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Summer and Serenity

Started by NewYork, 11-Jan-16, 03:25 PM

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Joe and Travis hated Summer and Serenity.  They all worked together at the same place and all four applied for the two executive positions at the branch.  Though Joe and Travis had more experience and were older, the company's female boss Jasmine gave the girls the promotion.  This didn't sit well with the two guys.  After complaining to Jasmine, the guys were told that the girls were smarter, more productive and just plain better for the company.  The girls laughed at Joe and Travis because they knew Jasmine was right.  These girls had everything.  They were smart, had money, expensive clothes, and knew how hot they were.  Their abundance of confidence really showed and they excelled at their jobs.  They knew they would be the face of this company for years to come, while Travis and Joe would struggle to make a living off their meager salaries.

While Joe and Travis were good friends, Summer and Serenity were the best of friends.  They were inseparable.  Wherever one was, the other was sure to follow.  Neither one had boyfriends, because in the end, no man was good enough for either of them.  Because neither one had a boyfriend, Joe and Travis called them the Lesbian Lovers.  Summer and Serenity laughed it off.  They didn't care what they were called.  They just flaunted their paychecks and new company cars at them.

At work, Summer and Serenity would make Joe and Travis do menial tasks.  Mostly busy unimportant work that they couldn't screw up that bad.  Both guys hated taking even the smallest of orders from the two.  Once again, they complained to Jasmine.  Jasmine was getting sick of this and brought the two girls into her office.  She told them that this was boring her real fast, and asked the girls if they would fire the two guys.  While Serenity gleefully said yes, Summer had a better idea. 

Summer told Jasmine that she would be able to keep both guys in line, and make sure they never said another derogatory word again.  She also said that she could cut costs, and get rid of the large custodial bill from the cleaning company.  Jasmine was incredulous and asked how would Summer be able to accomplish all this?

Summer said, "Look, those two idiots think all me and Summer do is shop and party.  They have no idea about our athletic background.  I was a division 1 basketball player and Serenity ran track and played soccer.  But our freshman year of college we also decided to take judo and grappling classes.  We've been hooked on it for six years now."  Jasmine was stunned.  "Wow that's great.  But how will this help us here?"  Serenity immediately knew the plan.  "Jaz, we can get these guys to challenge us to a fight.  If they win, they get the promotion, but when we win, they will work as our personal janitors.  And the company's as well."  Jasmine laughed and said, "Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see this.  But they'll just quit when you gals win.  So I'm all for it because I want to fire them anyways, but they won't become janitors."  Summer laughed, "Yes they will.  Because we'll have blackmail."  Jasmine said, "They'll just deny it ever happened."  Serenity looked at Summer, giggled and said, "It will be tough to deny when you video tape it!"  Jasmine looked at both young women and said, "I knew there was a reason I promoted you two!"

Now all the two girls had to do was get the guys to initiate the fight.  They knew that would be the easy part.  Travis and Joe were male chauvinist pigs.  They never thought that girls could beat any man at sports.  The two hadn't played a sport since high school, and even then they were just bench warmers.  But yet they still thought they were physically better than all girls.  This was not only going to be an easy match for the two girls, this was going to be fun!  The girls decided to go out to dinner that night and come up with a plan.  Jasmine's only rule was they wanted the guys to challenge the girls, not the other way around.  At dinner, Summer and Serenity came up with a plan, that would not only work, but ruin the pairs already battered egos forever.

The next day at work, Joe and Travis were at their desks when Summer and Serenity came out and pretended to be in a mock argument.  Summer said, "Serenity, you saw me last night at kickboxing!  I was killing it, you better be careful!"  Joe and Travis both looked at each other and laughed.  Travis got up from his desk and started to throw girly punches in the air.  Joe got up from his chair and started weakly kicking Travis.  The girls plan had worked.  Serenity said, "What are you guys doing?  Trying out for American Losers?"  Travis laughed.  "Listen, you can listen to the Spice Girls all day, watch Buffy, and let Jasmine tell you how great you are, but leave the fighting to the men ok?"   Summer looked at Travis and said, "Ohhhhh.  Is you're little male ego hurt because Serenity and I make double your salary and can boss you around, even though you're older?  Does it hurt inside to be bossed around by two lil' girls??" 

