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Amazonias' big fighting girls

Started by jstilton, 22-Jan-16, 06:34 PM

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Hi there,

allow me to present my site, I make comics of strong, tall, muscular amazons. Sometimes they're nice, sometimes they're a bit cruel. But they're always sexy.
There are both free and paid stories on my site. Here are some previews. i hope you enjoy :-)

James in Amazonias


Girls that Grow - part 1

Donald is a genius first year chemistry student who spends all his nights in a forgotten lab at his college. One night, he is visited and humiliated by Mandy, a girl taller and obviously stronger than him. Donald applies his chemistry knowledge to developing a growth serum for himself. But things don't go as planned...

This is another "magical" growth story (like Growing Muscles), with a fascinating growth sequence. You will see Mandy growing really really huge! Her breasts grow to enormous size too and she seems to explode with muscle. A side effect of her growth seems to be that she gets more horny and dominant by the minute...

92 pages.


Marjorie: after Julian - part 2

I return to the Amber & Julian universe with this story of what happened right after Julian ran away during his "vacation" with mighty and muscular Marjorie, his rather cruel stepsister. (see Amber & Julian: the complete story so far)

While she cuffs the little man to the table, the big female bodybuilder fetches a sexy clothes set from the car, and starts flexing in front of her little victim. After uncuffing him, the giantess intimidates the cop, showing more of her big muscles, and pressing him against her chest. One attempt of the cop to subdue Marjorie turns into another show of strength by the musclegirl. Marjorie then gets to work on the cop, undressing both of them, lifting and humilating him and finally having her way in a fantastically original pose. Muscle and domination action from beginning to end!

92 pages


The girl from heaven - chapter 1

This is a story about wish-fulfillments. Toby is a boy who is obsessed with strong, muscular women, but never had much experience with him. During a weird, stormy night, after having realized that he really has to do something about his obsession, Toby has a weird dream. A strange woman helps him shape his ideal girlfriend, and tells him he will meet her in real life, some day...

Enjoy the big muscles of several girls, and especially of Cassie, who we will meet in all her glory in the second chapter of this story.


Marjorie's workout

This is a story full of muscle, strength feats and powerful lifts. Female bodybuilder Marjorie looks awe-inspiring in a skimpy clothing, showing off all her muscles to Julian. She has bought him a surprise (I'll leave it for you to discover what it is), and uses her tiny stepbrother to build even more muscle, lifting him in positions that few other women on earth could lift him in. Julian is completely in awe of his stepsister, and is hopeful that Marjorie will be nice to him this time...

I believe this story contains some of the most original and nicest workout and lifting poses you have ever seen, but don't take my word for it.

This story from the Amber & Julian universe (see Amber & Julian: the complete story so far) is a stand alone story (two parts).


The boarding school, chapter 4: The power party

It's the big night. Through some muscle-intimidation of supervisor Engels, Sue-Ann has acquired the keys to the teacher's room, where the bodybuilders will have their power party: a celebration of their power and muscle. The guys enter, hesitatingly. Inside, they find the girls, dressed in warrior costumes, larger than life, muscles glistening. Sue-Ann and Morgaine are superconfident and set out to play with their boys, while Caitlyn is gentle with Vincent and is unsure what to do.



Boy meets girl in the hospital cafetaria.
Wilson has a thing for big women. When he spots Jane, all his shyness disappears and he approaches her. She show him her big muscular calf and one thing turns into another. They go to dinner, then to her place. She shows her strength, in a lot of ways. She lifts him, in a lot of ways. She flexes and poses. She's beautiful and sexy. And not as innocent as you may think.

This story has a bit of everything: some romance, some domination, posing, flexing, scissors, hot lifts, hotness, biceps and thighs.


Katie - part 7

Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.

This is the chapter of Katie where we get introduced to georgeous, musuclar and strong Angela. The first part of this episode sees Katie visiting Angela, and seeing her online friend for the first time. The big girls talk about muscle, and Katie tells Angela about her first night with Nathan. In the second part of the episode, all four main characters get acquainted with each other during a pizza night. When Tom expresses his doubt about a strong woman feat on tv, Angela will show him how strong women can really be.

