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Needing some direction with regards to the following questions.

Started by tvwatcher38, 26-Feb-16, 05:41 AM

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Wondering if someone could answer the following questions:

1. If something is already posted on the Streaming video link & conversions thread but I have the original quality video is that considered a duplicate post, or can I post it ? (Don't want to step on peoples toes.)

2. I noticed that an item was taken down by a member because they were informed that it was in the HQ section. Does that mean even though I have had the video in question myself & not originally from the forum that  I can't share it in the open forum because it's already in the HQ section ? (Again don't want to step on toes but it also may not to my knowledge even be active anymore)

If any members & mods could chime in on these questions to give me some direction when they have a moment or direct me to where the answers are if they already are on the forum that would be great.



I'm back with more questions. I know needy aren't I. :D

If a moderator especially but also any fellow member or members that could give me guidance respond to the following questions that would be great.

1.  I have bought videos from a vendor (L. Scott Video or ) before when I was a member of their sites  years ago but I have recently noticed in some cases that the ratio size/ resolution of the video are less than the original producers cfs site.

Should I be posting it in the streaming section even though I bought it originally myself & it is original file size from the vendor I purchased it from or can I still post to my own thread ?

Cause if the answer is to the  streaming section I might need a moderator's help moving a couple of my previous posts to there.

2. With regards to Prohibited Producers it only list movie/videos as the reason for the complaint, & addition to that list.
Does that mean we are still free to post pictures, compressed zip files of pictures, etc ?
I just ask because I have seen some pictures posted even after a producer made the list. I don't want to start doing that as well if I am interpreting incorrectly.
I don't want to be cluttering up the forum with posts that will just have to be removed.

Thank you in advance for reading & responding.


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