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How to teach Wrestling to your Significant Other

Started by supaflan, 06-Oct-16, 04:59 AM

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Hello again, gentlemen.

From being on these boards for a while, I have noticed several stories of chaps wrestling their wives and/or former girlfriends. As for me, I've gotten one girlfriend into it in the past, but the other two I've actually attempted to try it with did not seem interested.

With that being said, I wanted to ask what are some of the best ways to ease your significant other into wrestling while keeping their interest.

I've never really been afraid or shy about bringing up the topic, so starting an open and honest conversation isn't the challenge for me. What I'm more looking for are effective ways to sell the concept and make it seem fun and inviting.



This has worked for me in the past - though not always. It really depends how open-minded your other half is.

I sold it to my former girlfriend as being a great precursor to sex. She'd be able to get into some fun positions for her, it would get the heart rate going etc. Little by little, it began to get less about sex and more about the competition. Sadly, the relationship didn't last, but it was good while it did.

My next girlfriend wanted nothing to do with it whatsoever, and thought the whole thing was disgusting. You just can't be sure.


Dan Savage wrote in his advice column once that if you can't find a 'mistress,' make one. It's great advice.

One thing to keep in mind is that, while it does depend a lot on how open minded your partner is, generally speaking your partner is going to want to give you pleasure and satisfy you.
Women aren't locked up in drawing rooms anymore. Most adult women are gong to be aware of the fetish world generally, and not just from tv and movies. Many may even have specific experience with it from their own relationships, if not second-hand experience from hearing about it from friends who've met kinky men. So even though it can be frightening and hard, your best bet is honesty. Tell your partner what turns you on, and usually she'll do it to/with you.


I would agree about the honesty

Also, you need to ake it fun for her as well, so she doesnt get bored


Just wear a Trump face right now in front of her, it will do wonders. *smiles*

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