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Wrestling Simulator - Lucille vs Stacie

Started by wrestling_pi, 01-Aug-15, 08:47 AM

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Lucille vs Stacie
Stacie and Lucille were bitter rivals during high school in everything from cheerleading to tennis.  After going their separate ways, they've come across each other again, both starting their lives in a southern beach town.  It was only a matter of time before they got under each others skin and would have to settle things with a no holds barred catfight to the finish.

pass: squeezequeensonly

Extract anywhere, run ws.exe


Wow! I want it, immediately! Man, you're awesome!!! :D *___*


made a quick fix for some of the renders that weren't showing up.


Adding a few more promo images for this one.


Thanks for the post(s), I appreciate the work you put into the simulator. If I may make a request/suggestion, if you create another, is there any chance you could make one with an interracial match, a sexy black girl versus a sexy blonde? I always loved those type of matches in some of the classic Golden Girl and Sweetheart Production videos. Either way, whatever you create next I am looking forward to it. Thanks.


I see the date of this post and as expected found the link not working .... is there any chance that this simulator still exists I've been looking for something like this for so many years ... can this please be reupoaded if all possible?

Or if there is a newer link that I'm not aware of?

Thank you for any help.


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