out of my anus. I want you to really get the smell and taste of your mistress deeply lodged in your senses, after this you will have no mind of your own, you will be broken to our will, now before you begin, tell me what you have to do".

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Between sobs of pain in a quivering voice Jo choked out, "I have to lick your arse, I've got to stick my tongue up your arsehole and fuck you with my tongue". She broke down whimpering with pain, as Jo said, "Correct my little plaything, like your sister, you learn fast, ok Al, ease off on the pressure a bit while she proves that she belongs to me. Right then Jo, get busy with that tongue." My mind was a turmoil of conflicting thoughts and emotions as I witnessed my beloved sister slavishly licking and probing at Jen's anus. I felt deep compassion, love and pity for her yet somehow I also felt arousal and jealousy, it was then that I realised the degree to which these two cruel, magnificent creatures had taken possession of me, some part of my psyche wished that it was me worshipping Jen's arsehole, abasing myself before her, I knew then that I belonged to them body and soul, and it would not be long before Jo did too.

The only sounds in the gym were Jen's deeply satisfied breathing and the soft wet slurping noise as Jo worked her tongue slowly in and out of her slippery, glistening anus. This unreal state seemed to go on forever and as I watched I could feel the growing warmth and wetness between my legs. In this strange twisted world where pain and pleasure were intertwined I watched my beloved sister licking another woman's sweaty arse as she lay stretched in pain over her tormentor's shoulders and it was deeply erotic. After what could only have been about ten minutes I saw Jen's body tense and shudder in the throes of an intense orgasm, it took someone who had true control of their body and senses to reach orgasm just through anal stimulation, I knew she possessed such control. Breathing only slightly harder she said, "Keep her right there Alan, I'm going to reward her for doing such a good job".

Jen's idea of a reward was to step through the ropes and position her pussy just above Jo's sweat soaked face, then pulling aside the crotch of her thong she said, "Open your mouth wide little Jo, I have something for you". No longer possessed of a will of her own Jo opened up her pretty little mouth and lay there, looking up at Jen. Maintaining eye contact, Jen using her superb muscle control, flexed the inner walls of her cunt causing a steady, sticky stream of warm pussy juices to trickle out from between her bulging lips into Jo's waiting mouth, she didn't have to be told what to do next she instinctively knew. I watched her throat muscles undulate as she swallowed the spendings from her mistress's pussy, Jen had another devoted slave in her stable. In a final gesture of humiliation Jen wiped her wet cunt back and forth on Jo's face before pulling her thong back in place and walking out to the middle of the ring.

Alan flexed his strong muscled legs and powered himself up to a standing position, using the upward momentum to flip Jo up into the air sending her crashing to a crumpled heap at Jen's feet, the sound as she hit the canvass made me flinch, she just lay there groaning and feebly attempting to rub the pain in her back away. Alan spoke, "Have you tagged in then Jen, I'm only too happy to pass her over to you". Jen looked down at Jo's twisted, pain wracked body and said, "No dearheart, not a tag, I just thought I might join you for a little 'two on one' action to make it more interesting for us, what do you think". Alan smiled broadly as he said, "Great idea Jen, you know it's always a pleasure working with you, where do you want to start". Jen said, "Let's do a little more work on that back of hers, I don't think its quite there yet, there's a little hold I've been working on which I'd like to try out if you have no objections, it should work that poor little spine of hers nicely". They stood over her politely discussing her impending torture at their hands, two tall, strong, bronzed athletes at the height of their powers, preparing to inflict god knows what punishment and humiliation on their defenceless victim.

