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What are your favourite free mixed wrestling videos? Here are mine.

Started by BareHugger, 24-Sep-16, 06:52 AM

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Hi everyone.  Good to reach out to fellow fans of our particular flavours of wrestling!

I thought I'd share my favourite wrestling videos - the majority of which are pretty much posted for free on video "tube" sites now.  I'd be curious to know what others like too!

I particularly like mixed wrestling as well as strong female wrestlers taking on pretty much ANYone, but for this post I think I'll stick to mixed wrestling.  I also like mostly even back-and-forth action (at least at the beginning of the match instead of the match being always one-sided), or action where a larger wrestler looks like she or more typically he might get the better of the other BUT not without the tables being turned against that wrestler at least a little.  I know others might prefer one-way domination videos though, and there are lots of those! - but it's not my thing.  I also love bear/bare hugs as pretty much a sensual sub-fetish of the wrestling fetish!

I noticed a problem in searching for "mixed wrestling" (for instance) though on Youtube and at least one major adult tube site, and that is that these sites have a limit on the number of pages they return - even though it's clear they have way more mixed wrestling videos.  The one exception I found was here though (WARNING MUCH OF THIS IS NSFW!):

They don't have EVERYTHING that I was looking for, but they do have the MAJORITY.  Plus not everything I was looking for was free on the Internet either, which is understandable.  Some videos I paid good money for ARE free now and my favorites of those I can share with you - but others I could only direct you to where you might buy the original video and surrounding promo materials for it (such as parts of the video).  Also I noticed on Youtube a lot of great videos and not so great ones, but again I'll point out the ones that really stand out!

Well, I'll START to, with some freely available videos.  I could go on much longer than this, and I might end up leaving out some of the best videos here but I think I got many of them...

So this should be fun.  Here we go!  Note that many but not all of these are pornographic while ALL embody for me at least the combined excitements of competition and flesh-on-flesh sensuality/eroticism:

First for "mixed wrestling" (leaving other kinds of wrestling for a future post):

I'll leave Fight Pulse video previews out only because they are already so well promoted with video clips everywhere - otherwise they are great!  I've found these (with at least the first one in the "Hall of Fame XXX Combat / Highest Rated" section of GrappleTube and for good reason I think even though the video was too tame I think to be considered "XXX")!:
- more a promo video than the full one, but absolutely terrific moments in it!  I don't know why it's STILL so rare to find muscular women wrestling with muscular men in videos when both are wrestling everyone else and doing pornographic videos with everyone else!  Ironically this is one of my favourite all time mixed wrestling videos (having bought the full original) and even though it is not pornographic and more "mixed-sex wrestling" rather than "mixed sex-wrestling" that I'm sure many of us would also like to see, it doesn't even need that to be great!  Besides, the well-known female wrestler Ziggy matches the toplessness of her male opponent!  The sweat and muscles make for the wet dream of an ancient style gladiatorial wrestle made better for some of us with the inclusion of a woman!
- This fan's ode to to "Primal Wrestling Girls" (nude mixed wrestling) is superb, as is one of my favorite female wrestlers in it "Jade" who is a sexy/cute black athlete whose muscles are natural extensions of her feminine curves, and who isn't afraid of using sex in her wrestling against guys, and can tolerate it even when she's being dominated with it - true strength!  To me she's the female sex-wrestling Rocky who knows that sometimes to give a beating you have to take a beating in hopes it will tire your opponent out more than you!  Really you can imagine ANY of the women in this video seducing you with her eyes and athletic muscle constrictions against your body making you come into her and weaken - at which point it might look like you have her, but in reality she has you!  Still, if you are looking for more of a competitive element, there are other videos to consider.  Some day mixed wrestling with "sex as a weapon" may be better realized in more competitive fair with more evenly matched wrestlers!
- Wrestling videos with Charlene Rink that are no longer that new are still very popular.  This mixed wrestling video alone demonstrates why.
- This "first half of video" preview may not have sex like the Primal video does, but it's erotic with another lovely black nicely muscled female wrestler and frankly has a more competitive element to it - while being no less nude unless you count the wrestling masks!  It also has another advantage in my opinion - the sensual nude bear hug ("bare hug")!  More than one!  That alone seems like sex to me - hard to believe the guy didn't come during one of them!  And great that the female wrestler was no weakling with these either!  Let's face it - guys who have a wrestling fetish want a female opponent, but not one who is a pushover!

The rest of the videos I list here are unlike ones above that are nude or XXX, but they are exciting nonetheless - perhaps even MORE so with the competitive element!  But there is still the flesh-on-flesh sensual element too!:
- I've always liked the larger/stronger competitive women of DWW who match their male opponents' power ... and toplessness.
- Another as above.
- and another.
- and another.
- Antscha (also of DWW fame) is the beautiful girl next door with extra muscle ready and willing to hold her own with the boys!
- A good pick for a "test video" hosted by the site rather than embedded - bear hug heaven!

(In MANY parts):
... PLUS other angles!:
- One of my FAVORITE mixed matches from Youtube that also happens to be in GrappleTube's Hall of Fame for Youtube videos!  It's two young people out in the open having a legitimate wrestling match in front of a large group of spectators in Vietnam.  It's hard for me to describe what makes this video (series) magical but it is (at least to me).

I'll conclude with one directly from Youtube.  Before I saw this video I knew that a female grappler could hold her own using skill and determination against a larger male opponent, but I also suspected that even so, there must be a limit!  This young lady proves to defy my preconceived notion of that limit, and made me realize that some much smaller women might be no more of a pushover than larger sized women who better size up to an average-to-large male opponent.  As such, these women now seem all the more sexy to me, when I might have passed the idea of wrestling one over in favour of a larger woman.  This is one reason why I was very happy to eventually meet a woman much smaller than me who bravely took me on and did amazingly well!  I'm not sure though if this guy was so happy to meet his match in a smaller package!:
and a second angle:

I'll also conclude by saying that lately I've had my eye on "Absolute Mixed Wrestling".  Cool stuff coming out there, with strong ladies!

I know I've left out a lot of potentially great mixed wrestling videos, and I haven't even started with my choice female vs female videos!  I'll leave that latter situation at least for next time!

- BareHugger.


Hey, thanks for posting these! I haven't seen all of them, but it was GREAT to see Charlene Rink in action. I used to fantasise about her a lot, back in the day!

I loved her happy attitude, smart and strong moves, and of course her superfit body. Especially her amazingly perky breasts and sharply pointed nipples. I also loved how towards the end of her matches, her back would be gleaming with sweat, and she'd also be shiny with sweat between her breasts. Lovely!  ;)

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