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Not a session wrestler but... 2

Started by SUBstitute, 12-Jul-16, 07:21 AM

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This gorgeous and dominant lady was older but still extremely fit, and she had the legs of a 20 yr old TBH. Finding her too on adultwork I didn't have to coach her one bit - she was a natural! From the very first contact she showed genuine enthusiasm and she spoke of things like she couldn't wait to get me trapped between her thighs etc. She advertised about her legs being special too and I later got the impression she had done scissor domination before. She wore sexy black stockings and suspenders.
She started with a bit of posing her thighs for my camera and then straight into a rear headscissors which lasted around 30 minutes and I really couldn't escape. Then she ordered me to turn around and parted her thighs, ordering me to put my head in there and go right to the top!
The resulting face-on headscissors lasted well over an hour, initially conventional before she pushed my head down "to shut me up"so my face vanished from view into her crotch where I was held for ages as she took pictures. Extremely hot woman who combined headscissors with domination and humiliation.  <2up>

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