Alan said, "You go for it Jen, I'll follow your lead". Using the sole of her boot Jen rolled Jo over onto her front and planted her foot on the back of her neck as if to say 'don't you dare move'. Jo must have got the message for when Jen removed her boot from her neck she just lay there still, like an obedient dog. Again using her boot Jen prised Jo's arms away from her body and arranged them so they were at ninety degrees to her body, she lay there on the canvas, face down and spread eagled awaiting Jens next move. Jen hitched up her wet transparent thong, moulding it tightly over her bugling pussy, her proud lips clearly visible before stepping astride Jo's prostrate body. She stood there, facing in the direction of Jo's feet, her boots planted close into Jo's side at about the level of her tits, with a grin towards Alan she sat herself down on the canvas with her arse just in front of Jo's head, trapping her arms beneath her strong muscular thighs and pinning her to the floor.

I think we all knew her next move, lifting Jo's head off the floor by her hair she shuffled herself forward a few inches trapping Jo's face hard against her smothering wet crotch and clamped her thighs around her head, I had been in this position myself and the terror of it came back to me again, I knew that breathing would be almost impossible for her with her nose and mouth buried in Jen's wet pussy. Jen sat there looking pleased with herself, effortlessly holding Jo pinned to the mat in her vice of flesh, she spoke to Alan, "Right Al, I want you to stand over her and plant your right boot in the small of her back then reach down and take a grip on both her ankles. All you have to do then is to pull them up towards you in a kind of standing boston, putting maximum pressure on her back, you could also spread her feet as wide apart as you can to really work her hip joints, I'm still trying to think of a name for it, what do you think". 

Alan said, "Its truly fiendish Jen, I can't begin to imagine the pain she'll feel, luckily her screams will be muffled in your crotch or she'd scream the place down, right then, lets get to work." So saying he carried out Jens directions, carefully placing his boot where he calculated it would cause most damage and give him maximum leverage, he tested his purchase, twisting his sole into the small of her back to make sure it wouldn't slip. I could hear Jo's muffled cries of pain from between Jen's thighs, this caused her to smile broadly and gently pat the back of her head, then she patted Alan on the arse saying 'good boy'. Taking hold of her hair she moved Jo's head slightly, getting her nose just where she wanted it then closed her eyes, leaned her head back and sighed.

In a business like manner Alan got on with his work, bending forward lithely at the waist he flexed his hands then took a firm grip on both Jo's ankles, when he was sure his grasp would hold fast he slowly started to straighten up, pulling her feet up with him, her body forming a bow shape as he gradually piled on the pressure. Even muffled in Jen's smothering crotch Jo's screams of pain were clearly audible, Alan smiled the satisfied smile of a craftsman at a job well done. From where I was handcuffed to the corner post I had an end on view up between Jo's legs, the netting of her tiny thong was cutting into her pussy lips, making her soft flesh stand out in little squares. He had now reached the limit at which her legs could be pulled no further back, testing this with firm tugs which brought louder cries of pain for each attempt, satisfied they would go no further back he now stared to pull her ankles apart to pressurise her hips and pelvis. I'd never seen such clinical cruelty applied in such a dispassionate and professional manner. I could see the delicate inner folds of her cunt flesh glistening as her outer lips parted under the strain, viewed objectively it was an incredibly erotically charged sight but this was my beloved little sister and I could not be objective.

Jen said, "Lets see if we can get just a bit more pressure on that spine shall we." So saying she reached forward with her arm between Alan's legs and carefully inserted her two middle fingers through the netting of the thong into Jo's open, wet vagina. She pushed them in to the second knuckle then, leaning back she pulled back on Jo's pussy; I could see the powerful muscles in her arm bulging as she worked the hold. Jo had stopped screaming now and I became terrified for her, I shouted, "Jen please, you're killing her, she's not moving, please let her go I beg you, let her go." Jen released the hold on Jo's cunt, taking time to slowly lick the sticky juices off her fingers with relish, then took a grip on her hair, pulling her face away from her crotch, she looked momentarily concerned and spoke to Alan, "She out Al, lets give her a break until she comes round, its no fun if they're not screaming."