Now it was Joe who had, had enough.  "That's enough of you two ok?  The only reason you got promoted is Affirmative Action.  And because Jasmine is probably a lesbian like the both of you!"  Serenity laughed and said, "Joe, just because we never in a million years would go out with either one of you two losers, doesn't make us lesbians.  Face it, we're better than you two at everything.  EEEEEVVVVEEERRRRRRYYYYYTTTHHHIIIINNNGGG!!!" 

Travis stood up and said, "If you two weren't chicks, I'd seriously beat the living hell out of you!"  Summer looked at him and said, "What makes you think you can?"  Travis said, "Well lets see.  I'm bigger than you,   I weigh more than you.  And oh yeah, I'm a guy and you're a stupid little girl!"  Serenity wasn't going to let anyone talk to Summer like that.  "Are you kidding me?  First off we both know she's not stupid, stupid.  And secondly, Summer and I go to the gym every night.  EEEEVVVEEERRRYYYY NIGHT!  I know you just see us in these business suits, but trust me, our muscles are ROCK HARD.  Not soft like both of you guys."  Joe shot back, "You Bitches.  You got your little promotion fine.  But there's nothing worse than a girl who talks a big game and cant back it up.  You know neither one of us are going to hit you.  We'd be fired and arrested.  So you're all freaking talk and no action." 

Summer said, "No action huh?  How about a bet?"  Travis and Joe looked at each other and smiled.  Summer continued.  "We meet at the gym after work next week.  We fight, two vs. two.  Battle of the sexes.  If you two win, we both step down and take your jobs.  You get our salaries, our company cars, and our offices.  We get your desks."  Joe shouts, "DEAL!"  Serenity laughs and says, "Oh My God you really are dumb.  You realize we get something if we win right?"  Travis says, "Well it doesn't really matter, since there's zero chance of that happening anyways."  Summer says, "Good.  I'm glad you'll be fine with that.  Because when we win, you will become janitors.  You guys do nothing already so me and Serenity can take over your little tasks.  You'll take over as janitors and we will get half of your salaries."  Serenity then said, "Yeah, and both of you will be our personal servants.  You will clean our apartments once a week, and be at our beckon call.  And in case you wimps think of not fulfilling your duties, we will sign contracts and Jasmine will tape the match.  Winners keep the tape.  Now Stupid (as she turns to Joe) Deal?"  Joe says, "That's the last time you call me stupid, BITCH!  Deal!"  All four people shake hands.  Summer glares at Joe and says, "You'll regret calling her a Bitch."

The week flies by and there's a lot of trash talking.  The guys refuse to do any of their orders all week, and the bet keeps on rising.  Though their salaries are on the line, they all agree to another stipulation.  For every time you give up, you owe the other person $100.  If you get shutout, then that rises to $500 bucks a submission.  The match will be 30 minutes long.

It's the night of the match.  Serenity and Summer are in the gym.  Summer is wearing a pink bathing suit with black boots.  Serenity is in a very skimpy black sports bra with black boots.  The guys come in wearing t-shirts and shorts.  They each have white socks on.  For the first time they see both girls outside of their work clothes.  Joe says, "Ahhhh get used to this Travis.  When we're their boss, they'll have to dress like this everyday!"  Travis laughs and says, "I'll try not to bruise both of you up too much.  Though I'm probably lying."  Then he turns to Serenity and says, "BITCH."  Then he turns to Summer and says, "BITCH!"  Joe says, "Hey Summer, since I never called you one, I just wanted you to know, that you're a BITCH!" 

The girls looked at each other and smirked.  These two idiots couldn't get them mad.  They didn't have the mental power to get them mad.  And they were about to find out they didn't have the physical power either.

