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Not a session wrestler but she soon got the hang of it..

Started by SUBstitute, 11-Jul-16, 02:27 PM

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This girl was discovered on adultwork and after a few emails back and forth, I was invited round to her place for a session. She took a few piccies with my camera and really enjoyed it. She told me to return soon as it gave her a really good leg workout! I enjoyed it too  ;D
Something that really turned me on was when she adapted her headscissors into what she called her "pussy lock" and I think you can see why in the 2nd photo - lovely. That became her signature move and she's perfected so much that I literally have to breath through her not to submit which means we can remain as one for up to 20 minutes at a time as she is so fit. She's into running and cycling too and has nice, athletic legs, and I've always admired female joggers/cyclists so that was quite a turn on too. Note she's learnt on her own that by turning her scissors into a fig 4 she can drag me in even closer - clever girl  8)


Quote from: znaksh on 11-Jul-16, 03:03 PM
She has sexy foot too:)

You're right she has - nice and dainty and perfectly formed, and she knows how to slip one behind her knee to form a perfect fig 4. I've worshiped her feet a couple of times after sessions, she makes me start with her toes then work my way all the way up to her inner thighs. She's 5'7" so takes quite a while!  :drool4:


Thanks so much for sharing the photos and your experiance. It looks like you found a great girl and have a GREAT DAY


Does she wrestle just wearing her panties or does she always wear those thick tights? I love a girl who enjoys smothering my face in her pussy in various inventive holds. The fig four reverse scissors is a 'firm' favourite 😉

What part of the country does this clever girl work in?


I have had some good conversations with girls on AW about scissors and wrestling sessions, some sound really promising but some just sound like they will say anything but it's good to see there are girls on there that can offer good sessions.

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