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Before I continue this story I thought I would explain a little about how it came about. The story and the characters actually grew out of a protracted cyber wrestling scenario I had going for over a year with a girl in Australia. Originally the posts and responses were quite short but as we got more and more into the little world we were creating, the posts became longer and more involved.

If you have read the story so far you may have detected that there is already a rich back story underpinning the narrative, this was provided by all the mails we exchanged over the time we communicated. The story you are reading, and hopefully enjoying, was what I created after we stopped our correspondence. I was so much into the characters and story I felt it need to be continued and developed.

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Alan dropped her legs which crashed to the canvas with a thud, in one fluid motion Jen got to her feet, I saw her deftly pull the crotch of her thong back into place with a crafty grin, she had obviously pulled it to one side to get Jo's mouth and nose between the naked lips of her pussy for extra pleasure. As Alan stepped away Jen flipped Jo over onto her back with her boot, with relief I noted the rise and fall of her chest, she was still breathing, Jen pushed Jo's head back and forth a few times with her boot but she was out cold, she said, "Alan be a love and fetch me some water from your corner to splash on her face, she needs a wake up." Alan told her that he hadn't brought any from the dressing room to which she replied, "Well in that case we'll just have to bring her round some other way won't we."

An evil smile spread across her lovely face as she took up a position astride Jo's face, Alan's eyes widened as Jen thumbed aside the wet crotch of her thong, surely not I thought, even she wouldn't be that cruel, as usual I underestimated Jen. Opening her thighs slightly and bending at the knees she parted her sticky labia with two fingers, seconds later a powerful stream of hot, golden urine issued forth, her aim was precise and the jet of piss hit its target, Jo's open mouth. It quickly filled her mouth and started to flow down her face as Jen laughed at her handiwork, seconds later Jo spluttered to life coughing and swallowing and rolled over to one side trying to gather her wits. Jen continued to empty her full bladder over Jo as she lay at her feet, playing the hot, golden stream over her head and shoulders with a huge grin on her face as she did so. She said, "Joined us again have you little Jo?, how do you like my little wake up call, I bet you've never had a golden shower before have you. I hope you like the taste of my pussy wine, you'll come to love it in time once you're truly broken to my will. Throw her a towel Al so she can dry herself off before we continue the fun, you've got one minute Jo so you'd better get yourself together ok.?" Jen shook the final drips from her glistening lips onto Jo then turned to Alan saying, "Al, be a dear and clean me up with your tongue will you, I do like my pussy cleaned after I've taken a piss and I know how good you are with that tongue of yours so get to it."

It was indicative of the power she had over him as he dropped to his knees before her without a moments hesitation, placing his hands on her arse cheeks to steady himself he then pushed his face up into her groin, getting to work with his mouth and tongue on her dripping wet lips. The loud slurping noises he made showed how enthusiastically he was carrying out his orders, Jen just stood there with a regal look on her face, staring me in the eye as if you say, 'this is only what I deserve, you mere mortals are only here to do my bidding', I looked back at her in awe of her power, I realised that her control over Alan and myself was total and I knew that it wouldn't be long before it also extended to Jo. With a small thrust of her hips she pushed Alan away from her signalling that he had completed this task, she covered her lips with the wet crotch of her thong and hitched it up, moulding it to her powerful pussy lips as she did so. Alan sat back on his knees, licking his lips with pleasure, the taste of his mistresses mingled juices in his mouth and his enormous erection rearing up through his thin, wet thong. Jen said, "OK Al, she's all yours again, I'll keep Soo company on the apron while you continue with your work, I'll let you know when I want to tag in". So saying she walked over and climbed between the ropes to stand next to me outside the ring. She looked at me as if to say 'are you enjoying the show'.

