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Hi Everyone

Started by Carolinecheers4him, 13-Jun-16, 09:03 PM

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 Hey guys!

My name is Caroline! I am a co-ed cheerleader in college in the U.S., and I joined this forum because I feel that it appeals to my interests in intergender wrestling. Judging by what I've seen so far, I'd say that most of you are guys, so it makes me a little shy to be a girl on a forum like this. I really don't like that the activity is a fetish for some people because I just love the sport, so I definitely will not share videos or pics. But what I can contribute is some stories of my experiences that you guys would hopefully appreciate. I used to love blogging, and I could definitely write about what I've experienced to you guys. I'm here purely to meet like-minded people who enjoy the sport for the sake of it!

A little about me....

I've loved intergender wrestling since I was about 18, but I'm not trained in it or anything. When I get on the mats, it's pure instinct of using my limbs against my opponent that drives my body. I'm not the most effective, but I have a lot of fun =).

Hobbies....I love cooking, reading, working out, running, of course CHEERING for my team, and of course sometimes wrestling or grappling.

I just love grappling; it's so therapeutic for me. I'm REALLY competitive too, so I absolutely hate losing!  But nothing is more important to me in the sport than sportsmanship. Respect me, and I'll respect you.

Don't be shy! I'm a very friendly, down-to-earth kinda girl! Get to know me!

Just don't ask to wrestle me  ;)
"There are 3 things a girl needs to be: young, strong, and beautiful."- Me!


Welcome Caroline;

Seems like we are in the same general ...state; a lot of the women I have session with be a victim of, live in the Orlando/Tampa/Miami region. Either way looking forward to your stories and extending my friendship to a fellow
mixed wrestling lover.


Hey, Jynn!

I'm still not familiar with what a session really is, but I'm excited and thrilled that there are women who enjoy intergender wrestling in my home state! And of course! Just fire away at any questions you may have!  ;)

- Caroline
"There are 3 things a girl needs to be: young, strong, and beautiful."- Me!


ilovescissors second account as a female - lol


I could tell this was a sock account nade by a male.


Why do people do that?
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