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Author Topic: keep2share, fboom trick  (Read 2946 times)

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keep2share, fboom trick
« on: 10-Aug-17, 06:56 AM »
Although keep2share and fboom servers are not allowed here, many ppl still browse other boards, where keep2share is one of the most popular file hosts for cash-posters. But ussually offers only 50kbps speed for non premium users, which is very slow.
But i noticed that i get sometimes better speed, if i visit keep2share(fboom) from particular forums. Guess some file hosts have some special contract with some boards.

Here's what you need to do:
Code: [Select]
? on the end of the link. Like i with k2share and fboom.

For example take this one:

Here's the original link:
Code: [Select]   speed 50kbps

and here's the modificied link:
Code: [Select]   speed 150kbps not click directly on the link, you have to copy-paste.

And remember....this is not premium membership. Waiting time between two downloads is still in valid. If you downloaded too much, you'll still get the slower speed.

maybe this trick won't work every single time and with every single file.....maybe won't work by every single IP, but is worth to try. Doesn't take much time to paste ? on the end of link.

Of course, members who know how to use spoofs and dereferer tools can use different tricks.

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keep2share, fboom trick
« Reply #1 on: 10-Aug-17, 07:11 AM »
Thanks for the info