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movie headscissors scene

Started by mertens91, 14-May-15, 05:45 AM

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24: Live Another Day{episode 6}    Yvonne Strahovski


(Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) Rebecca Ferguson

"The Deadly Legs of Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson's character also seems to have a very entertaining habit of snapping people's necks with her legs. A killer move, to be sure. It looks like Simon Pegg's Benji and Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt may be spending a good portion of the movie teamed up with each other while Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames make up the second unit team of Mission Impossible 5.

I'm very interested in what kind of plan Cruise and Pegg are cooking up with Ferguson in this scene"




very good post. this is my contribution with a epic scene


(The Debt) Jessica Chastain

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