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Smother Vixens

Started by Smother Vixens 2, 12-Apr-17, 02:32 PM

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Smother Vixens 2

"Welcome to sexy submission through smothering. Let Scorpion and Killpussy take you into the world of the SMOTHER VIXENS. Lingerie, role play, pantyhose, mixed wrestling and femave vs female wrestling are all here with a new twist. Smothering as a new form of wrestling seduction and submission. These girls love wrapping their hand, bodies and legs around their victims for they are the Smother Vixens. Guest starring ladies from all over the world and you if you want to apply."

LAUNCHING 24th April:

SV0001 Darling vs Scorpion - Smother Sensation

Coming Soon:

Short haired blonde bombshell Darling gets close up and personal with Scorpion in this sensual slow erotic wrestling match.

Scorpion looking every part the assassin in her black bondage one piece tries to overpower and dominate Darling. However Darling has other ideas and is set on pinning Scorpion under her so she can taste her trophy.

Watch each girl trying to dominate the other with hand smothering, rear naked chokes and body scissors. Sexual pinning as each lady tries to get the better of the other as they writhe around each other, twisting, and contorting their bodies into submission . Each lady trying to sexually dominate the other in this erotic girl on girl sensual wrestling session.

Please note there is no nudity in this clip just hot smothering and erotic wrestling.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0002 Bedroom Pantyhose Smother - Killpussy & Mistress Samantha

Coming 24.04.17

Killpussy sneaks into Mistress Samantha's bedroom intent on making Mistress Samantha submit to her charms. Poor Mistress Samantha never sees her coming for she is fast asleep in her vintage dark grey blue lingerie and nude sheer pantyhose looking every part a pin up girl. It is far too late for Mistress Samantha for Killpussy has no intent on letting her leave as she pounces.

Killpussy wearing bright red lingerie and sheer black pantyhose takes Mistress Samantha in hand and sensually dominates her showing who is boss.

Highly charged domination through facesitting, hand smothering, scissor holds and rear naked chokes. Slowly wrapping Mistress Samantha up and encasing her in her body. Whispering they both know Mistress Samantha is not leaving.

Mistress Samantha can not get away and more by more she doesn't even want to. Mistress Samantha totally succumbs to being dominated in this beautiful erotic wrestling clip.

Please note there is no nudity in this clip just hot smothering and erotic wrestling.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0003 New boy gets smother initiation

Launching 24.04.17:

On the mats Scorpion in snake pantyhose and a tight black strappy bra becomes every bit a python with this full body wrapping domination match. Her prey is a new boy that will never forget this encounter.

The new boy in his black shorts dosen't know what has hit him as Scorpion hand smothers him, wrapping her legs around him she completely dominates.

Hear the heavy breathing as Scorpion encases the new boy, feet pinning her prey as she slowly smothers him. Unleashing body scissors, hand smothering and rear naked choke squeezing her prey into submission.

Face to face Scorpion whispers to her pray shhh...'are you going to be good for me??? Are you going to be quiet???? Little does he know she has plan.

Teasing him..'see if you can get out??? You can't can you!!!

What will she do with the new boy???We all know that this will not end well for him, for Scorpion is in  total control and there is no way out.

Please note there is no nudity in this clip just hot smothering and erotic wrestling.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0004 Emma Switch & Scorpion - Smother Sensation

Launching 24.04.17

Muscle girl Emma Switch with her cropped dark hair and muscular body sits barefoot in a white bra and french panties looking every bit the virgin she is. Scorpion slithers onto the mats in black push up bra and panties with snakeskin pantyhose encasing her body.

Stalking her prey as she gets getting closer and closer.  Heavy breathing onto her neck and teasing her Emma Switch succumbs and is taken into Scorpion's grasp.

Pulling her back into her body and wrapping herself around the virgin, seductively wraps hand smothering her and heavy breathing in her ear so she can feel how hot Scorpion is becoming.

Teasing her with tiny playful bites and reminding her the whole time that she needs to Shhhhhhh

Slowly her mind, body and soul are taken over.....smothering her into submission and finishing off the match with a long sexy bite to the neck that would make any vampire jealous.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0005 Amethyst & Scorpion - Smother Sensation

Coming 24.04.17:

Scorpion in her Leopard print and black lace matching bra and pantiescomes out fighting Amethyst in her black bra and silky black panties with flowers on them.

Both barefooted ladies battle it out to see who can smother each other for domination. With her purple hair is the battle for control commences but the opposition has other ideas.

