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Owned by my Hot Roommate

Started by dworth, 30-Apr-16, 01:08 AM

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Alicia pulled me into a headlock so tight, I lost my balance. I would've fallen over, but she was supporting my weight in full.

"You're so soft and delicate," she said, giggling. "I have to be careful not to break you."

"Okay, I think has probably gone far enough—"

"Let's take a field trip," she said, dragging me down the hall. When we got to her room, she threw me onto her leopard-print rug, and pounced on me like a cat, knocking the wind out of me as she did.

"Who's the bitch, bitch!?"

"I am," I gasped. "Alicia, I can't breath."

"Oh shit," she laughed, letting up a bit. "Are you okay."

"Yeah," I regrouped. "I just...You're really drunk, Alicia."

"No shit, Sherlock," she snorted.

"So, yeah, this was fun but, I think I better go, before you make a decision that you won't like tomorrow—"

Alicia put a hand over my mouth, and leaned down so our noses almost touched. With her other hand, she stroked my hair, suddenly gentle.

"Don't go, babe," she said, smiling. "You can't just get me all worked up and then leave."

She flipped me over onto my stomach and pulled off my shirt.

"Oh my God, you're so weak," she said, delighted. "I had no idea little guys were this fun to play with. I should just stop dating big, strong guys, and switch to little guys, and then I could call all the shots."

"Alicia, stop!" I said, deciding I needed to be firm. "I don't want this."

That wasn't completely true, but it made her shut up and listen. A girl like Alicia had never been rejected in her life, so when I said it, she scooted off me, and sat back, stunned.

"Listen, Alicia, you're terrific and gorgeous, and I'm a straight man, so obviously I think you're attractive, but you're also my roommate, and we have a good thing going. So sleep it off. Tomorrow, you'll wake up and run four miles and do like 800 lunges, I'll make you those mango smoothies we like, and we'll forget all of this, okay?"

Suddenly Alicia had the ashamed look of a girl being scolded for wearing something too short to school.

"Okay, Andy. I'm sorry."

"It's okay," I said picking up my shirt. "See you tomorrow."

I got up and headed for the door, not looking back. My hand was on the knob when she pounced again and I went down, face first.

"Actually, no," she said. "I let guys run my life all the time." She wrapped her arms around me, and picked me up in a reverse bear hug. "For once, I'm gonna do what I want to do, and right now, you are what I want to do." She threw me onto her bed, and slipped off her shirt. She was hearing her hot pink push-up bra, the one I had seen so many times when I was moving her laundry to the drier, and tried not to think about too much.

She pinned my arms behind my head, and let me strain to push them up, just so she could push them right back down.

"Oh this is perfect," she said, "you're like my adorable little fuck-toy."

She slipped her hands down my pants and clasped my butt in her hands. I recoiled, but she didn't loosen up her grip.

"Mine," she said.

It was hard to believe this was happening.

When a friend of mine had told me he thought he knew this girl Alicia who also needed a roommate, I'd been reticent about the idea of sharing a living space with a female. What if we were attracted to each other? What if we hooked up? Wouldn't that complicate things? But those concerns went out the window, when I met Alicia. She was so out of my league physically, I immediately decided the idea that anything could ever happen between us was insane. After all, I was a short, pudgy IT guy, and she was a 6,1' personal trainer at a high-end gym, downtown. It wasn't just her perfect skin, her complete lack of body fat, her long, toned legs, and her perky c-cups that made her seem far out of my purview; she was also considerably taller than me, and from living with her, I knew she had the workout habits of a marine. I'd wake up on saturday mornings and on the way to kitchen, find her doing chin-ups, lunges, pushups, sometimes air-boxing with weights in either hand, and that was all after her morning run.

"Morning roomie," she'd always say with the chipper energy of someone who couldn't possibly be my same species.

She was obsessed with fitness and so were the guys she dated, all of whom looked like models or pro-athletes, who would crush me with hugs every time they came over. They loved me because they knew what I knew; that I was no threat to their territory. So sure, I thought Alicia was hot (not to mention all her hot female friends from the gym that came over on Thursdays for Grey's Anatomy and Scandal) but it was easy to accept that that was a completely one-direction attraction, and just go about my day, appreciating having her in the house, the way you'd appreciate expensive art. And other than when I heard her and her boyfriends have epic, endurance sex through the walls, she was a pretty good roommate. We were sort of becoming friends. And on this night, when I'd found her slumped on the couch, in her PJ's (a grey crop top and matching short shorts) I'd asked her what was wrong. It was guy troubles. This muscle-headed douchebag Tony who she'd dated off-and-on lately was being an asshole again. She said he treated her like garbage. I said, "fuck him, let's get drunk," and we did.

