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The Hardest Legscissors on this Planet

Started by paul, 08-Mar-15, 06:33 PM

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Let the Vids talk! the hardest legscissors and facesits on this planet!

enjoy, and meet her in Berlin. i wrestled her too but i dont like Reviews in General because they are mostly not objective and i am also not objective. some like this and some like that. i definitly looove her. if not i would post this. but tastes are different so who like sheer force of nature, the power of a strongwoman wrestler -should meet her. if you like to make the experience to think your bones are made of glass -should meet her.


She's very powerful and it shows just how good VeVe Lane is to have beaten her convincingly.


thank you Paul and yes Steve. veve was a big suprise for me. she dont gived up and done everything that i can not get her the way that i can put my full power on her. veve is a very good wrestler much more fighting skills than i have. that day much enough to win the fight.

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