Alan spoke to Jo saying, "OK, your minutes up, get to your feet if you can I've got plenty more in store for you yet". Jo groaned as she slowly dragged herself up onto her feet, she clutched at her injured back as she stood there swaying slightly in front of him. He looked fit and eager to continue with the punishment as he eased his huge erection into a more comfortable position. Without warning he grabbed her right wrist and planting his feet firmly, he performed a classic Irish whip, sending her flying into the ropes. She hit the ropes face on and came rebounding backwards at speed, Alan had followed up his move like a professional tennis player, following his serve into the net, he was right behind her as she catapulted back, calmly and with perfect timing he lifted his right leg and planted his boot firmly into the small of her damaged back, she screamed and hit the canvas like a sack of potatoes, her little feet drumming on the mat as she writhed in pain at his feet. This brought a loud "Bravo" from Jen to show her appreciation of a great move well executed.

Reaching down and lifting her as if she were a rag doll he took a hold on each of her wrists and hoisted her back over his shoulder, face down with her legs draping down his back. Checking his balance he now launched himself forward with a little skip and took two running steps towards the ropes, when he was some four foot from the ropes he flipped Jo forwards, up off his shoulder, maintaining a tight grip on her wrists he brought her back slamming down onto the top rope, her body bending backwards in an arch of agony. The weight of her plus the momentum stretched the rope down until it was level with the middle rope, then Hook's law of springs took over and her frail, pain wracked body came flying up off the top rope into the air above Alan. He still had a firm grip on her wrists and with masterful skill he used this grip to turn her in mid air to bring her crashing down flat on her back on the canvas.

He released his twin wrist hold and stood aver her as she convulsed in pain and gasps of agony at his feet, he looked over at me and said, "Soo, what do you think, reckon I've softened her up enough for my specialist move, I think she's ready don't you". I knew immediately what move he meant and my blood froze, I said, "No Alan, please, I beg you, not the 'womb basher', she can't take it, you're much too big for her you'll injure her, I'll do anything you want, I'll be your cock slave, I'll be your whore, I'll do anything just spare her that I beg you". He slowly reached down and placing his strong, muscular arms around her waist pulled her up into a bearhug, her head lolling forwards onto his sweaty shoulder, her mouth open and her tongue extended, dribbling saliva onto his tanned flesh. Wearing her like a garment he slowly walked over and stood in front of me, I could hear Jen's breathing picking up pace in excitement as she stood next to me, he spoke, "Yes Soo, you'll be all that and more but that will make no difference to my next move, why if I didn't know you better I'd say you were jealous, trying to keep my big cock all for yourself, there's no need to be selfish, there's plenty for both of you so just be a good girl and let Jo have a taste of it, she's going to have to learn to take it all so she may as well start her first lesson now." Hot tears sprang to my eyes as he prepared his move; I just stood there powerless, straining against the cruel metallic bite of the cuffs which bit deep into the flesh of my wrist. Jen started to amuse herself by thrusting her fingers between the cheeks of my arse and playing with my anus, we were both just toys for them to play with.

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Jen and I had a grandstand view as he set about executing his terrifying ‘womb basher’ move. With a deft movement he hoisted Jo’s limp body further up onto his chest, her legs instinctively gripped round his waist in an effort to take the weight off her damaged back and ease the pain on her spine, she was in a world of agony and I’m sure she was unaware of what was happening, all she knew was the unrelenting pain. Now, maintaining his grip round her waist with just his left arm, he brought his right hand round to her crotch, taking a few seconds to play with her beautiful arse just for his amusement he then carefully eased aside the tiny netting of her thong, exposing her wet, pink pussy lips to our gaze, due to his spreading of her thighs her pussy was stretched open, ready for the next phase of his move. We both watched as he thumbed the waistband of his thong down below his huge balls, leaving his massive erect penis, quivering in front of him, the glistening, purple head no more than an inch from the gaping mouth of Jo’s pussy, a large bead of thick white pre-cum standing proud from its single eye. Taking his shaft between thumb and forefinger he carefully positioned the tip of his prick gently between her glistening outer lips, rubbing it back and forth a few times to get the feel of it and ensure it was in exactly the right position. When he seemed satisfied with his set up he placed his right leg one pace behind him and made sure of his balance, all was now ready for the ‘coup de grace’.