"God, he's just such a prick," she said after drink number five. "I'm so mad, I just want to like, go hate-fuck him. You know what I mean?"

"Wow. No. Not really," I said, considerably less drunk than her. I had way more body fat and way more practice with drinking to build up my tolerance.

"I always do that. I show up at his place, pissed off, and he pins me to a wall and fucks me, and I hate it, but I'm like, addicted to it."

"," I said, trying to be sympathetic to something I had no experience with.

"I'm gonna go over there," she said, "getting up."


"I'm just gonna get it over with."

"Don't," I said, "you don't need that asshole in your life."

I got up and blocked her way to the door. She looked me up and down and laughed.

"Oh, what are you, like detaining me," she said.

"Yes, for your own good. You can't see that guy."

"You gonna stop me," she said, shoving me out of the way.

It was a forceful shove that almost sent me to the wall, but I regrouped, and shoved her back.

"You're not going anywhere, I said."

"Are you telling me what to do," she asked, her tone changed. I should've known then, what was going to happen. Alicia was a physical being and she had a surging dose of anger and horniness coursing through her. She needed to take it out on someone. But I was still oblivious to the idea that she would ever set her sights on me.

"As a matter of fact, I am."

"You want to go, little man," she said, laughing.

"Well, no, because I'm pretty sure you'd crush me," I joked.

Alicia laughed.

"Actually no, this could be a great way for me to work some of this off. We should totally do it. Let's wrestle!"

Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was just the idea of tussling with that body, but a second later, we were facing each other on our knees.

"So, what are like, the rules," I asked. "Do we try to pin each other or—UMPH!"

She was on top of me.

"Let's just see what happens," she said, straddling me and grabbing my wrists.

Within a few seconds, it was clear, not only did she have the advantage in flexibility and stamina, she was stronger. Maybe I could match her upper body, but her legs were long enough and strong enough to push me away from her or pull me towards her no matter how much I resisted.

The first few minutes were the roughest. I just kept coming at her and she kept throwing me around, knocking me back, working out her first wave of pent-up aggression. A few times she even flipped me over.

"Oh my God, are you actually trying," she gawked. "You're adorable."

After the first few minutes though, she settled into pinning me down, sitting on me, or putting me in various leg locks for prolonged periods of time and teasing me about how I couldn't get out. She'd put me in a head scissors, poke my nose with her finger and say "boop."

At one point, she wrapped me in a body scissors from behind, snaked her arms behind my head and gave me a wet willy. "Oh no, what're you gonna do," she cooed in a high pitched teasing voice. If all the bullies in school who had given me wet willies had looked like her, high school would've been way cooler.

Her legs were even stronger than they looked, and I worried she'd go too far and break my ribs or something, but she didn't seem to be into  causing pain, at this point, as much as domination. She just liked keeping me down, knowing I couldn't go anywhere and the embarrassment was tolerable because of all the close contact with her thighs. Once I was pretty tired out, I graduated from victim to plaything and then she started to really have fun. After about ten minutes, she pulled me over her knee, and hovered her hand over my but like she was going to spank me.

"I shouldn't, right?"

"Please don't," I said. "Let me keep like an ounce of dignity."

"Okay," she said, pulling me into a body scissors instead.

"Wow, I was pretty sure I could take you but damn, this isn't even close. I, like own you, right now, don't I?"

I didn't say anything.

"Oh wow," she giggled, "that was really aggressive of me to say. Sorry, I think I'm getting a little carried away."

But her aggression only escalated. As she put me in more holds and got higher and higher off the power, her trash-talk got less jokey and more intense, until finally she put me in a grapevine, stared me straight in the face and said "you know what? I do own you, and I'm going to make you say it. I'm going to make you believe it before the night's over."

That was the last hold before she'd dragged me to her bedroom and now, here she was overpowering and devouring in between her pink sheets.

