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Ashley's legs are too much

Started by mb1955, 30-Aug-15, 05:17 PM

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Vance pulled hard against Ashley's leg, trying to separate it from its connection to the woman's blue-painted toes.  His large biceps showed the strain as he used all of his strength, which seemed, to him, less than usual.  Vance was unable to break the figure-four.  He heard Ashley giggle as she realized his ineffectiveness.  This spurred the man to renew his efforts, all of which were in vain.  The work sapped what was left of Vance's strength.  He relaxed and gave it up.  Ashley knew the match was over and she had beaten her boyfriend.  She released the scissors as the man slumped to the floor. 

Lying on the carpet in some discomfort, Vance could not believe he had been beaten by a woman.  He was a large man, 198 pounds, and had big arms and a barrel chest.  Ashley was a sexy woman with reddish brown hair, pale skin, nice legs and reasonably large boobs.  When she had broached the subject of a friendly wrestling match, Vance was amused.  His girlfriend was around 5'4, 122 pounds.  She had a little muscle across the shoulders and arms but the man figured he was at least three times as strong.  He had agreed but mainly in jest.  Ashley moved off the sofa and Vance followed.

As they faced each other, Vance thought his girlfriend looked quite relaxed  Ashley was sexy in her blue panties and a black blouse.  She got down on her knees and the man realized he needed to do the same.  The woman waited patiently, expecting her boyfriend to make the first move.  He did and Ashley was ready.  Timing it well she shot out her legs as Vance came at her.  She leaned back and wrapped her legs around his head and captured his arms.  The man was caught unaware as Ashley locked her feet and arms.  Vance tried to pull back but couldn't.  He worked at freeing his arms.  It took some effort as his position wasn't good but he managed slowly to get his arms free and, using his whole body, freed his head from the scissors. 

Vance was already breathing a little heavily as the sexy woman followed up, trying to reestablish the head scissors.  The big man was ready, blocking the move and rolling Ashley onto her back.  He tried to mount the woman but it wasn't as easy as expected.  She twisted and rolled and pushed against his arms.  Vance could not gain control.  Ashley freed her legs and wrapped them around the man's midsection.  The hold wasn't painful but it slowed the big man.  Vance eventually spun out of it and went after the woman.  But Ashley got her legs into position and blocked him.  She wasn't able to secure a scissors but it kept her boyfriend temporarily at bay.

As the match progressed Vance was aware of two things.  First, Ashley was stronger than he thought.  He still was a lot stronger but his sexy girlfriend was surprisingly powerful.  His second thought was about her infernal legs.  Vance could not protect himself against them.  Ashley was very flexible and seemed to be able to twist herself into any position necessary to use her legs.  At one point Vance attempted to capture her legs, pulling an arm behind her knees with the other behind her back, trying to "compress" her.  But Ashley responded by locking her legs around his arm while capturing the other arm with both of hers and her body.  The move backfired on Vance as it took a lot of energy to escape. 

The couple had been wrestling for a few minutes.  It is an exhausting sport.  Ashley was getting a little tired having to push around her boyfriend's nearly 200 pounds.  But Vance was more tired.  His girlfriend constantly put him in leg holds.  His energy waned.  Vance never would have believed it but it was becoming probable that he'd lose to a girl. 

Vance rose slowly from the latest showdown to face the woman.  Ashley feinted and moved behind him, tripping the man to the ground.  She applied the figure-four scissors, locking a foot behind an ankle as Vance was slow to react.  Tightening the grip, the 122-pound woman knew she had good control of the muscular man who outweighed her by 75 pounds.  When Vance relaxed, Ashley was elated. 

The match over, Ashley moved in front of her man.  Vance had managed to prop himself up against the sofa.  She stood there, one foot slightly in front of the other, the "v" made by the combination of her hips, thighs and crotch looking incredibly sexy.  Vance stared at it, in part turned on, as usual, and in part in complete disbelief that he had been overpowered by someone as small and sexy as his girlfriend.  He wasn't sure how to react.  He'd have time to figure it out. 




I know how I would react if a girl like Ashley wanted to wrestle me and overpowered me despite being smaller.  Her legs sound amazing and Ashley herself sounds gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your story with us, mate.  Much appreciated.

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