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I met a woman

Started by wrestlingspandex, 18-Sep-16, 03:01 PM

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I posted an ad on a popular selling site which had a dating meeting thing too.

She just wanted to try something different and fancied herself to beat a man in a wrestling match. Well we chatted for what seems like an age, then  we set something up, we decided as she works in London we should hire the mat room at pippas submission rooms. Alas I couldn't make one appointment and she was so devastated she asked if I knew any one that would step in in my absence. My friend who lives right by there and is a star in some videos for femwin and darkstar girls among many others couldn't believe what I was telling him and he jumped at the chance. A week or so He met up and wrestled with her. He explained to me she was unbelievable. Strong and so enthusiastic to learn and to wrestle as much as she can. Well, without hesitation I booked some holiday from work and finally got round to meeting her for real. About 2 weeks after my friend had wrestled her.

Grab a cup of tea and sit back because I would love to share this experience.

My excitement of the days leading up to it was just well, nauseating (I don't think I ate much in them 3 days leading up to it).

Well, the day finally came, which happened to be a Tuesday.

She was lovely person, she was 36 years old witty and intelligent, about 5ft 7 (Which was just a few inches shorter than me) She was around 10 - 11 stone, although she never said about her weight as I never asked, she wasn't into sending pictures over email and I respected that because of her job and what nots. But she did send a selfie, albeit without the face.  I could tell she was slim. Weight wise it doesn't bother me, id say the biggish ladies where probably better to wrestle with anyhow, but she fell in the just right category not to big and not Petit, she was perfect to be honest. She had Big brown caring and lively eyes, long natural curly dark brown hair. We chatted on the way, all my previous nerves and apprehension dissipated with in moments of us meeting. I felt the energy between us as we walked, its strange but thats what i felt like. I was turned on so much just being in her presence and the fact that most of the talk was about wrestling just fuelled my fire more. We got on so well I really really liked her from the get go.

Arriving there we met the legendary Pippa (who looked incredible although she was only in jeans and a tshirt)  she showed us around the place and then left us to it with a handshake and the £10 cash (its £30, but you pay a £20 deposit via paypal) We would have to lock up etc which meant shutting the door and make sure the air con was off plus all the lights etc.

We started to get undressed and in her underwear she approached me, she showed me some attire she had brought with her, various Lycra items like sports bras, Lycra leggings some spandex shorts, all various colours, ahh you gotta love women and there shopping for clobber hahaha!

She asked "What do you want me to wear?" bless her I thought.

She knew I loved spandex, as she had seen me in my various spandex wrestling outfits via fetlife. She would look great in any of it I thought, then told her so. Then I showed her what I had brought with me for her to wear, she was thrilled to see the black spandex catsuit. She took it from me with excitement and and promptly started to slip in to it. Hello semi naked woman, then hello spandex catsuit lady. I wore a blue spandex wrestling singlet with a T-shirt and decided to get changed in the shower room.  She had no inhibitions at all not like me. What a lovely girl. She looked as I had thought many times how a woman would look in that catsuit, wow she was impressive. Honestly I couldn't believe my luck.

We then engage the stairs ( the mat room is upstairs :P ) with me following up the rear, call me a perv but watching that sweet behind in tight spandex right in front of me. Nice!! She opens the door.

Behold the infamous mat room, the place where dreams are made. She had been here before with my friend and quickly went to the ipod dock and put some music on. All the while we was chatting and me being cheeky and her retorts were classic, it was a great experience even up until then.

I'm checking this lady out in that tight spandex, whist talking to her, trying to process the fact that this is actually happening. The only way I can describe it was It was like that feeling, when for the first time your alone with a girl, when your younger and the curtains are drawn together, your in a strange bedroom and you have no clue what is going to happen all you know is you going to get some action, not kissing and fondling but wrestling, my number one fave thing!

She turns to me, her arms are up and ready to wrestle, I look at her, first I lay some ground rules, I say to her.

"I will just take it easy, for at least the first 15 minutes, see where our feet lay." I Was trying to be a gentlemen, it was my undoing...

She nods in agreement, an ever so slight nod! a smile on her face. Thinking back to that look, i bet she thought yeah right come on then boy.

Now I don't know if wrestling is normally like this because in my experience I am able to overpower my past g/f's when we had matches, with relative ease I might add.  I think looking back they was not into it and just did it for my me because after it would lead to other things. Not this time my friend, it was so fast and frantic sometimes I'd catch a glimpse of her tight spandex covered arse then a split second later I was being rolled over somewhere else and my face is on the mat.