"God, why have I wasted so much time dating strong guys," she said, in between licking my face. "Being the stronger one in the bedroom's the best feeling I've ever felt!"

"Alicia please..."

"Accept it, baby. Give in to your superior. This is nature. The strong take the weak. I am the strong!"

She pulled me over her knee again, and pulled her hand back.

"Please, Alicia, don't."

"You know what I want to hear."

"You own me."

She lowered her hand for a second, then said "You said it, but you don't really believe it yet. I'm gonna make you believe it."

WAP! She spanked me hard.



"Ow, god!"

"Shh, shh, shh," she rolled me back over and mounted me, putting a finger over my mouth.

"It's okay, baby doll."

She put the finger in my mouth.

"I'm just getting you ready."

She reached her other hand down onto my rock hard cock, and started to massage it.

"I want to believe you this time," she said.

She lowered herself onto me, taking my cock inside her and started to ride, slowly at first, but with greater power than I'd ever felt.

"Tell me what I want to hear."

"You own me, Alicia. I only exist for you."

"That's better, babe. But I still don't believe you."

She started going faster and harder. I didn't want to blow my wad early for her, but I felt like I had no control whatsoever.

"You own every part of me Alicia."

She licked me again and whispered in my ear "go on..."

I was almost at climax now.

"I'm only here for your pleasure and amusement. Every part of me is yours. You're the only thing that matters to me. You own me—OH MY GOD!"

I came forcefully, spasming up  and then back down.

Alicia swooped in on me for a long kiss.

"Good, now I believe you believe it," she said. "And now that we've established that I own you, the fun can really begin."

She started gyrating again, harder and faster this time. I was fading. She pulled me up into her, my head against her bare, sweaty chest. It felt like home.

"Listen, you have to stay in this," she told me. "The only rule now is that you stay hard and stay conscious until I've done everything I want to do to you. Got that."

"Yes Alicia."

I suddenly wanted badly to please her. Somewhere within me, I found a second wave of strength and started thrusting up into her.

"Oh God, yes, baby! Work for me!"

I don't know how long we kept going, I just remember, before it was over I kissed every inch of her powerful sculpted body and loved every second of it.

I woke up on the couch, to Alicia doing sit-ups o the floor in front of me.

"Morning, roomie," she said.

"How did I get on the couch?"

"Beats me," she said, still doing her set. "We drank so much last night, I don't remember a thing."

"Really? Nothing?"

"Absolutely nothing. Complete blackout," she said. "Anyway, I think I'll go see Tony today."

Did she really remember nothing? Or was she just using that as an excuse not to talk about it? Had she carried me to the couch after she was done with me, to keep me from waking up in her bed? Or did she really not remember? I didn't know and I didn't care. I'd remember forever.


PART TWO: Alicia plays with me in the snow, and turns me into her personal space heater

For a long while after that drunken night I kept my distance from Alicia as much as I could. Whenever we were both home, I stayed confined to my room. But every night, without fail, I had vivid dreams of our encounter -- her in that hot pink bra, pinning me down so effortlessly on her leopard print rug, yanking me off my feet into bear hugs and cradle-holds, humiliating me in every way she could think of, pushing me to limits I didn't even know I had -- and I somehow felt grateful and vengeful at the same time. But either way, I couldn't shake my thoughts of her during every free moment of the day. Even though I made pained efforts to never be in the same room as Alicia, her grip was inescapable.

I still had no idea whether she even remembered what she'd done to me in her inebriation. She went about being her normal, bubbly, bright self, like nothing out of the ordinary had happened, which either meant she was oblivious or a psychopath, and I'm sure we never would've talked about it if not for the storm of century.

We lived in Austin, Texas, where it's never cold for long, but then, one week in February, it dropped below freezing and stayed there for a week. Texas is completely unprepared for real winter weather, and within a day, the entire power grid went down.

"Holy shit, no!" I heard Alicia say from her end of the apartment when it happened. Like a lot of women, especially ones with like zero percent body fat, Alicia was cold a lot, and even in a sweltering summer night, she wore long sleeves to bed. Even with the heat on, I'd been hearing her shiver all day. The part of me that's been trained by stories and TV to believe you win a woman's love by saving her in a time of distress was kicking in. I felt the need to break my silence and knock on her door with my blankets and sweat shirts.