He looked me squarely in the eye, locking my stare to his, a cruel little smile playing at the corners of his mouth, out of the corner of my eye I saw Jen give a curt nod and then it happened. He dropped like a stone, down onto his right knee bringing Jo plummeting down at speed; I saw her mouth open in a silent scream of pain as his huge, hard shaft powered its way up into her tight wet pussy. Even totally impaled up to her womb on his massive erection there was still a good four inches of cock showing beneath her tightly stretched lips. It started as a low animal like groan and then built to a terrifyingly plaintiff wail which seemed to get louder by the second as the full impact of what had happened sank into her consciousness. He just held her there trapped in this most agonising and debasing of holds, in no uncertain terms he had just raped my little sister and there wasn’t a thing she or I could do about it.

His eyes still locked to mine in order to taunt me, I saw him start to slowly bounce her up and down on his shaft, causing her to gasp out in pain each time she sank back down onto his solid, glistening column of flesh. This time he added a cruel twist to this dreadful move, with Jo still impaled on his erect cock he rose to his feet and walked to the ropes, coming to a stop right in front of me and turning round so I was face to face with Jo, her eyes were imploring me to help her, to make the pain go away just like she did when she was little and had a tooth ache, but there was nothing I could do to help her this time. I just held out my free had to her and she clutched it tightly between her two small hands, squeezing tight and staring, wide eyed at me as Alan powered his huge solid cock into her tight, delicate pussy, drawing it out with agonising slowness before plunging it back up into her again. Tears were running freely down both our faces as he pleasured himself, whilst breaking her will at the same time, this was a coldly calculated tactic designed to demonstrate his total power over both of us, it worked.

As both Jen and I watched transfixed by his artistry and control he lifted her frail body up off his shaft until only the very tip of his massive cock rested between her wet, swollen lips, I felt a wave of relief and this was reflected in Jo’s expression, she could see an end to her intimate torture but, as usual he did nothing without a reason. To literally ram home the message and finish his work he dropped once again to the canvas onto both knees, there was a slight pause before gravity took effect then Jo came plummeting down after him, his thick, cunt busting erection driving its way relentlessly back inside her. This time there was none of his hard flesh visible below her pussy, she had taken it all and the sudden shock and internal agony caused her to scream out once then lose consciousness. She hung there lifelessly, impaled on his shaft, her head hanging forward and a thin stream of saliva dripping from her open mouth down onto Alan’s muscular shoulder. He took a handful of her hair and lifted her head before letting it drop back down; he gave Jen a satisfied smile as she responded with a low whistle of appreciation and clapped her hands slowly at his handiwork.


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Jen spoke, “OK Al, lets give her a break now, she needs some time to recover after the punishment you’ve just put her through, that was a beautiful move, she’ll remember that the rest of her life. You’ve certainly ruined her for other guys, all other dicks will seem like pencils to her after this, I think you’ve got a willing cock slave there; you’ve totally broken her to your will. Lay her over here on the apron and let her come round in her own time, meanwhile, now where did I put that little key”.

Reaching down to behind the corner post she retrieved the key to my handcuffs and stood up, waggling it in my face saying, “OK Soo, I know you’ve been getting jealous watching little sis have all the fun, what say you and I climb in the ring and have some fun of our own. I haven’t had a play with that right shoulder of yours for ages and I’ve been missing it, I think its time to open a few old wounds and see what happens”. I groaned inwardly, icy tingles of fear running down my spine as she unlocked the cuffs and all but pushed me through the ropes to land awkwardly on the canvas of the ring. Having broken my fall with my right hand I felt the familiar stab of pain shoot through my shoulder and winced, the smile on her beautiful face told me she had registered this. Even knowing how cruel she could be I couldn’t believe what she did next, before climbing into the ring she reached down and snapped the empty cuff round Jo’s lifeless wrist, closing it that few extra clicks of the ratchet so that it would bite into the flesh, she saw my look of disbelief and said, “Just to be on the safe side Soo..! I know what sisters can be like, besides, what’s sauce for the goose eh?”.

