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TV tonight Boardwalk Empire Season 3 finale "crushing"?

Started by jojodancer, 02-Dec-12, 01:06 PM

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Ok, at the :47 mark of this trailer...possible crushing? wonder what that means?
The character Gyp Rosetti has a thing for being strangled, I wonder what Gillian has in store for him...

Judge DR3DD

Judge DR3DD

For anyone who actually saw that scene, what actually happened?


The whole "crushing" thing was something more along the lines of "Gyp, you're a bug at my feet, and I could just crush you, is that what you like? "

Gyp let Gillian wrap a belt around his throat during foreplay, Gillian had a needle full of a powerful sedative hidden beneath her pillow. When she pulled the needle out, Gyp immediately overpowered her and stuck her with the needle, leaving her dazed out of her mind.

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