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My Session List

Started by MixedFighter41, 10-Dec-15, 06:21 PM

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I scrolled though the pages and didn't see a thread like this listed so I thought it be fun to list the women I been fortunate enough to session with. I been sessioning for over sixteen years now. My first session was in late May of 1999 when I was 21! Some have retired and move on while others are still going strong. I also must mention this isn't a list in order of my favorites but rather in chronological order. I also seen some of them multiple times while others just once. Feel free to ask questions and list yours so we can compare experiences. Enjoy!

1. Nancy Novak
2. Ms. Vegas
3. Robin
4. Sybil Starr
5. FlexZee
6. Jennifer Thomas
7. Rachel Sinclair
8. Kordelia Devonshire
8. Gia Primo
9. Julie Squeeze
10. Becca Swanson (Lioness)
11. Scarlett Devine
12. Arekah Lox
13. Jennifer Abshire (before she was married so just her)
13. Raquel (Georgia)
15. Megan Avalon
16. Nikki Fierce
17. Yasmin
18. Hot Stuff Hollie
19. Rapture
20. Electra
21. Austin Lynn
22. Skylar Rene
23. Syndey Thunder
Edit. Forget One - 24. Tyler Dare (I sessioned with her more then once, how could I have forgotten LOL!)


Amazing!! That's so many!!
Just wondering:
Your top 3:
Strongest wrestlers
Strongest scissors
Most Beautiful
Did some of they Knocked you out?
Did you found some of them dissapointing?
I'm going to have a session with Nikki Fierce and Jasmine. What do you think of them?


Top Three: Loaded question because some had more "meaning" then others but in terms of pure skill and ass kicking, really hard to beat FlexZee, Arekah Lox and Electra. In terms of my favorites, it be Nancy Novak, FlexZee and Skylar Rene.
Strongest Wrestlers:  Jennifer Thomas , Yasmin, Nikki Fierce
Strongest Scissors: Jennifer Thomas, Becca Swanson (it was like wrestling a fucking brick wall!), Syndey Thunder
Most Beautiful: Again subjective but I go: Skylar Rene, Julie Squeeze, Scarlett Devine (that woman just oozes sex!)
Did some of they Knocked you out? Yes a few did but I was selective on who I trusted.
Did you found some of them disappointing? None really all were a ton of fun. Nikki Fierce was just getting over sick so she wasn't near 100% therefore wasn't at her best but she still was great and she gave everything she had. And even with that, she is one of the most skilled wrestlers I faced. Also it took a bit for Syndey Thunder to get comfortable, she was new to sessioning so she was a bit tentative. But after a bit, she got more comfortable and was fabulous. I been following her and seems like it's becoming a bigger part of her and I cannot wait to take her on again!

Nikki is a blast. You will have a great time. She is like fighting a little ninja LOL! Never sessioned with Jasmine but I heard good things!


Which girls knocked you out???


Robin, FlexZee, Sybil Starr, Gia Primo, Arekah Lox,  Hot Stuff Hollie, Tyler Dare,  Yasmin, Electra, Rapture.


Quote from: MixedFighter41 on 21-Dec-15, 04:24 PM
Robin, FlexZee, Sybil Starr, Gia Primo, Arekah Lox,  Hot Stuff Hollie, Tyler Dare,  Yasmin, Electra, Rapture.

Lucky you are one of those who met Flexzee
Do you have nay pictures of her?
please share details of your session with her.
Happy holidays


Julie Squeeze, Mandy Candy, Sunshine, Danica Logan, Lia Labowe, Zara, Riot, and many of the fighting-doll girls I've sessioned with.  The cool thing is they have their own wrestling personality so it's always a unique experience... :)


Flexzee is like The Force Awakens. All the stories you been, all the rumors...there true, all of them.

I'm sure many have heard it about her but when you first meet her,you think the same thing. How is she going to hurt me? Don't get me wrong. When she first open the door, I was memorized by her looks. She looked cute in her pics but in person FlexZee is much prettier. But she was wearing a robe and was just about to finish setting up for us when I came in. So as I changed in the bathroom (after some fun small talk) I waited for her on the mats in the hotel room to come out of the bedroom. She came out wearing the skimpest black bikini you ever seen. And literally is this little ball of muscle. Everything was ripped and musuclar and yet feminine and beautiful. I never forgot what I said since it was something out of a B movie:

"Oh shit!" is all I can say to which FlexZee had the classic retort "All shit is right!" And proceed to flex for my amusement (and hers) for a bit before calling me over to the mats.