She placed one hand on the top rope and leapt nimbly over landing gracefully like a cat in the ring as I rose to my feet. She told Alan that she would go ‘one on one’ with me for now but she would tag him in for some extra fun in a while. I retreated to a neutral corner and tried to gather my wits for the oncoming assault. I knew I didn’t have a chance but I reasoned that the longer I survived in there, the longer Jo would have to recover from her multiple injuries, it was a small sacrifice to make as I was responsible for getting her into this mess. Jen hitched up the side strings of her tiny thong and smoothed it over and between her bulging lips with her fingers. There was a cruel gleam in her eye as she now approached me across the ring, her eyes locked onto my right shoulder, appraising its condition; I knew it was just about to get worse.

Refreshed from my long period outside the ring I felt quite energetic and proceeded to dance around the ring, evading her advance, taking care to keep my right arm back out of her grasp, if I could only stop her from grabbing it that would allow me to put up some kind of resistance. She dropped into a low crouch and circled in closer, herding me into her corner, I was aware of Alan there behind me just the other side of the ropes. I could see from the victorious look on her face that she had forced me into a trap and was now about to spring it.

Before I knew what was happening Alan had grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back so I was stretched back across the top rope, staring up at the lights, I was dazzled and disorientated, totally off balance. Next I felt his strong hand grip my right wrist and twist the arm inwards, against the joint, the agony was back in an instant, I heard Jen say “thanks Al, that saved me chasing her round the ring, right then Soo, let’s get to grips with that arm and shoulder then”, so saying she took a firm, two handed grasp on my wrist and elbow. Planting both feet to steady herself she put pressure on my elbow and whipped me around and into the corner post at speed, all the air left my body as I slammed, tit first into the hard shiny leather. Now changing her grip on my arm she yanked me backwards off the post and sent me hurtling towards the ropes, following me across the ring as I did so. By the time I caught sight of Alan’s outstretched knee it was too late, it got me right in the middle of my lower back causing me to crumple to the canvas, Jen still had a tight hold on my right wrist.

I lay there in extreme pain looking up at the pair of them; they were both smiling cruelly down at me. Pulling me up a few inches off the canvas by my arm she then powered a well aimed kick right to the base of my spine, this was followed by an even more powerful kick from Alan’s boot, connecting with exactly the same spot, it felt like jolts of electricity were coursing up my backbone and my lower back felt like it was on fire. They then proceeded to take it in turn to drive their boots into my lower spine, ensuring they worked on the same vertebrae, over and over, I was screaming so loud it brought Jo round and our eyes made contact as she remembered where she was     
and what Alan had done to her. Seeing the torture I was being subjected to she attempted to rise but the cold steel bit into her wrist and stopped her short, she looked back at me helplessly and tears sprung to her sad eyes. Both Jen and Alan were breathing hard now from their exertions, they were putting a lot of effort into the damage they were causing me. After what seemed like and hour but was probably about two minutes, the kicking stopped and Jen dragged me to the middle of the ring and let me drop in a heap, no longer refreshed I was now right back where she wanted me, with no power to resist her and at her mercy. She slowly advanced towards me with a look of evil glee on her pretty face; she looked like she was really enjoying herself. I was still writhing around the canvass in agony, both hands clutching my injured back as she reached down and once more took hold of my right wrist, I could do nothing to stop her as she wrapped her left leg around my out-stretched arm and crossing her legs, sank down; my arm held in the vice-like grip of her powerful thighs and her beautiful arse planted firmly on my up-turned face. As she started to work my arm the pain in my damaged shoulder was as fresh and searing as ever and I instinctively cried out in agony, however, my cry was muffled between her cheeks, I could barely breath through my nose which was just free of her smothering arse.

