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wrestling webcast launching!

Started by VeVeLane, 01-Dec-15, 01:24 PM

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Hey, Everyone!  VeVe Lane here.

This is an announcement that on Thursday evening around 8pm (EST), Hanz VanDerKill and I are launching a Wrestling Talk Show Webcast!

We're going to be discussing all kinds of topics related to mixed wrestling, FvF wrestling, wrestling sessions, videos, fantasies, and experiences. We're planning to have audience participation in the discussions and a Q&A section via a livechat feature, and there will be a news and announcements segment for upcoming wrestling happenings. Hopefully more features in the future, but that's the plan to start with!

This will be the very first episode of a series that we hope will become a big, regular, and fun thing. It will be showing on this YouTube channel: Webcast Channel. We'd love for as many people as possible to tune in live so you can participate if you want to, but the show will stay up on the channel for later viewing also.

*Note, for the first few episodes, we may move around the broadcast time to see what's best for most viewers, and we'd love feedback on that too!

Discussion topics for Episode 1 include: Introduction and plans for the webcast (of course!), and SOME of the following:
Mixed vs. FvF Wrestling
Fantasy vs. Competitive Wrestling
Favorite, Least favorite, and Dangerous Holds
Special Rules Matches
Styles of Wrestling and other Martial Arts

Also, we would love to hear suggestions for topics anyone would like to hear us discuss!

Hope to see everyone Thursday night!


The link to the channel didn't go live in your post.  Here is the link to the channel where VeVe & Hanz will be broadcasting / posting their show(s) :

Looking forward to kicking this off on Thursday!  I'm sure there will be some "growing pains" as we fumble our way around live broadcasting, but I am super excited for the potential here.


Oh, no! Or maybe "Oh, yes!" depending on your perspective...

We have to move the time of our first Wrestling Webcast today. Hanz can maybe tell you why online tonight.

It's going to be at 5pm EST instead of 8pm EST as previously planned.

Hope this is helpful to folks in Europe, and apologies to anyone in the Americas who won't be off work yet!

Anyway, really looking forward to our launch episode in a few hours and hopefully seeing some of you there.

Tune in...EARLIER!

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