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Academy Wrestling

Started by fightrightwin, 21-Mar-15, 04:25 PM

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Competitive nude women's wrestling!

Bobbie Boudreau VS Charlie Jaynes

Straight from our vaults, a classic that shows why the ACA series is iconic among real 100% competitive wrestling fans. 5'7" and 125 pound Charli Jaynes is a sexy blonde fitness model and kickboxer with a powerful physique and an excellent attitude. Bobbi, at 5'2" and 100 pounds was awed by Charli's powerful appearance and obvious power, but attacks aggressively. The result might surprise you as one wrestler clearly dominates the action with greuling headlocks and lightning quick application of scissors and cross-body pins. Very hot bodies tangle in serious competition! The wrestling is ALL REAL and ALL COMPETITIVE until the final few minutes, when one battler exacts a face-sitting finish! Excellent wrestling by beautiful women!

Click here for clip:

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