In their sexy high heels, the amazons tower over the little guys even more than usual. This is the beginning of Tom's infatuation with Angela. Hot lifting action, comparisons, feminine beauty, female muscle and of course as always, a great story and dialogues.


The girl from heaven - chapter 2

The big giantess Cassie starts the interactive tour of the museum, guiding the three admirers through the picture collection. Along the way, there will be some suprises, as Cassie is part of the exhibition herself. Cassie will show her muscles and strength and gives a demonstration. Will Toby and Cassie discover that they are meant for each other? You'll find out in this chapter. In the next and final third part, Toby will enjoy Cassie's muscles to the full.


Beach body

This story is what you'd call straight to the point: we get into the action, the muscle, the comparison shots... from the very first image, and stay there till the very last. Thirty one year old Sergey (5.2") meets Nineteen year old Allison (6.7"). We will witness lifts, headlocks and other holds, and a lot of domination and humilation. Some of my guys are so fortunate to run into gentle giantesses. That's not the case for Sergey here: Allison is as mean as she's tall, as cruel as she's strong. Even being twelve years younger than her victim, she shows no signs of hesitation: she is in love with her body and her strength, and she especially gets off on seeing fear in her victim's eyes...

Allison is a BEAST of a female bodybuilder. Be warned!


The Main Event

Rocky is an amateur boxer, participating in mystery fights. He doesn't know who he will be up against. This time, it turns out to be Serena, an incredibly tall female bodybuilder, who intimidates him from the start. Serena looks down on him from on high. Her big muscles seem to be carved out of granite. Serena will play with Rocky a little, but otherwise will show no mercy, and will just enjoy using her incredible punching power on the smaller man.


The girl from heaven - chapter 3

Big bodybuilder Cassie and small Toby arrive at the loft of Marcus the Millionaire Midget and Toby thinks he's fallen through the rabbit hole: the day seems to get weirder and weirder. After dealing with the Midget, Cassie and Toby find their way to a nice, cozy hotel room, where they will continue their explorations.
The luscious Cassie is quite nude in this story, which will also please lovers of big boobs. Lots of comparison shots (Cassie is really huge!), lifts and explicit scenes. Steaming hot!


The boarding school - chapter 5

The boarding school, chapter 5: Dangerous Muscles

The "power party" continues. To Caitlyn's horror, Sue-Ann has jut grabbed Vincent from here - under the agreement that boyfriends would be shared. Sue-Ann gets to work on Vince *and* Patrick at the same time, and gives Caitlyn a demonstration of domination. Then all six move to the billiards room, where Sue-Ann will put the big table to good use.
A big, tall schoolgirl with huge muscles: is there anything hotter? Well yes, there is: three of them! You will wish you were one of their boyfriends.

This concludes The Boarding school series.


Muscle Therapy - part 5

Eric, our psychiatrist, has developed a brilliant scheme to use Eleonore, and let Eleonore use him. It's safe, and it's sexy. So we see a lot of fooling around with Eleonore's big muscles in this episode. Eric gets closer and closer, and even enjoys domination by Eleonore. The big bodybuilder's sculpted muscles come out awesomely in the light of the psychiatrist's office, and Eric drinks it all in in big gulps. But how safe is he really? And is Eleonore as oblivious to his manipulation as he hopes and believes she is?


katie 10

Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.

This big chapter of Katie starts with an erotic scene of Katie and Nathan in the beach cabin, where Katie easily lifts her small boyfriend in several ways. After that, we join Tom and his girlfriend at the sauna, where, all of a sudden, Angela shows up and dominates the two of them. By that night Tom is so obsessed with Angela that submits to her. What follows is Tom's training, where Angela explains him exactly how to behave towards her. There is also another part where Katie dominates her dad again. And then finally we finish with an incredible scene of Angela and Tom on the kitchen table, while the muscular girl has a phonecall with Katie.

Katie has been serialized on, and is now being offered at for the first time. It is my personal favorite story, and is still running. I will provide new chapters here regularly. This story progressed over many months (and is still progressing), together with my skills, so you will see that evolution reflected in the pictures, which get, I think, better and better...

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