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Fantasy Mixed Fight Scenarios

Started by Ronald_Frump, 03-Nov-12, 12:01 PM

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I thought it might be a good idea to test your creative skills by imagining a scenario whereby you ended up in a wrestling match/fight, with a woman.

It doesn't have to be a full-blown story. Just a synopsis will do fine and it can be as preposterous as you want. I'll start off........ ::)

"I call on my girlfriend for a night of fun and games, but she shocks me by telling me that she's ending the relationship. She says she's been seeing someone behind my back. I demand to know who he is, as I want to fight him for my girlfriend's affections. My girlfriend informs me that it's a "she", not a "he". Her lesbian lover (extremely hot, athletic chick) appears from the bedroom and says she accepts my challenge. I decline, based on her gender, but the two of them insist I go through with it. I have no choice, but to strip down to my boxer shorts and fight. I am punished by this skilled grappling girl and end up being facesat by both her and my girlfriend. They force me into becoming their cuckold. The hot lesbian retains me as a real-life "dummy" to practice her submission-holds on."

Your turn......... <2up>
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Awesome.  ;D I'm sure we could all come up with loads of these.

I have a story that kind of goes the other way with the whole F/F/M triangle.


I'm on twitter, talking trash about how Ronda Rousey couldn't beat a pro Boxer. I'm going back and forth with a mate of mine who disagrees and I eventually go as far as saying *I* could beat Ronda. Suddenly I get a reply from Ronda herself, mocking me, saying she'd make me her bitch and if we ever fought, I'd be her first KO victim.

I'm pretty humbled by her words and stop using twitter, even though I still feel I could beat her, especially in a stand up fight.

I walk into my gym the next day and the place is buzzing with activity. All eyes are on me as I make my way inside. Suddenly, my heart starts racing as I see a cage has been set up and Ronda is standing inside, wearing her tiny black compression shorts and sports bra, her hair scraped up into her trademark buns.

"I just stopped by for a work out - on you." She confidently stated as many cheered her words.

I'm in utter shock, but left with no option but to glove-up and change into a pair of board-shorts and join Ronda in the cage as 100 or so people spectate. Many have camera phones recording the action.

"You ready to get fucked up, bitch?" Ronda arrogantly called with an evil smile.

Finally the action begins. I get into a my orthodox boxing stance, ducking and weaving my head, flicking out a few faint jabs. Suddenly a smile breaks out on Ronda's face as she drops her hands to her hips and simply laughs at me.

"You wanna hit me, bitch? Let's see what you got - try to hit me." She challenged, still standing with her hands resting on her hips.

I angrily step in and swing a powerful right hook at her jaw but she leans back to evade, my punch sailing a couple of inches from its' intended target.

I fire another and another, but she casually dodges them with embarrassing ease, not even moving her feet as my punches find nothing but air.

Suddenly, Ronda rushes me, she pushes me against the cage, securing a body lock. I fumble with what limited grappling skills I have. Suddenly I'm seeing the ceiling, then the side of the cage in a rush of acceleration before my eyes as I finally feel my body crash to the mat. Ronda had neatly flipped me to the ground.

Before I knew anything else, looked to my left and  saw flashes of black painted toe-nails and of olympic rings tattooed to her ankle, and to my right, my arm was snared in the python grip of her thighs, her gloved hands holding my wrist. Then came the pain of her expertly applied arm-bar.

"Argh!!!" I screamed out, the pain overwhelming me, quelling any arm-chair thoughts of heroics I thought I might have had as I went to begrudgingly tap out to this superior fighter.

Surprisingly I felt her grip loosen, and her hand caught mine as I went to tap.

"Oh hell no Boxing bitch!" I heard her call. "I said I'd make you my first K.O. - remember?" 

I'm inspired by her foolish decision not to end the fight when she had the chance. All I needed was one punch and I'd put her out, I thought to myself as we both got back to our feet.

This time Ronda also brought up her hands in a Boxing stance. I flicked out a couple more jabs that she blocked easily. Suddenly her left crashed into my nose as numb pain spread across my face. I didn't even see it coming, she was so fast.

"THAT is how you jab." she said.

I gritted my teeth down onto my gum-shield as I took another swing at her. My punch crashed into her arms as she blocked it.

"You can't punch for shit." she laughs, dropping her hands again. "Come on, give me your best shot." She challenged, tapping her chin.

