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Session Scissor Goddess, RAPTURE

Started by Wrstlelvr, 09-May-16, 06:48 PM

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Are you sure she has been doing BJJ for 15 years?? I really don't think so.


She told me a similar figure (10 years experience bjj), but don't waste your money. Even though she held her own wrestling at the beginning of the session, she left early after failing to control the match and getting thrown or falling. She has poor communication skills and left without warning. The session was way overpriced for the service and I get the sense she has quite a sense of entitlement and doesn't care about wasting your time or money. 


She bailed on me recently.....spending half the time


I've had two sessions with Rapture. True, she is not a skilled martial artist.  But she is strong and has about the best sexy-muscle body I've ever seen.  She was generous with her time with me.  It was more light sensual domination than wrestling, but still very fun.   


I really don't get it when reading anything negative about Rapture. Without a doubt the best session I've had. So good that I went back the following day for a 2nd session. She was beautiful, kind and simply a great person. She is a skilled martial artist and was far too strong for me. I had no chance. I am going to see her again in a couple of months.

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