As they struggle trying to gain control they slip into each others body scissors, rolling around and groaning as they attempt to hand smother each other for submission. Scorpion wants Amethyst to submit to her but Amethyst keeps coming back for revenge for she hates surrendering.

Things heat up as both our vixens start to breath harder while getting hot and turned on while fighting. Head scissors, body scissors, hand smothering and rear naked chokes are just the start in the battle of the vixens.

Who will come out on top and use their hand smother to win the day?

Smother Vixens 2

SV0006 Smother Sensation - Killpussy & Scorpion

Launching 24.04.17

Both goddesses enter the mats, Killpussy in a black and dark blue matching lingerie set with black sheer pantyhose. Scorpion dressed in red lacy lingerie set also wearing black sheer pantyhose. Both vixens surround each other waiting for the right moment to pounce. This sexually charged match is full of these goddesses rolling around entangled in each others body. Each trying to dominate the other.

Heavy breathing as with each grapevine, smother and scissor our vixens are struggling to control themselves from the sexual electricity. Double body scissors show how each vixen both desires and despises each other.

Double body scissor with hand smothering shows all too well how close it is between these two and how hot it is between them. However there can be only one and with a final smother the score is settled. While hog tied and gagged with her own pantyhose Scorpion is forced to admit her place while Killpussy lords over her with smug satisfaction.

SV0007 Girls Night Gone Bad - Killpussy & Scorpion

Coming 24.04.17

Killpussy has broken up with her boyfriend and come over to Scorpions for some girl time. Both ladies are laying on her bed. Killpussy looks every part the virgin barefoot in her white lace 2 piece lingerie set while Scorpion looks hot in her sheer black lace one piece. S

corpion explains  that she doesn't need that jerk and all she needs is her. Out of the goodness of her heart she offers Killpussy a shoulder rub...and asks if she ever thought of girls??? Realising that Scorpion is trying to seduce her and has been playing her all along she knows this is just one big trap!!!

Scorpion hand smothers Killpussy while laying on top of her...all the while telling her that she will have a great time. Slowly succumbing to her smothering she melts into Scorpions hands.

While under her spell Killpussy is tied up with sheer nude pantyhose. Realizing that all along she was groomed into dumping her boyfriend and played into Scorpions hand.

While tied up she is informed that there is no going anywhere and is staying over for a girly sleepover,..or was it sleep forever!!!!!! Watch Killpussy slip into a wicked plan in this fun, fantasy smothering clip.

SV0008 Catch you watching porn - Killpussy is not happy Twitter

Launching 24.04.17

Killpussy gets home after a long day, slips into her sexy vintage seam stockings, vintage garterbelt skirt, stiletto heels and black bra. She goes in to greet her boyfriend only to find he is watching porn...and not only that! He is wanking over black girls and not blondes bombshells like you think she is going to put up with this? HELL NO.

Killpussy pin's her boyfriend onto the bed asking him why? Why he has to do that when she is here??? Killpussy decides it is time to teach him a lesson, an armpit smothering lesson. Forcing her armpit onto his face she says 'Do you like the smell? That's the smell of a real women'. Faceslapping him for being so stupid she tells him that he will be very sorry.

Facesitting, reverse facesitting, rear naked chokes, hand belly and breast smothering, punches to the balls and more Armpit smothering are used to teach this useless boyfriend that Killpussy did not get home and get into her nice outfit for THIS!! Seriously some men just don't know their place and their place is under Killpussy.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0009 Spandex Facesitting at the Gym

Out Tomorrow 24.04.17

Scorpion dressed in tight white and black patterned leggings with a sexy strappy sports bra on is doing her stretches getting ready for her personal training client. Bruce arrives back from holiday not kept up his training at all!!!! Starting off slowly with a press up she is horrified to see that Bruce can not even do one! Giving him another chance only to be totally disappointed in Bruce's performance she decides it is time to show him the error of his ways.

Wrestling him to the floor she asks 'Are you going to be a good boy?' but she know he always says he will be and never means it so it is time to take things into her own matters.

Through long and repetitive facesit smothers Scorpion gets her point through that he needs to stop being SO lazy. Delighting in his struggling she threatens to make this a new part of his training because it is much more fun....for her! Reverse facesit smothers, long legged facesitting smothers and front on face sitting smothering are all used to make him know he need to obey at all times.