"Do you fucking hear yourself," I clapped back at my own fantasy. "She's not some helpless damsel. She's god damn Supergirl. She'll be fine. And if she isn't, fuck her."

I looked out my window at the ice sleeting down. I knew it wouldn't be long until the outside was every bit as cold as the inside. Just then, Alicia knocked on the door, and opened it without waiting for a yes. She was bundled up in two jackets, with socks on her hands (no one in Austin owned mittens).

"Hey roomie," she said with just the slightest bit of tension cutting into her breezy, smiley tone. "So, I saw a thing on instagram, that says our best chance of staying warm is to confine ourselves to one room, and insulate it with all our blankets and stuff. So, I was wondering, wanna have a winter slumber party in my room?"

"I uh...I don't uh..."

"I have some fun games," she said with the slightest hint of suggestiveness.

"NO" I said, more forcefully than I meant to. "I just mean...I don't think it's really that bad yet. The power's probably coming back any minute, so..."

"I'm really fucking cold dude," she cut me off, pleading. "Please."

"Here," I said, grabbing the comforter off my bed, and handing it to her. "I don't need this. I run hot."

"Will you help me tape my windows at least," Alicia said.

Thank god she was wearing four layers of clothes that mostly head the shape of her incredible body, or I might not've found the will to refuse.

"I have some work to do. Maybe after."

"Okay. Thanks," Alicia said, exiting with my blanket. She didn't hear the word "no" a lot, so this was an especially crushing blow for her.

A minute later, while I was trying to think about literally anything else, I heard her crying through our shared wall. "God damn it," I thought, knowing I couldn't ignore it. Thinking back on it now, I wonder if she was just testing her power. She knew she could get me into her room with physical force -- there was no question of that. Maybe she just wanted to give herself the challenge of getting me to obey her without ever laying a hand on me.

I grabbed every last blanket in my room and entered her bright girly room, where she sat curled up in a ball on her bed.

"Alicia I'm sorry."

"I'm fucking cold, and fucking scared," she said, sobbing between every word. She'd never sounded so helpless. I sat timidly at the very edge of her bed, not daring to actually touch her.

"It's gonna be okay. We're gonna turn your room into a fortress of warmth, okay?"

She kept crying. I felt the urge to curl up next to her and spoon. "Hell no," I said to myself. "You may have to stay in the same room as her, but she's never touching you again."

I got to work, taping blankets over windows, and lighting candles. I draped three blankets over Alicia in her bed, trying not to think about the night she'd held me down there, and called me her "adorable little fuck toy."

"What about you," she said, her tears dying down a bit.

"I'll sleep on the floor," I said.

"Come on," she said, motioning for me to join her in bed.

"I'm good," I said, draping another blanket around me, with a thumbs up, and then lying down on the leopard print rug, trying not to think about how she'd shoved my face into it.

We both just lay there, silently, until eventually she fell asleep, and the sound of her sleeping made me feel safe enough to do the same.


I woke up to Alicia doing lunges.

"What're you doing," I said, sitting up.

"Trying to stay warm," she said, her breath visible in the air.

"Is it working," I said.

"It's pretty fucking useless," she said, lifting up her three layers to show her washboard abs. "I have zero insulation."

She resumed her lunges and kept talking. "But it's basically all I can do, until you get over your fear of cooties and realize that we're not gonna make it through this without actually touching each other."

"That's incredibly over-dramatic," I said, getting to a crouch. "We're not anywhere near that cold yet."

"YOU'RE NOT," she yelled, through chattering teeth. "Feel this!"

She stepped towards me. I tried to move away but she was quicker. She grabbed my hand and put it against her abs, which where rock solid, and indeed freezing cold.

"I'm gonna die."

"You're not gonna die," I said trying to pull away my hand, but she help her grip tight. I struggled, but my strength was no match. She just held it there.

"You really DO run hot," she said, in wonder.

"Alicia, listen, I'm not comfortable with this. I'm gonna leave, see if I can make it to a neighbors, or call for help, or just-"

Alicia pulled me close, so I was looking up into her eyes. My body was totally bound up in her long arms. She really was freezing.

"You can't leave," she said, fiercely, the animal in her starting to take over. She realized it and quickly put her girly voice back on. "Please. I'm honestly scared I won't make it without you."