And again you heard about FlexZee and her skills is all true. She was so damn fast and so fucking powerful. FlexZee wasn't a mixed martial arts gal but you can tell she was a highly trained wrestler. It was semi competitive so I tried with all my might to keep her at bay but it was fucking useless. That woman just toyed with me and use her as her bitch bending and twisting me into a human pretzel. FlexZee can hit too. Tremendous belly and ball strike. She mix it up too. Wasn't just punching. Kicks, trembling, knees, grabbing etc.

Her verbal humiliation was great too, she never stop talking shit even though before and afterwards, FlexZee was the sweetest thing ever. Since I session with her evral times, I was lucky enough to hang out with a bit and she was just the same when we hung out.  So sweet, fun and kind. 

But on the mats? She was a dominate bitch who truly was a lifer. And my lifer I mean FlexZee was not just going it for the money. It was beyond just a job she loved to her. Beating up men and humiliating them is part of her soul. She do it for the pure enjoyment and pleasure in her personal life. Getting paid for something that was one of her passions was an extra bonus. Oh and she wasn't like Scarlett Devine who just ozzed sex but fuck FlexZee is one sexual person. I sessioned with her like I said several times (in many ways she is my all time favorite) and in all those sessions, I don't think her top lasted more then a few minutes total. That fucker came flying off every single time and never by my hand. FlexZee always rip it off and did something different with it. From shoving it in my mouth to choking me with it. That was another amazing about her. I wrestle with FlexZee several times and not a single session was the same. Every time she changed it up to make it a unique experience. Her sexual aggression went beyond out. Well beyond that.

I know that is a bit generic but if you have specific questions, let me know.


Thank you for this beautiful and eloquent input about Flexzee.
I wonder why she retired. I never saw a pic of her.
I wish to try her


Quote from: znaksh on 12-Jan-16, 07:22 AM
Thank you for this beautiful and eloquent input about Flexzee.
I wonder why she retired. I never saw a pic of her.
I wish to try her

FlexZee retired due to having a growing successful career and wedding bells.

She is missed though. Truly one of the all time greats. Had she been better known (which was intentionally done by her) she be a icon of session wrestling.


Let me tell you a bit more about Flexzee.

She is long retired from sessions so forget about having one with her.

I only had one session with her. At first she seems very shy and sweet but with her judo skills and an intensive desire to win, she beat me easily despite giving up 100 pounds and a one foot advantage.

From what I remember about her session with me is that after setting up the mats. She faced me and said lets go. She jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around my body and then squeezed hard. At the same time, she also grapped around my chest. She then rode me down until I couldn't hold her anymore and then I went into a referee's position hope then to hold her off. I don't know exactly how but then she grapped around my neck and turned me over and I was pinned in about a minute or 2 with her smiling face looking at me.

I tried to get out of that position but she could hold me there with ease.

The rest of the session went similar to that. The other part that amazed me is that at one point she said to pin her in any way I want to. I then tried to hold her down in something similar to a grapevine. She squirmed and wiggled and was able to get out of my hold and within a few minutes reversed the hold and then pinned me.

The only saving grace that I had was that I did beat her in an arm-wrestle.

I later found out that she grew up in a large family (I think there was about 8 of them) and several of her older brother's wrestled as well so I imagine that she picked up from that.

She is also a big fan of crossfit and would also go out running 15+ miles at a time !!!!

There were pictures of her on the web previously and you might be able to find them if you are lucky



Not only did her brothers wrestled but Flexzee herself wrestled in high school. She truly is a bad ass. Her legendary status now as this almost mythological is 100% earned.


Quite a list. You are a lucky man. I'd love to wrestle Electra, Yasmin, Julie Squeeze and Nikki Fierce.


You couldn't go with any of them. Each has their own speciality though so it ultimately depends on what your looking for in terms of who you start off with. Have you ever sessioned before?


I wouldn't take them at once. That would be suicide.

I had one competitive wrestling session with Venom from London. She kicked my ass. I asked her not to hold back and to be aggressive and she obliged. However, she was nice enough to let go when I tap unlike other girls I read about.
She's a sweet girl with a great personality.

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