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dangers of headscissors sessions

Started by mixedwrestlerfan, 21-Mar-17, 03:30 PM

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im just curious is to what the dangers of being headscissored are


I asked myself this question as well.
Because I'm interested to know how a body react (difference in these 2 types to KO)

-air/oxygen knockout (smother)
-blood strangulation knockout (mostly a blackout then body goes crazy when getting back)

Any more info would be very welcome.


Personally, you should never apply head scissors to anyone unless you know exactly what you are doing because if applied wrongly could cause serious injury. Plus, you should never book scissor sessions with anyone who is unskilled with its application as again, you could suffer an injury. You should never session with those who enjoy watching others suffer because it's very easy to forget that they are only human and inflict injury. You should always agree on a safe word before you start, and should be a word which is uncommon and as such, should you become distressed during the session, the safety word is there in place to help control injury. Finally, make sure the person who you are in session with is experienced at applying scissors, and that recognize the difference between enjoyment and distress.
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