She had really pissed me off at this point and I had completely lost my temper. I took up her challenge without hesitation and wound up a huge hay-maker of a right with every ounce of strength I'd had behind it.

I'd floored plenty of guys from my boxing days and had no doubts that one hard, well-placed punch would put this arrogant bitch out for the count. ...But she took my best punch like it was nothing, bouncing off her iron jaw like a rain drop.

Was I that weak? Was she that tough? I swallowed a dry gulp as I looked at her in awe.

"Jeez, that's the best you got!?" She laughed with seemingly genuine astonishment.

"Come on, I'll show you how to punch like a girl - looks like you need to learn." She mocked.

As she advanced, I backed away from her. Suddenly she seemed a lot bigger and I felt a lot smaller.

"Uh oh... Here she comes..." Ronda teased as she came after me.

Suddenly I had nowhere to go as she proficiently out manoeuvred me. I heard a loud smack and then felt shooting pain in my knee as she nailed me with a hard leg kick.

For the cheering crowd she then performed some skilful acrobatic kicks, showing the full range of her flexibility and talents; spinning wheel kicks, crescent kicks and jumping kung-fu kicks that had me running from her lethal bare feet like a scared little rabbit.

I was getting tired from all this running, and as she hammered home a couple more hard leg kicks, my movement began to get impaired.

"I'm going to knock you out with one punch." She promised, kissing her right gloved hand, almost sensuously with those soft full lips before she mockingly wound up her fist with slow circular motions.

The next thing I knew, I was in a hospital bed with a doctor shining a light into my eyeball. Later a friend of mine showed me the footage on his phone of what finally happened, with Ronda keeping her promise and indeed knocking me unconscious with a single, lazy punch. It was like I was moving in slow motion compared to her. I didn't even see it coming. My head snapped to the side as her punch connected and my limp body crashed face-first to the floor, out cold.

I continued to watch the video as Ronda dug her foot under and flipped my lifeless body over and posed with her foot on my face much to the delight of all the women that had seen her totally and utterly tool me in the cage.

Ronda flexed her impressive biceps as she alternated between victory-posing with her foot on my face and chest.

She then came up to the camera and said that was TOO easy and that she was off for a real work out.

A few hours later my girlfriend came to the hospital and I was able to check out and she drove me home. On the way back, my girlfriend chastised me, saying how that would teach me not to make any more dumb tweets, and that she was glad to have seen Ronda give me a damn good beat down. 

Not long after we had arrived home there was a knock at the door. I heard my girlfriend answer. My heart skipped a beat as Ronda walked into my living room

"...Ronda, w.w.what the fuck are you doing in my house?" I stuttered from the sofa as Ronda power-posed in front of me.

"Well, after I had knocked you out, I thought you looked kinda cute, and I wanted to check that you were okay..."

"I'm okay." I dejectedly spoke.

"That's good." She said softly. "...You know, I didn't hit you that hard. If I had..." 

"Is that all?" I cut her off, not wanting to listen to her brag how easily she had beaten me, or that she could kill me with her bare hands, if she wanted to...

"No..." She said, reaching down and tenderly pulling me to my feet. "I also came here to do this."

She backed me up against the wall and then she kissed me. I resisted at first, but she was persistent, and soon I was enjoying the best kiss I'd ever had as her tongue forced its way into my mouth. Damn it, even her tongue felt stronger than mine! All the while my girlfriend, Becca, looked on in astonishment.

"Tell her you want me." Ronda said, breaking our kiss and looking at Becca with that evil grin.

I was hesitant at first, but with another light kiss Ronda had broken me emotionally as well as physically. "Tell her." Her encouraging words once more forcing me to admit the truth.

"I want her." I said to Becca as I wrapped my arms around Ronda and we kissed again.

"Jimmie!" Becca whined, almost in tears.

"Aww." Ronda mockingly sympathised as Becca scowled at her. Ronda simply scowled back at her.

"Oh, what? You wanna fight over him?"

Becca stayed silent and dropped her head.

"Didn't think so." Ronda whispered.

With that I felt myself being thrown over Ronda's strong shoulders as she set off for the bedroom.

"Don't go too far hon" She called back to my girlfriend, you can bring me a glass of lemonade when we're done. With ice, 'kay?"

