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Introducing myself...

Started by Grasslandproductions, 31-Jul-17, 11:00 AM

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Hello all,

I am obviously new to this board, but I do like the way it is organized and run.

I am a huge catfight fan. Female wrestling some, and not at all for mixed, but as a producer, I know there are so many subgroups to the fighting female fetish, that it's hard to wrap your head around sometimes.

I have filmed on multiple occasions for ECNWC.

I was a co-founder of Capital City Catfights and I have done the odd photography over the years.

If you have any questions about what it's like to produce, ask away.

Looking forward to your questions and comments.
Just a catfight man from the Atlantic Coast.


Bringing Order To The Chaos Created By A World Infested With Idiots!


Welcome :), I'd have a couple of questions about producing if you're still around.

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