The wrestling, It was relentless! It was all so hard to process, in a fight you loose track of time and I cant remember all of it. She had me down straight away, she was strong, stronger than I had imagined any girl to be. Nimble and hard to grab hold of, every time we started another fall, we would start standing up and I always went in low just trying to grab her and take her down but she would always end up on top easily controlling me then getting me down on to the mat. I think I didn't want to go up high and start swinging her around by the neck in a headlock, even if I did I don't it would of been much use. Once i was down it was hard to tell what was going on.

I thought I could hold on sometimes when she had her legs around my head, or in a choking situation like you see in the videos, where most of the times the girl would just hold you with her legs or arms. But Ohh No she went straight to it and squeezed so hard right away. She definitely wanted to win and sometimes it was like I was caught in one of them exercise machines incapable of doing anything, my arms flailing every which way as she controlled and dominated the proceedings. I was rolled then I was squeezed. Feeling helpless many many times. Thinking back and trying to recollect the events is very very hard, i have never done this before, im not a fighter and totally inexperienced with all this it seems.

I do remember some of the submissions she got from me. I know at the end of it it was like 8-4 to her. Four of them being various head scissor submissions.

I know your probably thinking yeah right but its the truth. This was the best thing I have ever done when it comes to wrestling. She actually kicked my arse.

My submissions were cheeky ones, where I would get one when she was not looking at me, no way of knowing I would blind side her, like for instance just after a sweaty encounter where she just nearly pulled my head off and I tapped, then when she's getting up off the mats I would attack her and quickly getting something like a rear naked coke or a pin.

She beat me up though most of the time, I felt my back cracking at times when we was trying to get at one another, my neck creaking as she twisted and squeezed me. Just totally out of it. I was buzzing on cloud nine, my ultimate wish was to wrestle and get beat by a woman clad in spandex. I couldn't for the life of me stop smiling. She was my best friend, she was so nice and lovely and just fucking loved to wrestle.

There was a guillotine choke (I never realised i could make that sound as she choked me) and a breast smother which I thought I would never give up to but then an arm snaked around my head and she pulled it in tight, i remember refusing to let her get that grapevine as she smothered me, she tried digging through with her feet but my legs were locked, the next few days my thighs hurt like hell infact it felt like over the next 3 or 4 days like i had been run over by a high balling freight train. A great feeling when you know them aches and pains are from a wrestling match. Vividly I remember one particular submission came right at the end, we started on our knees, the first and only time we did so. I went in low like a div, boom she is on my back head facing down at my butt, her legs crash around my head, she is saying something but its muffled. She certainly had a lot of strength in them legs, it was such a pleasure to be locked between them, she held it there then we fell to the side, it was ok. We was so soaked through with sweat, it was fine to be there having a rest. That is when she started to turn it on.

Let me explain this one, now I have been in a fight with this woman, she is beating me on the score card quite convincingly. I'm Knackered, seriously after 20 minutes or so i was fucked, i was puffing like a steam train going up hill. Her cardio is a country mile better than mine. She is strong as an ox, its slippery even the mats where slippery. One last fall. Her face is flush with red cheeks but she is still smiling.

So yes, there's me with my spandex clad warrioress on my back, her legs tightly secured around my head, she is saying something, probably about me going in low again. Well after a minute or so of something quite close to paradise, we fall to the side, her legs still holding me. Im looking down her legs toward her feet, I am on my side then on my back you know the routine, trying to get out, twisting my body but held by my head, she is getting a good glimpse of my bulge in my singlet as i trying with out much hope of getting out. Its hard to know what she actually does next, but I think she grabs my leg, and starts to turn her body now my body is being twisted awkwardly, the best feeling I have ever had, holy shit. What a submission, my head and body are going in different ways not normally associated with me. I Gasp loosing air making weird noises and what seems a move if continued would of killed me (well maybe not) I tap frantically.

She lets go, We hug then sit and i hold her hand, I felt a special bond with this lady, a totally fantastic human being i dont get to meet ladies of this calibre or people just this nice. She mentions throughout that im going easy with her, I don't think that is true, maybe a little bit, not going high etc but like i said i dont think it would of mattered. She was strong and so much fitter than me.

I have let her down on our last match again, but she is so willing to learn and wrestle she is joining a mma class. Just to improve so she can be good. She is good and i have planted a seed i think. It even got to a point a month or so back that we had a tag match planned, her friend wanted to come and wrestle too, come i think of it she had two friends. One wanted to come and watch and maybe get involved. I had my mate and we was going to take the two ladies on. But we couldn't book it so it got cancelled. I am not rubbing it in, but this experience and from the looks its not the end.

We grabbed a tube together then parted. We spoke much over email, and my friend has wrestled her again since.

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