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Started by lazerblu, 20-Aug-17, 10:54 AM

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lazerblu is the adult content sister site to, which is currently an allowed imagehost site

Just wanted to check that it is OK to use this imagehoster, and suggest that for much of the content posted here it might be more appropriate to use it rather than postimage.


Any chance a mod/staff could reply to this question.


The address redirects to some nyc architectural site to me.


oops, it's xxx, sorry bout that, try this.


^ that one loads up.. although, my experience has been most of new image hosts come and go, and it's better to stay with the tried-and-true ones. However, if you say that one is run by the same team that runs postimage, which is allowed, perhaps it could be used too, at least as a trial. So go ahead. If a lot of peeps complains, then we take it off.

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