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Bridget's Headscissors

Started by muenster, 05-Jul-17, 10:20 AM

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 Colin had had a crush on Bridget since middle school, and they were now sophomores in college. Just recently, they had begun hanging out together.
   One afternoon while they were hanging out and watching some UFC. Colin had stopped paying attention to the show and was admiring Bridget's incredible body. She was toned from the shoulders down after years of exercise, and her legs and ass were in perfect shape from squats and lunges. Bridget was wearing a tight fitting tank top and spandex exercise shorts that really showed off her smooth, toned, and sexy legs. She snapped him back to reality as she said, "You know, I bet I could take you in a wrestling match."
"Yeah", she giggled, giving Colin a devilish look in the eye, "You haven't worked out in like, 4 years, and I've been hitting the gym almost every day"
"Oh yeah, I totally wouldn't mess with you," Colin said sarcastically, not trying to hide his obvious positivity that while even though Bridget might be in better shape, he could still easily beat her in a fight.
Bridget was sitting on the couch and Colin was sitting on the floor in front of her. She scooted over so she was sitting directly behind him and draped a leg over each shoulder, so that her smooth, supple thighs cradled his neck and cheeks. "Feel how strong my legs are!", she boasted, and straightened and flexed her legs so that he could feel her rippling muscle.
   Colin was shocked at the muscle in her legs. Without intending to, Bridget was practically choking him. Her legs had turned to steel coils that were pressed uncomfortably around the sides of his neck, but Colin refusing to show that her legs were causing him some discomfort, brought his hand up to feel her thighs. Without trying to come off as perverted, he only felt her legs for a moment, but he didn't want the moment to end. He had fantasized about Bridget for years, but had always been kept in the friendzone. And here he was, with his head between her legs and his hands appreciating the smooth yet muscular texture of her tanned, silky smooth thighs. He decided to taunt her.
   "I mean, you have great legs and all, but I wouldn't call them strong."
   "WHAT!" She gasped, "I'll show you how strong my legs are."
Without warning, she straightened out her legs, crossed her ankles and began to squeeze. Colin gagged, and brought his hands up to her thighs.
"Go on," she taunted him, "try and get out."
   Colin attempted to separate her thighs, but they wouldn't budge. He could already feel himself beginning to weaken in her grip. Her legs were absolutely rock solid, and he suddenly began to doubt whether or not he'd be able to break free of her headscissors.
"What's wrong, it looks like you're having some trouble down there," Bridget chuckled, "Do you give?"
"Please, I'll get out of this in no time" Colin said, but he had his doubts. He ran his hands down to her ankles and attempted to separate them, but they wouldn't budge. He attempted to put a hand between her ankles and separate them that way and seemed to make a bit of leeway, but she responded by simply re crossing her ankles and squeezing so hard he could feel his teeth grinding.
"Try that again and I'll just squeeze harder. You don't want me to accidently knock you out, do you? Say mercy."
"No, I'm not giving up. I can still get out, your legs aren't that strong" Colin said.
"Wrong choice of words," Bridget growled as she bit her lip and straightened her legs, crushing the sides of Colin's neck. Beginning to feel slightly lightheaded, Colin began to panic as he realized he probably couldn't get out of Bridget's scissors and he was weakening by the second. He ran his hands up and down her tanned, toned legs, wanting to stop to admire their smoothness but also trying hard to find an opening.
   Bridget rolled onto her side and squeezed as hard as she could, causing something in Colin's neck to pop. About to go out, he panicked and tapped out on her legs. Bridget held on for another few seconds and then let up. Colin gasped for air and rested the back of his head on her crotch.
   "There, that wasn't so hard, was it? I told you I could beat you in a fight. If I can manage to get these legs around you," she said as she slapped a thigh, "you're as good as done."
   "I don't know, that wasn't exactly fair. You just surprised me with that hold. If we had a real wrestling match I'd pin you in a second.
   "Oh really?" Bridget said, starting to look annoyed. "Then let's have a wrestling match. I'll make you eat your words."
   "Fine, bring it on." Colin said back.
Bridget had changed into a bikini that really showed off her gorgeous, toned legs. Her legs were very muscular and strong, but still extremely sexy, smooth, and feminine. Colin was wearing a tshirt and some gym shorts. They circled each other and Colin stepped forward to attempt  a takedown. He put his hands on her shoulders but she responded by slipping quickly behind him and jumping up on his back, wrapping an arm around his throat and her legs around his midsection. She began to squeeze, and Colin first reached up to her arm, but he couldn't get it to budge. Her arms were toned yet smooth and sexy, and they had already managed to slip under his chin and were constricting around his neck like a noose. She tightened her legs around his midsection, squeezing out any air he had left and causing immense pain in his abdomen. He reached down to try and pry her legs off but she was wrapped around him like a boa constrictor.
Colin dropped to his knees and continued to pry at her arms. Just as he began to feel himself growing weaker Bridget pulled back so that they both fell and he was now lying with his back against her front. He could feel her bright blonde hair against his cheek as she whispered into his ear. He felt himself become slightly aroused.
"I've got you good," she breathed, tickling his ear with her smooth, sultry voice, "tap out. Tap out and maybe I'll go easy on you"
"Never!" Colin wheezed, and with a burst of energy he began to roll side to side. He managed to create just enough space to slip a hand under her arm and loosen her grip on his neck. They struggled back and forth for a bit as he attempted to prevent her from getting him in another chokehold, but while Colin struggled Bridget continued squeezing his midsection in between her thighs, draining his strength little by little. Colin attempted to reach down and pry himself free from her legs, and without a grip on his neck Bridget was having a little more trouble getting him to tap out. She released him from her legs and Colin backed away, exhausted and feeling like his lower ribs were beginning to bruise.

