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Mother Daughter beat up a lady. Teenage son tries to intervene and gets beaten.

Started by anshu.singh088, 14-Apr-17, 11:38 PM

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A Delhi advocate, Anu Jain was brutally beaten by two women – a mother and her teenage daughter. She kept screaming for help, but no one came to her aid. The assault had left grievous marks on her entire body.

The woman was beaten in front of her teenage son who tried to help but was also attacked by the woman's 18-year old daughter, Preity Tomar. As a helpless child, he recorded a video of the same and called a local police station for help.

As you can see that the woman literally sits on the advocate while her daughter joins in the beating. The attack went on for more than two minutes where the neighbor choked the advocate until she literally lost consciousness. When she woke up, she was covered in cuts and bruises.

In this video, you can see how it all starts. The advocate is explaining how the neighbor calls her a 'randi' (prostitute) and the lady slowly sneaks behind her and takes her down holding her hair in a very brutal way.

In the next video, you can see the mother-daughter duo beating her long enough for her to faint.

The mother is so keen on beating the advocate up that her sari almost comes off. That's some dedication to violence.!70YWhYpA!8PI3yBO1bcsBKI_JwMTwVj6DUM61moPZGH99T6J3PLc!Gw5xiILT!Y67KM30vcWY49D5Vpvbw-ZChSuIFH8u3GIR-O4PREmc!e9YBALaQ!y7D4Ri53qCMBb5VhwtnI8MBxZgSmEU7W33_k4L3CSLk

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