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Empress Asia Review

Started by restaurador, 08-Jun-15, 02:08 AM

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This review is from sessions in 2005 and 2008. Sorry for the timing!

2006: After arranging via several emails and a mandatory phonecall "to hear your voice" we arrange the meeting, in some dungeon besides some 4*known hotel (four somethin). Creepy place, she appears, with a medium wheelbag with fight hear inside (she insisted in if i no show up she carrying this across the town very mad). Looked like a 65 ychinese tiny granmother. We salute, she talks nice but still looking like a granny. We get in the elevator with some dudes one like biggie another like eminem, weird, and get into the dungeon. Once there she ooke me to the padded room and let me change my clothes, while she did the same at other room. She cames in a gi and no longer looks like a 65, but a 50 maybe. She helpss me put my gloves, helmet and leg guards on, and we arrange some kickboxing, some boxing and then some wrestling with a kinda happy ending.
So she goes "this is how you will feel a kick in the ead"and suddenly, from who know where, i got my my face slpapped stronng and firm. Ive never see that foot coming.
She's  fast and strong and mean; once i caught a kick with both of y hands and she took the oportunity to jab me really strong in the middle of my face...great,

Then we boxed, she;s good but dont accept punches in her head wich for me is kinda a boomer.

And then we wrestled some, she is strong and technical, but my overweight and strenght make me to slow down to be available to tap.

The final "round"was with her oiling my dick and sitting on my face forcing me to lick her pussy ( is big, me no gusta) while i jerk off, cum and bye.

She's good, she's nice to chat, she take booze 10am. Shes not that hot, really, but her technicque is so good, she compensate.

Excuse my english!


Empress asia was an awesome session.  I have seen her twice and would love to see her again.

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