10. SV0010 Triple Smother - Scorpion, Killpussy & Emma Switch

Out Tomorrow 24.04.17

Scorpion dressed is stunning red matching bra and knicker lingerie set is prey for Emma Switch as she slinks onto the mats in her snake print leggings and black bra. Slowly stalking her and rolling her body over her in a full body deathly grip. Shivering she tries to squirm away but she is too scared to do anything.

Wrapping her up in head scissors and using hand smothers, figure fours and body scissors. While all the time completely controlling her and cooing to her to be quiet. Emma Switch uses her snake legs as lethal weapons as she dominates constantly entwining her prey. Scorpion is completely dominated and all she can do is moan through fear and forbidden ecstasy whilst Emma Switch rides her for her own satisfaction.

Leaving Scorpion unattended Killpussy in snake print pantyhose and black bra comes to take her for her own. Emma Switch see's what is happening and takes her on in a show down between these two pythons. Wrapping each other up in each other as each tries to squeeze submission from the other to gain their prize. With a final long double body scissor it is down to who can be squeezed the most....who will take the prize???

Smother Vixens 2

SV0011 Smother Sensation - Veve Lane vs Scorpion

Available now:

Both girls in black lacy sets, covered from top to bottom in pantyhose with hands showing. VeVe Lane in black pantyhose, Scorpion in nude/tan pantyhose.

Veve Lane stretches out in front of Scorpion showing she is no push over. Both ladies flex their feet at each other and while the eye contact gets intense.

Veve announces that she is going to enjoy wearing Scorpion down...hunting her prey like a boa constrictor. Wrapping her up in her strong legs, waiting for her to exhaust herself from struggling until her heart is pounding and she will feel for their pulse with my feet. Waiting for Scorpion's poor worn out heart to bust in VeVe Lane's clutches.

Scorpion replies that she likes to envelop her victims like a python. That she will use her strength and power to crush her and her favorite bit is when she smothers them while they struggle for air. It brings her an immense amount of pleasure.

The action is fast as each girl circles each other trying to gain an advantage. Once one is taken the slow fight for domination begins. Using smothering, foot domination, rear naked chokes and ertoic wrestling each girl fights for pole possition. The action gets too hot for these hotties and they slowely stip down to their lacy lingerie....barefooted you can see each muscle move, each foot try to dominate each other.

Scorpion succumbed to Veve lane's charms and is finished off by what remaining energy she has being sucked out of her by a vampire style deadly bite.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0012 Lucrecia - BBW Smother

Available now:

Stunning BBW goddess Lucrecia shines in her first appearance for Smother Vixens. Looking every part pin up girl with her short curly bob and dressed in shiny sheer pantyhose and a black vintage style one piece she dominates this clip. Our victim does not stand a chance as he is taken down on the mats over and over again.

Hand smothering, she informs him that she is sick of his blubbering and he needs to shut up. He struggles for help, pleading for someone to come and help him but there is nothing he can do as Lucrecia pushes his face into her ample bosom.

Breast smothering has never looked so good as with the sexy as hell BBW. But if you think breast smothering was all think again for this lovely lady gets on his face and facesits him.

There is no way to escape at all..and struggling only make Lucrecia more determined telling him the whole time that he needs to shhhhhh!

Smother Vixens 2

SV0013 Jade & Scorpion - Friends' Night In

Available now:

Jade has been visiting Scorpion but has really got to get on her way...she has things she needs to do. Scorpion has other ideas and wants her friend to stay the night.

Scorpion slips of her black high heels revealing sexy long legs covered in sheer black pantyhose. She tells Jade to just relax, take her shoes off and stay the night. Worried it will take a long time to get home Jade replies that she will but only for a short she takes of her shoes to reveal exquisite legs in nude sheer shiny pantyhose, she reiterates that she really has to get home tonight.

Watch out Jade for Scorpion has other ideas and as she takes off her glasses she seductively says how nice she smells before she pounces on her. Pinning her to the bed and biting her neck the truth is revealed...for Scorpion is a vampire and she needs to feed.

Slowly through struggling, body scissors, rear naked chokes,foot pinning, hand smothering and neck biting she is seduced. With each bite she falls more under her control until there very little resistance left. If you just relax I will help you out of these clothes say Scorpion.....

Smother Vixens 2

SV0014 Intruder! Catsuit burglar facesits her victim

Available now:

A fantastic intruder fantasy wrestling role play clip complete with fake knives. Black catsuit clad Scorpion breaks into our victims house where he is reading, relaxing on his bed after a hard day's work in the office completely unaware of what is about to happen.