"Let me go right now, Alicia."

"Oh my god, calm down," she said laughing, like this was all a joke. "Hey, I know who could loosen you up. Someone needs a visit from the tickle monster!"

"Alicia, no."

She reached a hand under my shirt, tickling my side. I never thought I was ticklish, but somehow she knew exactly where to go to make me howl. I recoiled halfway across the room.

'Oh boy!" she said stalking me. "You're the tickle monster's favorite victim!"

"No, stop, AHAHAHAAA!"

Alicia tickled me into submission on the bed, straddling me from behind, then wrapping her arms and legs around me and rolling me over like a turtle on its shell, "Okay, okay, I'll stop," she said.

"Thank you," I panted for breath.

"But you have to admit we're warmer, right?"

"I guess."

"And hey, look at this. We're touching and it's not the end of the world."

"I guess so," I said.

"If I loosen up enough to spoon you, are you gonna be good and stay here, and heat me up?"

"Do I have a choice?"



Her arms wrapped around me like tree branches, and even through all her layers, I felt like I could just barely feel her nipples turned hard by the cold pressing into my back.

"It could definitely be worse," I thought.


I woke up a while later to Alicia leaping over me. "Oh my god, it's snowing," she exclaimed with a squeal, putting on her shoes.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going out to play in the snow, and you're coming with me."

"I thought this was all about not freezing to death," I said.

"I've never seen this much snow before, have you?"


She yanked me to my feet. "So I'm gonna play in the snow, but I can't do it without my trusty mobile space heater." She turned me around and leapt onto my back. "Giddyup!" 

Me giving her a piggyback ride was pretty ridiculous, since she was a lot taller, and had to lift her legs to keep her feet off the ground, but that made the whole thing funnier, and soon she was laughing, and so was I.

The snow had already begun to swallow up every car in sight, by the time we got out there. For a moment, we stood awestruck, taking it in. Then I felt a cold blast of powder and ice break over my head.


"Do something about it," Alicia said playfully, already grabbing another handful of snow to throw.

By the time I'd bent down to grab my own return volley, she threw a snowball straight at my ear, with enough force to knock me off my feet.

"All-star softball pitcher, three years running," Alicia gloated. 

Then, with a wicked high pitched giggle she swept all the snow off the roof of a nearby car and onto me. I scrambled to my feet, and despite being continuously pelted by her cannon arm, and managed to get off one shot in her direction, which just by dumb luck, hit her directly in the eye, causing her to stagger back a few feet.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Alicia!"

Alicia glared at me with burning rage for a second, and I felt genuinely scared, but then her glare melted into a smirk and she said "You hit a girl."

"I'm sorry," I said.

"You fucking bitch, you hit a girl," she said laughing and advancing on me. I backed away quickly, but not quickly enough. Alicia grabbed me by the waist, picked me up, and body slammed me hard into the snow. Thank god there was grass beneath us. She rolled me over on my stomach, and I had flashbacks of her spanking me.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry," I shouted.

She shoved my face into the snow. "EAT IT" she screamed in between laughs, dragging my face back and forth.

"I surrender," I shouted, half joking, half-appealing to her need for dominance.

"Not good enough," she said, "you hit a girl. You have to pay!"

I felt her flip herself around on my back, and suddenly she'd yanked at the waistline of my pants. My fear that someone might be watching my humiliation was quickly replaced with the painful shock of handfuls of snow going down my pants and underwear.

"Holy shit, I'm SORRY. I GIVE!"

"Not good enough."

"I submit."

"Not good enough."

"YOU OWN ME" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It's what she'd made me say that night over and over until I believed it. This time though, I didn't need any convincing. I was completely cut off from help, at the mercy of person who could do as they pleased with me. I had no illusions that being a guy gave me any power here. I couldn't believe how stupid I'd been a few hours earlier, hearing Alicia's cries and thinking someone as powerful as her could possibly need help from me.

Seeming pleased with my complete surrender, Alicia laughed, got off, and pulled me to my feet again. "Let's get back inside, I'm fucking freezing," she said, jumping onto my back again. "Giddyup!"