Ronald_Frump, just freakin' wow!

Double karma for that......

:k1:   :k2:
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BTW, just in case anyone has any ideas for a script, it doesn't have to be a full screenplay like Jiminy's excellent composition. You can just give a rough outline of a plot, like I did.

Hey, you never know....some producer might like the idea and make it happen!  :Clap:
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Cheers Stewie.

I'll probably be adding a few more here. I'll try to keep them a bit shorter though.

I'm out on the streets, up to no good, buying some weed. I'm making my way home on foot when suddenly a cop car pulls up and two large policemen and a teenage, work experience girl get out, telling me I'm under arrest. Seeing my best opportunity to get away, I leg it. The two large beer-bellied coppers, fuelled on bacon butties and doughnuts can't catch me, and get back into their car. I know the area well however, ducking down blind alley ways and through foot-paths and it's easy to lose them.

The young work-experience girl however, keeps chase on foot. I had a good head-start, but every time I look over my shoulder, she is gaining. I try to push harder, but just can't get away from her.

Soon I arrive at a dead end, and have to turn to face her.

We're both in an awkward situation, I want to get away, but she fancies herself as a policewoman, and I'm a criminal. As I approach her like a cornered, dangerous animal, she jumps into a fighting stance and I can't help but laugh at this young girl, thinking she has a chance against me, a grown man, in a fight.

But she embarasses me by getting the better of me physically. Over-powering me, and nullifying my offence, before immobalizing me with a chop to the neck. Finally she secures my arm behind my back and by this time, the other policemen are on the scene.

She then cuffs me and leads me to the police car as a crowd of people watch the young girl having apprehended a crook single handidly.


Another good one, bro!


I'll try and step up to the plate.......

I'm in a large department store with the intent of doing some shoplifting.

I notice the girls on the jewelery section are busy chatting to each other and the only security guard is directing a customer (an attractive, mini-skirted business woman), quite some distance away. "Perhaps the fat loser is trying to chat her up?" I snigger to myself. The CCTV cameras don't bother me, as I've grown a scruffy beard and dyed my hair. I'll be onto the highstreet and into a friend's getaway car, before they can stop me.

Fast as lightning, I lean over the counter, grab a handful of expensive necklaces off a tray and stuffing them down the front of my trousers, I make a run for it. The alarm is raised, but the fat slob of a security guard is too far away to intercept me. Just as I'm a few yards from the exit, I get tripped up and fall flat on my face. Sitting bolt upright I get a full P.O.V of the business-woman, who I now realize is a plain-clothed security officer, standing astride me, and speaking into a walkie-takie: "It's okay, Jim" she says....."I'll restrain call the cops".

Hearing this, I try to get up, but the woman, who is obviously trained in unarmed combat butt-drops onto my chest and pins me in a classic SGP. "Where did you stash the loot?" she demands. Her muscular pantyhosed thighs squeezing my cheeks and mouth so tightly, that I can't form words properly and end up mumbling incomprehensibly. "Never mind, I know where to look" she chides, as she changes to a reverse facesit, proceeding to unbuckle my belt, unzip my trousers and pull them partway down, in her quest to retrieve the stolen goods.

To my horror I become aware of sirens in the distance and also of a considerable crowd which has formed around us, in anticipation of the arrest. With a huge and sudden effort, I push her off sideways and stagger to my feet. The next thing I feel, is her jumping on my back, the force of which, takes us both to the ground again. She has me in a rear naked choke and her shapely legs are knotted around my midsection in a tight figure-4 bodyscissors. I am now staring at the crowd, many of whom are recording the spectacle on their cam-phones. I panic and thrash my arms and legs wildly. A steely voice speaks into my ear saying "The more you struggle, the tighter it gets!" and with that, the woman squeezes simultaniously with her arms and legs. I squeal with pain as I feel several ribs snap under the pressure and despite my bulging eyes and lolling tongue, I am acutely aware of my involuntary ejaculation as she mercilessly strangles me unconscious.

I awake in hospital, under police guard, aghast at the thought of reliving my humiliation at the forthcoming trial.
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Think i will just submit home, ovies lolo


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Quote from: desertgoodguy on 04-Nov-12, 05:26 PM
Think i will just submit home, ovies lolo

meth is a helluva drug  :lmao:


probably becasue I watch too much Breaking Bad loll

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