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Author Topic: F/M Bare Handed Strangling - Why it is the best  (Read 5211 times)

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F/M Bare Handed Strangling - Why it is the best
« on: 06-Jun-16, 11:43 PM »
There are a lot of scissors fans on this forum so I might be a minority regarding this particular topic.

The allure of the F/M Bare Handed Choking (hand choke, straight choke, front choke) for me is the simple fact that nothing else has the potential of projecting absolute domination than a simple fingers around throat choke. Not a rear naked choke, not head/neck scissors.

The legs are traditionally a more powerful part of the human anatomy so slapping on a head/neck scissors while the 'victim' screams in pain might not be that difficult. Yes, brute strength and technique is involved but it can be understood to be not that difficult to make the recipient beg for mercy.

Bare Handed Choke on the other hand, makes the domination seem even more unique. It requires tremendous strength for one and a lot of technique regarding placing of the hands on the throat, finger positioning and so on. I practiced it a lot on my then boyfriend and it was exhilarating for me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a woman choke out a man with just her hands.

Even though this is an anime, notice how the woman crushes the man's throat with just one hand.

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F/M Bare Handed Strangling - Why it is the best
« Reply #1 on: 07-Jun-16, 09:18 AM »
While I agree with you that there is an intense domination aspect to bare-handed choking; I think in the way you present takes
away from that appeal. While most women big or small, skinny or muscle, could lock you up in their legs and not only cause pain
but potentially knockout you out. The sexual aspect of any girl being able to do that in reality drives the trends towards the legs area.

What you are describing is pure power, something most women (not all) can't  do to the avg guy or girl. Out of context of your post, yes,
any girl of any size can wrap her hands around your neck and squeeze. However, it never comes close to what you are looking for in terms
of that off the chart power or feeling. In the end it tends to be to much fantasy and not enough reality and I am sure most of us look for
every chance we can, to be squeezed between some strong legs.