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Monroe Jamison - Want to Wrestle? (Updates)

Started by monroejamison, 05-Feb-16, 03:00 PM

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Hi everyone!

Started doing mixed wrestling for the first time in 2015 and really loved it!

If you are a male that has wrestled against me, feel free to share your experiences in this thread. 

For those who want to book a mixed wrestling match with me:

1.   Fill this out to see if you are a good fit -
2.   I will want to skype with you beforehand or talk to you on the phone if I have never done business with you before.   
3.   To limit wear and tear, and to keep my responsibilities as the Female Wrestling Channel Competitive Champion, I don't wrestle as often
as most ladies in the industry.    Book with confidence and quickly. 
4.   I honor my commitments and have plenty of references.   I expect the same in return or we cannot do business again.
5.   I don't travel as often as other ladies at this time, but we have a full studio in West Lafayette, Indiana if you are willing to drive/fly to me.

You are also free to email me questions at

If you want to get an idea of my competitive wrestling style before you take me on, our downloads are some of the most affordable in the industry, and you can see me take on females and a few males as well.   

FWC Episodes -
FWC Extras -
Get a Membership - Details -

Current Available Travel Openings

NYC - March 4th, (5th is booked), and March 6th ---- (4 spots left currently)
Kansas City, Missouri - April 1st and 2nd ----- (7 spots left currently)
Ohio - Late March or April, still in the process of setting up. 


Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to give you my updated Travel Schedule for Mixed Wrestling.

-West Lafayette, Indiana(My studio and I am usually available most dates)
-St. Louis, Missouri: July 22nd-23rd 2016
-Columbus, Ohio: July 29th-30th 2016
-Tampa, Florida: October 21st-23rd 2016

Email me for bookings/details:

Find me on Facebook:

Find me on Twitter:

Watch me dominate on the competitive wrestling mats:

Learn more about my Mixed Wrestling Process:



I wanted to know how much do you squat or leg press and how hard can you squeeze a bathroom scale?


I do not do KO's - sorry - you can go read about our entire mixed wrestling process and fill out our short application so you can understand all our rules and how we run things - Check it all out here -

LOL - Honestly I do not know what I can squat/press - when I was at the gym the other day I did 150lbs on the leg press - but I am only looking to get stronger. :)

I hope you will check out the mixed details and maybe we can tussle? :)


Wanting to find people who are interested in doing mixed wrestling with myself and an FWC roster lady of my choice.  (most of them are not as active at this as I am)

The more people we have in certain states will decide where we will be taking our next trip.

Get all the details at the below link and please make sure you fill out the short mixed application on the same page if you are at all interested.

Mixed Details/Application:

Wanting to come to the following States:
-NYC - September 23-25
-Tampa, Florida - October 21-23
-Texas -  Nov. 11-13
-California - Dec. 9-11


Haven't posted here for a while!   

Hammer was posting updates incorrectly in this thread, so I got everything cleaned up. 

A hard headscissors is coming for that knucklehead, geesh!   

You can see all my newest content, updates, and social media links here:

You can also see my latest pictures on Instagram here:

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