The intruder bursts into his bedroom and threatens him that if he doesn't do as he is told he will suffer the consequences. While subduing him she tells him that she knows he has many expensive items in a safe and she needs to know the combination.

Her victim is not giving up the goods but this intruder knows how to get the information and that is by smothering. After several hand smothers her victim is getting worn down but is still resistant. As the frustration grown in Scorpion she decides there is only one way to get the information out of him...and that is playing a game. The game is called what do you like more breathing or your money.

Defiantly our victim holds out so Scorpion ups the ante by tying him up. Now there is no way to resist her facesitting torture. What will happen, what will our victim like more? Breathing or his money? 

Smother Vixens 2

SV0015 Smother Sensation - Anastaxia takes Scorpion

Available now:

Smouldering sex pots Scorpion and Anastaxia sizzle as they stalk each other, stretching out in front of each other, showing off who is more flexible and who will be more dominate in this match. Scorpion in a matching strappy bondage style black Bikini, Anastaxia in a bondahe style bikini top and lepoard print bikini bottoms. Both these lovelies are bare legged, bare footed so they can go head to head, skin to skin.

Taunting each other with what they are going to do to each other it seems that Scorpion wants to crush Anastaxia between her legs and hand over mouth smother her. Anastaxia replies thats its a good plan but while pulling her leg behind her head informs her that is will be hard with someone as flexible as she is. She then demonstrates in several yoga poses how incredibly flexible she is and what a marvel it is. 

Scorpion lunges at her opponent but it is short lived as she is stronger than she looks and completely dominates her. Scorpion tries to come back and gets the upper hand however it is short lived as Anastaxia using rear naked chokes, hand smothering, foot domination and takes Scorpion down.

While down she has her wicked way with her, pulling back her hair and licking, biting and lightly kissing her neck. There can be only one winner and today was not Scorpions day.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0016 Kidnapped in the Woods and Bound by Killpussy

Available now:

Killpussy dressed in a LBD and Knee high leather boots is in the woods but she is not out for a stroll. She explains that to everybody else she looks like a normal person but she is not because today she is out looking for a victim to kidnap and take back to her lair.

Through the bushes she see's her victim, she knows no one will suspect her. She approaches him saying Hi, being very friendly she strikes up a conversation with him....he has no idea what is about to happen. In a flash Killpussy overpowers him and informs him that he is coming back to her place and there is nothing he can do about it.

In Killpussy's home we quickly understand that you shouldn't talk to strangers no matter how sexy they are. After ordering him to take her boots off she throws him down and sits on his face. While smothering him on his face she takes off her LBD she revealing sexy red matching lingerie set and sheer nude pantyhose.

She strips her victim down to his boxers all the while keeping him in his place....on the floor. She decides he needs to be restrained more and ties him up nice and tights. While hogtied she ingratiates herself using hand smothering, facesitting, belly smothering, foot domination and scissor holds.

Once done with him she takes him back out to the woods, ties him to a tree and leaves him there for the whole world to see.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0017 Inferno & KIllpussy - Smother sensation

Available now:

We pick up on the mats, both these vixens are in pantyhose but not just their legs...their arms too. Inferno in sexy black matching lingerie set with sheer nearly black pantyhose. Killpussy in  sexy black matching lingerie set with snake print pantyhose.

Stretching out in front of each other each woman decides how to attack...Inferno gets the upper hand straight away and Killpussy falls under her spell. As she tried to put up a fight and resist you can see she is not only falling under a spell but getting more and more turned on.

Inferno seduces Killpussy in this highly sexually charged clip. Rear naked chokes, hand smothering, neck biting and deep passionate kissing all take their tole on Killpussy untill she can take it anymore and turns that tables on Inferno. While writhing on her Killpussy kisses her deeply into submission.

Smother Vixens 2

SV0018 Workout Hand Smother

Available now:

Killpussy is doing her workout in sexy long black and black mesh leggings and bondage style black bikini top. Along comes a guy who has been checking her out when she is working out. Complimenting her he says  that she looks pretty strong.....for a girl. This does not go down for as we know Killpussy is strong FULL STOP.

She throws him to the mats, jumping on him she tells him she is going to have to show him that's she's strong not just for a girl and is much stronger than him. Killpussy completely dominates him in the massive lesson of female appreciation.

Rear naked chokes, hand smothering and total control all end up with a foot smothering domination classic clip. Using him as her foot slave, her chair and her new toy she smothers him into submission proving once and for all that Killpussy is strong and not just for a girl. Maybe he had better pick his words better next time.

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