"What's wrong, Colin? Getting tired already?" She said as she threw her hair over her shoulders and adjusted her bikini top, beads of sweat beginning to form on her breasts.
"You got a little lucky there, but now I'm going to put you in your place."
"Oh you think you can?" She smirked at him, "Come show me what you've got"
Beginning to get a little frustrated, Colin charged forward, pushing Bridget onto her back. He attempted to crawl up onto her stomach to pin her down, but she was pushing back with her legs. He began to become slightly winded as he wrestled with her shins, attempting to push her legs aside so he could pin her arms down. For a split second Colin slipped and dropped a hand to the ground, and in that moment Bridget threw her legs up over Colin's shoulders and grabbed onto the back of his head, pulling him closer into the grip of her thighs. He brought his hands up around her thighs and tried to pry his head free.
"Come on, you know once I get my legs around your neck there's nothing you can do." Bridget taunted at him.
She rolled over onto her side and Colin rolled over onto his side too, losing any traction he had to pull back against her grip. She grabbed onto his head and pulled him deep in between her thighs so that his chin was resting up against her crotch. Propping herself up on her elbow, she crossed her ankles and straightened out her legs, causing Colin to grit his teeth in pain.
He couldn't help but admire the view from this angle. Starting with her smooth stomach, he admired her slightly toned abs, strong but still girly and sexy. His gaze traveled up along her abdomen to admire her medium sized, perky breasts, and finally he brought his eyes up to her gorgeous face, sweating slightly but still showing minimal effort. She had a cocky grin on, knowing she had him trapped. They locked eyes.
"Well, it would seem you've gotten yourself into quite the predicament" Bridget said, poking his nose with her pointer finger. She tightened her grip slightly, causing Colin to yelp. "I want you to admit I'm stronger than you. I want to hear you say you lost to a girl."
Colin knew she had him, but his ego wouldn't let him give up. As sexy an experience as this was, he couldn't help but feel a little emasculated. "Fuck you, bitch. I'm going to make you tap out."
Bridget's face suddenly changed and her attitude became more serious. "Oh, is that so? Because it kind of looks like you're getting your ass kicked, bad, by a 120 pound girl. What are you gonna do, huh? Come on, let me see you really try."
She reached down and changed the angle of his head so it was tilted slightly to the side of her crotch, which seemed to make the headscissor even more potent. She rolled back onto her back and began to slowly increase the pressure. Colin knew he was completely trapped. He was getting more and more exhausted as their match went on and she was just as energetic as when they first started. He brought his hands up and placed them on her waist, and at that moment it had finally sunk in. Bridget had completely bested him. She had him where she wanted him and there was nothing he could do about it.
Bridget bit down hard on her lip, straightening out legs and causing her thigh muscles to bulge out on the sides of his neck. Colin feebly kicked his legs and pawed weakly at her waist and thighs, beginning to feel himself lose consciousness. With his last bit of remaining strength he tapped against her thigh, and with a final squeeze, she loosened her hold. All he could do was lay there with his chin resting on her crotch.