What neither of us had realized, because we had so little experience with snow and cold weather in general, was that roughhousing in a bank of powdered water and then returning to a below-freezing apartment was a colossally stupid idea. Within minutes of returning to Alicia's room, we were shivering, no matter how many blankets we packed on and how close we huddled together. Alicia squeezed me so hard I was having trouble breathing.

"Alicia, you're hurting me," I said.

"I can't get warm," she grunted, squeezing harder. "Listen, I think we both know what has to happen."

"No," I said.

"Don't be an idiot, come on. We need skin contact." Alicia let go, and started stripping her top layer.

"Absolutely not," I said.

"Fine, you don't want to take your clothes off, I'LL take them off for you. Just give me a second," Alicia said, stripping away more layers.

My need to stay and watch my obsession strip and my need to flee from my predator were at war with each other, and for a second, my fear won out. I knew this was my only chance to get away. I bolted out the door of her room, and then the apartment.

"Seriously!?" I heard her scream after me.

I ran out into the snow. I got about twenty yards from the door, before the realization that I had absolutely nowhere to go slowed me down. Then I turned around and saw Alicia, now in only a red bra and leggings that stood out in the white snow, sprinting towards me with a look of true fury on her face. She tackled me into the snow, hard enough to stun me.

"Now I'm fucking pissed," she whispered in my ear. She pulled me up over her shoulder and lifted me. I tried to squirm away, but she grabbed my balls.

"Keep squirming, I dare you," she said through gritted teeth.

I stopped squirming, as she carried me back into the apartment and tossed me down on her bed. She mounted me, pinning my arms down. All the humor was gone, replaced by pure ferocity.

"WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU GET OFF SAYING NO TO ME" she screamed down at me, landing a hard slap on my cheek.


Another slap.




Slap, slap, slap. If my face wasn't numb from the cold, I'd be in a world of pain.

Finally, I knew for sure she remembered that night.

"Yeah, that's right. I remember. And I think I deserve a little more fucking gratitude, and I think YOU deserve a lot of fucking discipline, until you learn to be grateful. And I wouldn't waste my time, but you're soft and fat enough to be the best heat source I have right now, so I'm willing to work with you. But first, I need you to beg me to forgive you."

There was nothing left in me but fear and compliance. "Please, Alicia, please forgive me."

"Beg me to discipline you."

"Please discipline me."

"Keep your arms above your head."

Alicia pulled my clothes off, then got up, and stood at the door, stripping her bra and leggings. She stood magnificent and terrifying, a force of nature more formidable to me than the storm outside.

"Now come at me," she said.

Even though I knew it was a suicide mission, I obeyed. We charged each other, and she brought me down hard on the leopard print rug. She grapevined my legs, pinned down my arms and thrust her pelvis into my stomach three times, knocking the wind out of me.

"Please," I tried to say, "no more."

"No more? Okay."

She rammed my head into her breasts. After my third time colliding with her chest, the room got a little hazy.

"Don't you dare go out," she growled, clamping down a bodyscissors around my stomach.

"Please stop."

"That's not what I want to hear," Alicia said.

"You own me" I whimpered.

"Obviously," she said.

She squeezed harder.

"Thank you!" I screamed.

"Thanks for what?"

"For paying attention to me. For disciplining me. For the privilege of getting to be yours," tears were streaming from my eyes now. "I'm so lucky."

Alicia loosened her vice grip, softened by my pleas. She straddled me, pinning my arms at my sides with her thighs. She leaned down. Her nipples, now rock hard with cold poked me. Her face loomed over mine.

"I'm lucky too," she said. "I get a sex-toy, wrestle dummy, mobile heater combo, custom made just for me."

She grabbed a few blankets from the bed and draped them over us. She kissed me voraciously until I was hard again, slid down onto me, and started to ride me, her lips locked onto my neck. I felt all over her back for cold spots, looking to warm them up. I knew my role now. After a few minutes, she roles us over, so I was on top, but still totally at her mercy, held tight enough by her legs around my rib cage that I could barely breath. She worked me in and out of her.

"Now we're getting warm," she moaned, holding my head to her chest.

I made a silent prayer for this winter storm to last a thousand years.


Always enjoyed going back and reading this story over the years! Very cool continuation of it! You write the best multi chapters on here. And the personality change of her being a sober but still so dominant compared to her normal bubbly kind self was a great development. Thank you for continuing.

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