Oblivious to my protestations she continued with her torture, obviously intent on causing maximum damage to my already injured arm and shoulder, twisting it first one way then the other, straining the damaged tendons as she worked the hold, as she did so she started to slowly grind her arse back and forth on my trapped face, driving home her complete mastery over me with this humiliating treatment. After a few minutes of this she stood straight up, still maintaining a firm grasp on my right wrist, my shoulder was burning with intense pain as she dragged me off the canvas to my feet. Keeping my arm twisted she pulled me once again over to the ropes to where Alan stood. She passed control of my wrist to him and he took a firm grasp, I knew I was going nowhere. This must have been one of their set pieces because he knew exactly what he had to do, still gripping my wrist like a vice he levered my arm over the top rope, forcing me up onto my toes to try to stop the agony, this left my upper arm, from the elbow to my shoulder, on the ring side of the rope. With the agility of a cat Jen clambered up onto the corner post next to us and stood there poised above me, a huge cruel grin on her face. At a signal from Alan she leapt from the post, her legs apart and came down with one thigh either side of my upper bicep, her crotch squarely onto my upper arm as Alan held firmly onto my captive wrist.

The total agony that ripped through my shoulder was like an explosion of pain, I saw nothing but flashing lights as if a thousand flashbulbs were going off in my face, out of an instinct of self-preservation I staggered away from the ropes but I was unable to feel my legs as Jen and Alan’s work to my lower spine had left me numb from the hips down. After only a few steps I collapsed onto the canvas and lay there completely helpless and at Jen’s mercy. As my vision cleared I saw her advancing as if through a mist towards me like an avenging angel, the look of intense satisfaction on her face told me she was really enjoying her work and spoke of much worse to come. I attempted to scramble backwards away from her but my legs and my right arm were not responding, all I managed was to roll myself onto my back, totally exposing me to her oncoming assault.

She came to a stop above me, one foot either side of my head and looked down into my agonised face saying “Oh Al, look at poor little Soo, she can barely move she’s in so much pain, what are we like eh? Her and her little sis have been so good to come here today to play with us and look how we treat them, we should be thoroughly ashamed of ourselves, are you feeling ashamed Al.” I turned my head towards Al in hope for some small scintilla of mercy, maybe just a temporary let up in the torture Jo and I were undergoing. He looked thoughtful for a few seconds then with a huge grin on his handsome face said “Naw, no a bit, I’m having a great time Jen”. Jen Looked down at me with a seductively sexy smile and said “I’m with you there Al, I don’t feel in the least bit ashamed, we’re just having some fun, where’s the harm in that eh Soo”? She addressed this question to me, all I could do was close my eyes and groan in pain. She said “Well then, that’s the soul searching over with, let the show commence”.

So saying she rolled me over onto my front with her boot then took up a sitting position on the canvas with her thighs spread, so that her crotch was pushing against the top of my head. I felt her grab both my wrists and pull them out to the side away from my body then thump both legs down onto my back. She released her hold on my wrists and grabbing hold of my sweat soaked hair, yanked my head up off the canvas so that I was facing her bulging crotch, from this close up intimate position I could see that she was very excited as the thin material of her thong was now soaked through with her womanly juices, the smell of her sex was overpowering and heady. With a deft move of her hips she powered herself forwards, forcing her hot wet crotch into my face, smothering me in her pussy. I felt her close her thighs even tighter, bringing bot her boots together on the base of my already injured spine, I had though I’d lost all feeling in that region but her vicious heels sent a new surge of agony powering up my back, crashing through the pain centre of my brain, I felt one of her fingers pushing down between her crotch and my face as she pulled the sodden gusset of her thong to one side. Digging one heel cruelly into my damaged vertebrae she growled just one word, “Lick”.


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