   "You know what?" she said with an evil grin, "I was just going to let you go if you gave up, but you pissed me off. I think I'm going to teach you a lesson. I'm going to make you my bitch."
   Bridget released her front facing headscissors and positioned herself on his neck so that she was now sitting with her ass right up against his chin. She looked over her shoulder at his pathetic face. "Hmm," she said with a sexy, cocky grin, "I think I have just the thing"
   Quickly, she straightened out her legs out behind her and reached behind her back, grabbing onto his hair and pulling his head deeper between her legs so that his chin was now nestled firmly between her firm ass cheeks. Lying flat on his back, barely had time to react, and he reached up to rest a hand on either thigh. His neck was completely enveloped by Bridget's smooth, supple thighs, and he could feel the muscles tense up as they began to squeeze the life out of his scrawny neck. They were as smooth as they were toned, and the view of her ass was breathtaking. But his pleasure didn't last very long.   
   Bridget straightened out her legs, crossed her ankles and amped up the pressure on his neck, causing Colin to gag. "Oh," she chuckled, "choking already? I haven't even begun to squeeze you yet!" She planted her hands on either side of his waist and arched her back, generating even more power in her reverse scissors. Colin let out a gurgled squeal and attempted to pull her thighs apart, but to no avail. Her grip was far, far to firm.   
   "Please", he managed to let out, "its-it's too tight!"
   "You're such a little bitch", Bridget sighed, "I'm honestly not really even squeezing. I could probably knock you out in a few seconds if I actually used all of my power."
   She loosened up for just a second and Colin tried to catch his breath, but his break was short lasted. She reached behind her back again and pulled his head even deeper into her ass than he thought possible. With her readjustment complete, Bridget resumed squeezing, this time even tighter and harder than before.
   Colin brought his hands up and grabbed tightly onto her ass cheeks, taking a moment so appreciate their smooth, perfect features. Her ass was perfectly shaped from years of squats, and it was incredibly soft and sexy when she relaxed her muscles, but when she squeezed it instantly became rock hard and practically crushed in his cheekbones. Bridget's reverse headscissor was incredibly sexy, but each time she squeezed he felt himself coming closer to a knockout. He began to panic and attempted to ask her a stop but only managed a gurgled cry. He moved his hands farther down her silky smooth thighs and attempted to separate them enough to catch a breath, but she only responded by arching her back and hitting him with her hardest squeeze yet. Colin kicked out his legs and coughed, beginning to see black just as she loosened her grip.
   "Please!", Colin pleaded, barely conscious, "Let me go, I can't take much more of this. I'm about to pass out"
Bridget relaxed a bit and laid down on his front side, her face resting inches above his rock hard cock.
   "What's wrong, are my feminine legs too much for you?" She pulsed her grip slightly, making him choke and panic a little more. "I want you to beg me. Beg me to let you go."
   "Please, I'm begging you. I'll do anything. Please just let me go, I... I can't beat you. I'll do anything you say if you just let me go."
   "Anything?" she asked.
   "Yes, anything"
   "I'll tell you what, I want you to massage my thighs. If I don't think you're doing a good enough job, I'll make you regret it. Go on, start massaging."
   Colin began to rub his hands over the back of her ass and thighs, but it wasn't long before he became distracted and slowed down as he felt her smooth, sexy muscles.
   "I told you to MASSAGE my legs, not crop a fucking feel" she said with frustration. "Come here."
   She reached behind her and grabbed him by his hair, once more pulling his face deeply into her ass cheeks. She turned around, arched her back, crossed her ankles and put on a devilish squeeze. Colin could feel his windpipe crushing as she locked her thighs around his puny neck. He felt himself beginning to drift and he began desperately to try to escape. He kicked out with his legs and tried to roll her off. He managed to roll them both onto their sides, but her grip held firm.
   Laying on her side propped up by her arm, she looked over her shoulder at Colin's beet red face. With a look of amusement, she said in her silky, smooth voice "Oh, still have some fight left in you? Too bad you only managed to roll me on my side. I can still scissor the shit out of you in this position. Anyway, I'm done playing around."
   At that moment, she squeezed harder than Colin had felt so far. Veins began to protrude from her forehead as she bit her lip and her quads bulged on either side of her neck. This time it was so tight that Colin couldn't let out so much as a squeel. He couldn't breath and his vision quickly began to go black. She loosened up right as he was about to go out.      
   "Say my name, bitch."
   "Bridget," Colin managed to cough out weakly.
   "I SAID SAY MY NAME!" she growled as she jolted him with a quick, powerful squeeze that made his jaw pop.
   "BRIDGET! BRIDGET!" Colin squealed, his hands feebly pawing at her smooth, toned thighs. He was amazed at how rock solid her legs were. He placed a hand on her ass and it felt like solid marble.
   "That's right, you little bitch. I know I can make you do whatever I say right now. I want you to say goodnight."
   "Wait, what?" Colin begin to ask but she rolled him back over onto his back and arched her back, squeezing as hard as she could. Colin felt something pop in his neck as the world began to darken and stars danced across his vision. He watched his own hand paw at her glorious ass as he was knocked out.

   Colin woke up a few seconds later confused and disoriented with Bridget sitting on his chest, his arms pinned to his sides. He felt weak and a little nauseous and his body ached all over. His neck was killing him and he felt like something was not quite right with his jaw.
"Good morning," Bridget said, "have you learned your lesson?"
"Yes," Colin said, failing to make eye contact and struggling to breath under her full weight on his chest.
"Look me in the eye when you talk to me."
Colin looked away, ashamed and embarrassed he had been so thoroughly defeated by a girl so cute. Bridget slid up his chest so that she was now sitting on his throat, holding his head tightly between her thighs so that he couldn't look away.
"Say it again", she said, tightening her grip so that he understood she was serious.
Unable to look away, Colin gazed into her eyes and said, "Yes Bridget, I've learned my lesson. I'm no match for you."
"Say you're my bitch," she smiled down at him, choking him a little harder still so that he coughed.
"I'm-," he coughed as he struggled to get the words out, "I'm your bitch." She rolled onto her side, extended her legs in another front headscissors and squeezed him hard. "I'M YOUR BITCH!" Colin yelped out.
"That's better." Bridget smiled and released him from her legs. "Now kiss my feet."


and here's the girl the story was written about.


Wow. Great piece, mate. Bridget's legs look like they could squeeze the life out of you!!


Quote from: muenster on 05-Jul-17, 10:23 AM
and here's the girl the story was written about.

She does look like she could squeeze.  So is the story true or just a fantasy or a little of both?


good story funny how those stories ring with a bit of truth

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