Sex-Wrestling: Last to Sex-Pin or First to Gain Three Legal Submissions Wins!

Started by BareHugger, 24-Sep-16, 07:07 AM

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(If only they made videos like this.  Maybe they will.  What is your idea for a wrestling rulebook where eroticism is encouraged more than pain as a wrestling weapon?):

Last to Sex-Pin or First to Gain Three Legal Submissions Wins!

- "sex-wrestling" where erotic thigh-to-crotch grinding may occur in place of direct or even oral sex, and where pain is allowed to be inflicted towards submission to a limit, but where pleasure and painless immobilization often prove to be a better wrestling weapons!  One or both wrestlers are likely to be taken to both physical and sexual exhaustion, and even the "loser" will have won immense pleasure!  The excitements of competition and flesh-on-flesh sensuality combine!

by BareHugger.

Simple Rules:

The last wrestler to "sex-pin" the other at the end of the maximum duration of the match, or otherwise the first wrestler to have gained three "legal" submissions in a row without being counter-submitted, wins the match!

"Legal" submissions are those that the wrestlers and the fighting venue agree are legal, and are usually less brutal than other holds that may either be disallowed or allowed ONLY for defence - like a grab to male genitalia typically (which is often a motivating factor for a wrestler with male genitalia to try to use it as a weapon kept away from an opponent's hand rather than leaving it a protruding weakness in the open air!).  Legal submissions are not just to submission holds, but to painless immobilization as well - used by one wrestler who is "ahead" of an opponent against that opponent.

A "pin" may require the traditional shoulder blades being pinned against the mat but may alternatively be satisfied by a pin of the buttocks to the mat or the stomach.

A 'sex-pin" is such a pin where there is an erotic element of direct or oral sex if the fighting venue and wrestlers allow that, or otherwise thigh-to-crotch grinding in a mutually front-to-front position.  A sex-pin is considered complete when there are three thrusts, but may continue indefinitely with further thrusts after. 

Often at this point the wrestling action is described as a "sex duel"!  The action after all can involve, where allowed, penetrative sex involving a vagina vs a penis, or where other genitalia is involved such as two ("tribbing") vaginas or a male vs an intersex female, direct crotch-to-crotch action.  Otherwise crotch-to-thigh grinding may be an easier-to-achieve sex-like activity and may even be the only such activity allowed depending on circumstances.  The sex duel is one area where a smaller female opponent may weaken less from the action than a larger male opponent even if both sexually climax from it!  Also she can cause the man to submit from the pain of thigh-to-crotch grinding what can be very effectively fortified by even a low-strength bear hug!

The sex or sex-like activity is often combined with other possible tenants of sexual activity only amped up to a competitive level - like bear hugs (or "bare hugs") and asphyxiating choke holds.  SAFETY must be employed as a wrestler in the pleasurable heat of receiving such a choke may fail to submit to it in time - the act considered a legal submission.  Although air chokes are disallowed in this game, many a wrestler has been knocked out by being fucked and arm triangle choked at the same time - often both actions beings sexily brought to a male victim by a female sex-wrestler!  The sweaty muscle flexing sexual action is a hit with spectators and wrestlers alike, but again must be treated with extra safety in mind whether this wrestling is being practiced in private or done competitively with a watchful referee!

There are some optional rules for this kind of wrestling.  One is that it can be fought in oil - making escapes from holds easier albeit with the sex-pin then being one of the more solid and sought-after holds.  The other rule could be that a sex-pin is not really a complete sex-pin unless the pinned wrestler is forced to touch some part of the mat central to it.  That means that off-centre, wrestlers might sex-pin, hug and roll in an effort to gain a submission when trying to force an opponent in the centre fails.

Likely a match will not end without either wrestler winning, but if such is to happen, the wrestlers can either agree on some condition to determine a winner or a second match after some rest time is given - enough for the wrestlers to erotically charge themselves up again!  It's often said that a good way to prepare for a sex-wrestling match is to come to it erotically charged, but then others have argued that one can come "over-prepared".  Some sex-wrestlers have been known to allow themselves to sexually come (at risk of weakening because of it) in the heat of the battle just to alleviate being perhaps overly erotically distracted!

Concluding/Arousing Ideas:

The main philosophy of this type of wrestling is that erotic energy can be used to either strengthen or weaken a wrestler - the latter usually requiring a forced sexual climax which also usually requires a clean-up between rounds!  One strategy in sex duelling is to at least stay on top the other wrestler in a pin - as this dominant position will give you an advantage that you might be able to maintain even if you weaken from the sex duel.

This type of wrestling taps into a wrestler's natural desire to want to fuck and bear hug a possibly shorter opponent that he or even she feels erotically charged in encountering, but beware that the shorter stature can give this opponent a positional advantage in a counter bear hug especially if it is done as an arms-under-arms double underhooks chest-to-diaphragm bear hug!

Indeed this is a type of wrestling where a muscular man has rolled with a muscular woman enjoying moments of dominating her with fucking and bear hugging, but only to have this action returned to him.  This is not to say that he did not enjoy experiencing this action from a woman who was no push-over, and who seemed able to match not only his toplessness and nudity, but his own sexual lust as well!  It is up to the sex-wrestler who is securely sex-pinned to either submit to this even if no painful submission holds have been combined with this action, or try to rest up enough strength to escape the immobilization or even reverse the sex-pin!

It's been said that the best sex-wrestling match is not one where one wrestler clearly dominates the other throughout the match (although there are those who prefer that kind of action), but rather where it is clear that BOTH wrestlers are sensually overwhelmed to a point of eyes-rolling-back erotic exhilaration leading to mutual exhaustion!  What a workout!

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