Both female (F-F) and mixed (F-M) wrestling related material is welcomed.

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Intergender wrestling yahoo / roleplay

Started by drkxxx, 20-Sep-15, 09:24 AM

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Evening everyone

I was just wondering if people here are interested in playing out intergender pro wrestling or wrestling theme'd roleplays on yahoo? :)



I do this every now and again. sleepinbin on yahoo.


Now i gotta dust off my forgotten yahoo account.


I hardly ever have the time for chat but I do enjoy role playing or collaborative storytelling via email. You can reach me at runofthemill01 @ gmail. I know email doesn't offer the instant gratification of chat but I think it can be a lot of fun and allow for a long, slow build of excitement. I'm happy to play all genres too; mixed, fem vs fem, pro, apartment (my fave).

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