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Started by Mugwump, 18-Sep-16, 12:00 PM

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Recently I've been running out of space on my computer due to excess amounts of wrestling videos. Up to this point I was using the slow, clunky, AVS Video Converter to transcode large video files, which is half decent for some scenarios, like editing out the bullshit scenes, but for the most part it hurts the video quality too much.

Since browsing for the last several months, I was surprised at how easy they made it to download videos that they host as well as how good their HD versions are. Their converters are very intuitive and will still deliver 30 minute 300 meg HD if the quality exists, but if it doesn't – if it's a VHS rip from the 1980s at an excessive 3000 kbps – it will figure that out and reduce it to 480p.

Yesterday I made a secondary account on there and uploaded about 30 videos overnight, over 10 gigs total. This morning I re-downloaded all of them at their highest Pornhub MP4 quality, and I'm at about 4 gigs total, more than 6 gigs of fat have been cut out of those videos. So if you're sick of dealing with all of these old MWU, Bill Wick, Premier Production, etc videos that have 480p quality but their file size is over 500 megs, give Pornhub a shot. It's good for both low and high quality videos that are bloated. Here's some tips:

- Make everything about your secondary profile private. The only reason you want to do this is to not draw attention to anything that might have a strong copyright that gets your account shut down. Make each video upload private too (tip: you can choose two, random, required tags for each one; it doesn't matter).

- Wait up to 12 hours for some of the larger HD videos to finish converting. If you see a "Disabled" note in the Download section, it's still converting, just wait.

- Download the new videos to the same folder as the old ones and sort by video length in order to quickly browse and delete.

Give it a shot!

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