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Author Topic: Has anyone requested foot worship? Who and how was it?  (Read 274 times)

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I love the idea of being scissored and then steadily coerced into massaging nylon stocking-clad feet before ultimately finding myself completely enslaved to them. I'd like a sort of fortuitous-style session with light role play. She'd perhaps take on the role of a concerned friend who decides to wrap her legs around me in a crazy scheme to help me relax. She'd squeeze me tightly and dismiss my discomfort with sexy "shhh" sounds, and eventually request I return the favour by massaging her feet. Her ankles would be locked and my head would be pinned between her thighs as I reach forward to rub her feet in repayment of her methods to "relax me".

The facade would hold up until about midpoint in the session. She'd scissor me in multiple positions, rub her feet all over me, put them in my face, make me massage them, all the while chatting away as though this was completely normal behaviour. Eventually, whilst I'm deep in a reverse head scissor and on the verge of passing out, she'd address me as her slave. She'd make me admit I love being under her control.

Her feet would then be glued to my face for the duration of the session. Her goal would be to make me addicted to their scent.

Who might you recommend I contact with this style of session in mind? I'm in the UK.

I see Jenni Czech's relatively close to me for the next couple of months. Her rate's like 500/hour, though. I might consider that for a whole day.

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Has anyone requested foot worship? Who and how was it?
« Reply #1 on: 25-Jul-17, 03:46 PM »
I am not a foot worship type guy though I kinda worshiping boots if they are clean. You won't have much trouble finding a session like that.