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On an Island With You

Started by sandford, 07-Mar-15, 06:40 AM

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I was in a foul mood. I had just turned fifty which is a strange age to turn. You start to think you probably have a good twenty five to thirty years in front of you, but you also realize you've got those fifty years behind you where you've accomplished exactly nothing and probably never would. It's frustrating, especially when your job means you're always working for other people. You're always in a subservient position.
I work on boats as my father did and as his father did before him. I crew on all sorts of ships, most recently the kind that rich people sometimes rent for idle cruises usually involving sex, drugs and one kind of music or another depending on their age.
Three people boarded the boat that Friday, two guys and a woman. Now as a crew member I don't usually pay much attention to how the guests look, but in this girl's case I have to make an exception. She was beautiful, startlingly so. She must have been close to six feet tall, at least 160 pounds but distributed the way most guys dream of. Or maybe most guys like them thinner, but not me. She was wearing a lavender tee shirt and breasts were full and round with just enough cleavage showing to make me forget what I was doing and bang my head against a beam. She wore tight white pants that showed off a fine round ass and legs that went on and on. Her face was striking too, lightly tan, the color of coffee with too much milk. She had large eyes though I couldn't say what color they were from a distance, an aquiline nose, very high cheekbones and a strong determined chin. Her lips were wide and full and a bit pouty like she was used to complaining and used to getting things her way. As I found out, that was all too true.
Everything started out okay. All three of them were demanding, but there was another crew member besides me,  and we were both used to demanding rich people. The problem started on the third night out. There was a storm we hadn't seen coming, a big one. Everyone had been drinking and no one was really in shape to deal with it. At some point I was thrown overboard by a huge wave that left the ship turned over on it side. I started swimming not knowing exactly where I was or which way to go. I just wanted to get away from there.
It must have been close to four hours later when I saw the island and began swimming like mad towards it. I collapsed exhausted on the beach and began to laugh. I couldn't believe that I was still alive.
The next morning I saw her there on the beach when I awoke. She was unconscious and the tide was coming in so I pulled her up to higher ground. It was no easy task. She was even bigger and heavier than I had originally thought. I left her there and began exploring the island for food as I was getting quite hungry after my ordeal. The island seemed to have an abundance of fruit and I gathered some up in my shirt and brought it back to the woman who was now awake and looking at her surroundings angrily.
"Oh it's you. Nice bit of sailing that, putting us right into a storm. Where the hell are we?"
I looked at her like she was crazy. After all, I had just more or less saved her life by dragging her away from the water's edge and now bringing her fruit. I handed her a papaya.
"Well wash it. You don't expect me to eat it like this, do you."
I let my rising anger get the best of me. "Look lady, we're not on the boat anymore. Here on this island we are equals. You want your fruit washed. There's the ocean. Go do it yourself."
She looked at me like I was a worm she was about to put on a hook. " Listen to me old man. We are not and never will be equals. It's time you learned that very important lesson. Now go wash this fruit for me, before I make you regret it."
"Oh you're going to make me regret not following whatever you say. How the hell do you think you'll do that?"
Faster than I would have expected from a girl her size, she was on top of me, grabbing my head in a tight headlock and using her weight to force me down. She straddled me high up on my chest, almost sitting on my chin. Her white pants were torn and covered in sand, some of which was getting into my mouth. I tried with all of my strength but I couldn't move her off of me. "Now, first things first. You are going to go and wash all of this fruit. Then, you are going to start constructing some kind of a shelter. And most importantly, beyond all of that, you are going to do everything I tell you to do for as long as we are stuck on this miserable island. Do you understand?"
I knew it was hopeless to resist while she was on top of me like this, but my vanity forced me to say,"Go fuck yourself." With that, she began to squeeze her thighs tightly around my head. Those thighs had a great deal of power. Then she began to bounce up and down on my chest. It was at once strangely erotic, yet painful. Finally, I gave in. "Okay, okay, we'll do it your way." She got up off of me and brushed herself off. "Go. Wash the fruit and then come right back here. You're going to be having a very busy day."

Part 0ne. Part Two coming in April.


looks like a good story. First of all I like the woman. She is not tiny or giant muscular like women in most stories.


Nice set up, interesting to see how it develops..!

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