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Kicked from HQ

Started by wrestlingspandex, 14-Nov-15, 08:37 AM

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Well i ticked every box, done nice contributions in the main section used decent file hosts. Then got a message congratulations your in Buddy, well done. I was a HQ member, Yesss i thought, i started my own thread on there as per rules of that said section of the forum. Not even a week later i was kicked, there was a problem and it was trying to be sorted out, once it was i would be allowed back in.

Was i the problem, was someone else the problem, was there a collective of problems and i was in the middle, i didnt really have enough time to settle then i was booted. I give out some nice rare stuff and some nice new stuff to everyone in the main section, it takes an age to rip stuff from vhs and matches cost money and i share them right here before anywhere.

I have been around these forums for years, its no way to treat a veteran. I may not spend thousands each week like some of the people here but my contribution to this forum and many that have come before it have always been good.

It's been months now, since you guys kicked me, people are being accepted into the HQ section all the time.

It would be nice if there was a reason...


The exact same thing happened to me too. I'll add to this..


Yeah, I got expelled as well, saw it as a small kick in the bum to get in gear and post some things - try to organize content into stuff that I know is unique and stuff I got from somewhere else so I don't double post.

I try to provide unique content in terms of the talent I do have with Poser - but being a strict f/f only type of guy - the audience is much smaller for that stuff it seems. 

I guess all you can really do is keep posting stuff as the rules say


I've been kicked from HQ twice and readmitted as many times.  In my case I gave the moderators ample justification by failing to upload anything for months. Getting back in can be a frustrating process, but its not a mysterious one: post videos. Good luck. god be with you, and may your spankbank flourish forever and ever


Oh so you contacted an admin - I wasn't sure how often they would review such situations.  Maybe it's a matter, as you said, of pleading your case.


I was in the HQ Section for like 4 days, i contributed too then was removed, but my thread still hangs there lol... 4 days no Sh!t

At the time there was a mole and alot of peoples posts were being deleted (mine included) from the main frewe board, not sure if this was the reason, or they think i was the mole, either way, they will miss out on my style of matches. Im storing them like a pirate, not really sharing them anywhere anymore. A little bit jaded, but moving forward as always.


I always felt it was much harder to get in by posting only f/f stuff, seems like the m/f stuff explodes your karma and gets you noticed.  The poor faithful souls of f/f have not quite the audience.  We are but a small band, rather seeing 2 females instead of just 1.


I was also kicked out, without a message as to why. And I've been uploading quality stuff since after I was kicked and have yet to get back in.


Quote from: Fanofdean on 29-May-16, 03:46 AM
I was also kicked out, without a message as to why. And I've been uploading quality stuff since after I was kicked and have yet to get back in.
You were kicked out because you went over a year between posts. You know the criteria for keeping HQ status. We are not supposed to remind members of those rules!

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