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Author Topic: Mixed Wrestling or Female Wrestling?  (Read 3348 times)

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Mixed Wrestling or Female Wrestling?
« on: 02-Dec-16, 12:28 AM »
I noticed on most BDSM websites I've visited, it seems to me that female wrestling is far more popular than mixed wrestling. Furthermore, apart from here and maybe a few other fetish websites, it seems that out of the mixed wrestling matches out there, a good half of them are maledom-oriented. Is it just me or have others noticed the same thing? If so, why do you think this might be? If not, why do you think the opposite is true? Which do you prefer and why?

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Mixed Wrestling or Female Wrestling?
« Reply #1 on: 06-Dec-16, 03:49 AM »
I've hardly ever seen matches in which the male defeats or dominates the female. I would be happy to see more of this, providing it's not obviously staged/posed.

In my experience, it's nearly always girls putting guys in various holds with little if any resistance. I wouldn't mind except it looks fake in 90% of cases. I don't mind if it's NOT genuine, providing it at least looks as if it is.

I much prefer female wrestling for this reason (again, when it either is genuine or looks genuine) and because I get to see two women, as opposed to one woman and someone I'm not very interested in looking at.

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Mixed Wrestling or Female Wrestling?
« Reply #2 on: 24-Jul-17, 04:59 AM »
As producer, I can tell about sales on my site and custom works. Woman vs man actions are 99% of custom works and 100% of sales. I've made a Catfight section in my online store with low prices, but absolutely no sales of that content. But maybe woman vs woman wrestling fans simply prefer another online stores, who knows. - my 3D art site, weekly updating!