The girls bring out the contracts and state the rules.  The only rules are no crotch or nipple grabbing.  All four sign the contract and Jasmine from behind the camera says, "Lets go!"  At the same time Joe runs at Summer and Travis runs at Serenity.  They wanted to get as many submissions as possible to make as much money as possible.  Only problem was, at the same time they get judo tossed on their ass!  Serenity and Summer were expecting this and went for the kill.  After they flipped them they both grabbed their opponents arm and slid down putting a boot on their face.  They twisted the arms and both men shouted out their first submissions, only seconds into the match!  Joe screems, "Aaaahhhhh I give up I give up!!"  Travis, "Let go I give up!!  I give up!!"   Summer says, "Are you sure Joe?  I mean you're giving up to a girl?"  Serenity asks Travis, "Say it louder!"  Travis screams, "I GIVE UP!!"  Serenity says, 'LOUDER BITCH!!"  "I GIVE UP!!!!"  The girls get up, step on the guys and over to each other and give a high five!!  They hold hands and make girly faces into the camera. The guys get up and are holding their arms.  This time Joe rushes Serenity and Travis rushes Summer.  They each throw a right handed punch.  The girls easily block the punch, and flip the guys over their heads.  The guys are down and hurt. The match isn't even a minute old yet.  The girls strut to the guys.  There's no rush.  They know its over.  The both put a boot on the guys face.  Serenity says to Joe, "It's gonna be a looooong day dipshit."  Summer laughs, her boot on Travis face and says, "And an even longer life for you!"  With that both girls stomp on the guys stomachs.  Serenity then says to Summer, "Triangle!"  And they both put the guys in triangle chokes.  It's 10 seconds before both are submitting. 

The match is going for 10 minutes like this.  The girls alternating submissions from the guys.  The guys have no hope and they realize this now.  The girls aren't even trying their hardest.  They flip, or throw the guys, do a muscle victory pose, make them submit, and do another muscle victory pose.  Step 1 is complete.  Domination.  Now step 2 comes to play.  Humiliation!  Summer says to Joe, "Remember when you called Serenity a Bitch?  Well I do, and I told you dipshit that you were going to regret it!"  With that the girls charge their male foes.  They get them in a headlock, and instead of throwing them to the ground, they bring them to each other and knock the guys heads into each other!  "Ooooooooohhhhh does that hurt?????" says Summer.  Joe gets on his knees, "No more please!!  No more!!"  Serenity turns to Travis and says, "On your knees!  NOW!!!"  He gets on his knees.  Serenity pulls back Travis hair.  She has an evil smile on her face!  She slaps him across the face!  "Ask me to do it again!"  "Noooo please!!!" cries Travis.  Serenity screams, "I said ask me to do it again!!!"  And winds up her hand real far back.  "Please slap me!"  "Please slap me what?!?"  "Please slap me Maaam."  With that Serenity nails Travis with a hard slap.  He falls to his face and begs her to stop.  Summer says to the guys, "Lick our boots clean Bitches!"  The two losers start licking as if they're lives depended on it.  Summer and Serenity high five and laugh.  They look down in contempt of their two vanquish foes.  They start asking questions.  "Are you our Bitches?  Whose superior us or you?   How does it feel to get dominated and humiliated by two hot girls?  Are you guys better than us at anything?  Anything???"  The men are completely broken.  They answer how they need to answer to survive.  But its not enough.

The girls now go bring their pocketbooks out.  They put the men next to each other side by side and both stomp at their exposed stomachs.  The guys moan and beg.  Serenity says, "Don't worry Bitch, it will all be over soon."  Summer laughs and says, "Well not really.  They'll be our slaves haha."  They sit down on their victims, take out red lipstick and start writing on their victims face.  Summer writes on Joe, "Girls Rule."  Serenity writes on Travis, "Serenity's Bitch!"  They continue to write all over the guys face.  "Losers.  Pathetic."  Any insult they can.  The guys face is covered with derogatory marks.  They are truly beaten. 

The girls order them to get up.  The men do not want to.  The girls pick them up and throw them down.  They get more submissions out of them.  The guys continue to beg for them to stop.  The girls will show no mercy.  Jasmine is cheering them on from behind the camera.  The guys lick more boots.  They kiss each girls ass.  They bow to them.  They tell them they're superior to them.  They are owned.

The ending comes when both guys are barely standing.  They are more lurching forward about to fall.  The girls do one last judo flip and put their boots on their faces.  They smile and hug and then give another high five, and another victory pose.  The guys can be heard whimpering beneath their boots.  The girls lock hands and put up both hands together in victory.  Work is going to be a lot more fun!

End of Part 1

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