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save cached videos

Started by hate1991, 30-Aug-15, 04:36 PM

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so i bought a membership on site where i can see full stream videos but not to dowonload them.
is there a chance anyone know here a method i can use for saving them in my HD?

i also googled this question but coudld'nt find a solution. all the suggestions didn't work for me, some of them cause they are not useful with 2015 chrome.

thanks in advance!
dont be lazy, give thanks if u like =]


dont be lazy, give thanks if u like =]


Great communication - lol


I know this post is topic, so I don't know if this will still help you. This may still be helpful for others having this problem.

I'd recommend you try VideoCacheView by Nirsoft :
Occasionally I find cached items not showing up. Mostly a glitch with IE 64bit. Supposedly this issue has been patched.



Ive always used YTD Downloader for downloading streaming content.

I don't know if it would work for you but it might be worth a shot.

Edit - I would add even if it doesn't work for this specific site YTD is a great program. I've downloaded a ton of content with it.

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