questions about dreams before and after experiencing the "real thing"

Started by Piethans, 12-Jul-15, 06:17 PM

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Hey everyone. Since many years I'm  asking myself a certain question:

So I am interested in the main topic of this forum since many years, although I have no idea what got me into it. It just remember that I liked the thought of being caught by a girl before internet existed. When the first search engines came out (who remembers altavista?) I suddendly found montenegro videos and she's got him websites.

From that day on it was possible to see something in pictures that I somehow thought about before, but never really understood. I have always loved being rendered helpless under a girls ass, between her soft legs, or in a headlock although it has never really happened to me. In my dreams I struggle against it while being forced to smell her, and there is no way out, "I don't like it" in the dream but that's exactly what turns me on. 
The thing is, I'm a bit afraid to "really" try it: I might be scared away by too painful scissors, the real smell of ass or feet (I don't like cheesy feet in real life) and a dream might be ruined. Did some of you have similar thoughts before starting sessions? What happened afterwards in your brains?  How has the real thing changed your dreams? Or do you think I'm thinking too much?

Thank you in advance.


My suggestion would be the following:

- Don't pick the sessioner you find to be the hottest. You thinking she is beyond hot doesn't always translate to chemistry. Obviously it has to be someone you find attractive but doesn't have to be someone you find to be the hottest one.
- Pick a sessioner who been on the circuit for several years (or a minimum a few years) that has a long resume with lots of great reviews. Being a rookie, you need her to take the lead even more then usual.
- Don't cheap out. Do a one hour session. 30 minutes will go by too fast especially since you want to take a few breaks.
- Get into it slowly. Don't dive into foot worship if that bothers you. One suggestion about foot fetish: Over the years I found out I don't like barefeet but I love to worship them if she is wearing socks, heels or even boots. Boots are maybe the best since they often bring them as props. Bring along some boot cleaner. She will love it!
- Do not be afraid to speak up. Let her know about your concerns and where your limits are. She will make sure to tailor it to something you will enjoy.
- Make sure your not only showered and clean but wearing a nice body spray and bring something appropriate to wear. Don't be one of those asshole who thinks she will enjoy you wearing a skimpy thong (unless she suggests it) or worse yet wants to see you nude. Trust me if she wants, she will strip off what she wants if that is her desire. Also make sure your nails are clipped (don't want to scratch her) and everything is neatly trimmed.
- Again don't go cheap. Bring her a gift. Simple often works best. If she is traveling, I go chocolates so she can eat them in her room or the ride back home. If she is in your hometown, then I go flowers. Again simple gestures like that will go a long way of making your session go even better and hopefully lead to a friendly client relationship.

Good luck hope that helps and feel free to ask more questions.


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