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Author Topic: Reality Girls F/F Knockouts?  (Read 3957 times)

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Reality Girls F/F Knockouts?
« on: 17-Jul-16, 05:00 PM »
Hello, as some of you may know, I'm a fan of real KOs in F/F wrestling. Reality Girls seems to be about the only producer that has videos with real female chokeouts regularly.  I worked quite a bit of overtime at work this week and got a pretty nice paycheck with a lot of extra cash so I was looking on purchasing a few other Reality Girls videos.  I probably have around 30 of their F/F videos currently, and I've noticed that sometimes the descriptions while long, aren't always thorough.  I have most of their F/F videos that specifically mention a KO in their description, however, I've noticed that some have KOs in them that aren't mentioned in the description.  I was wondering if any of you could help me out.  I'd hate to take a swing and purchase one that MIGHT indicate that there's a KO and it not have one.  Are there any videos on that site with F/F KOs that aren't explicitly mentioned in the description?  Hidden KOs is what I like to refer to them as ;D.  If any of you out there that have purchased some F/F videos with a good "hidden KO" in it, could ya point me in the right direction? 

Additionally, if there are any videos with a KO mentioned that you'd consider really good, let me know as well.  I have bookmarked quite a few videos that are on my radar.  Preferably ones where the girl is out for a few seconds and the camera doesn't cut out as she goes out and then comes back on with her awake (I hate that :( ).  Luna's Hard Sleep is probably my favorite one.

Anyways, thanks in advance!

P.S. I'll even take recommendations for other videos from other producers that include a good Real KO if you've got any!