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Do you remember this movie?

Started by vhailor, 01-Feb-17, 09:06 AM

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If you came here expecting to find a clip, unfortunately, this is not the case. It was not my intention to use misleading title, but it is also accurate at the same time because all I have is a description based on my memories, which may not be 100% accurate because, you know, time is cruel.

Yesterday, thinking back, way back, I remembered watching a movie in which a guy arrives at a town (I think it was in Mexico or something like that) where he watches a wrestling match, and meets the town priest who is also watching the match. The match is between a male wrestler (large, possible a little overweight) taking on 2 female wrestlers in a ring. The wrestling is satirical, so don't expect believable action, although the girls pull off some interesting moves as they are fighting 2v1.
If memory serves me right, at first the male wrestler in the ring wins against the 2 girls and that's when the priest and the new guy place a bet about who is going to win. After that the guy throws the match and the girls win (because that's what we all want, I guess). Another detail I remember is that later in the movie, the new guy becomes the coach to the town's football (soccer for our friends from the US) and after that I have blocked everything.

I hope all this is from the same movie and not two, or even worse a dream I had, because for 2 days now it's driving me crazy that I can't remember any other details or the title. At first, I thought the 2 protagonists were Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, but after a quick search I don't think these two actors these the protagonists. Anyone out there remember a movie like that?


Based off the Hill/ Spencer thought I'm thinking it might be "Even Angels Eat Beans", which oddly enough was meant for the duo but only starred Bud. It doesn't match the Mexican town/ priest description, but there is a wrestling scene from the movie online and while the scene isn't mixed it does feature a large, slightly overweight male wrestler taking on Bud and another actor 2 on 1.

Is it possible the scene your thinking of comes from this film?

If there's anymore details you can remember, from the era to nationality I'd be happy to keep my eyes out.
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Thanks for the attempt, but that's all I remember. :)
I remember clearly it was a 2v1 mixed match and I am 95% certain on the details about the match. Hopefully someone else has watched the movie and will remember the title.
The funny thing is that until 10-15 years ago some local channels in my country were showing old movies like this one, but they have stopped since then.

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