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Happy Birthday Monroe Jamison!

Started by FWC, 07-Sep-17, 12:39 PM

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On this day 32 years ago an amazing woman was born.

You know her as Monroe Jamison.

If you don't know her, learn more about her here:

Every single day, often even on Sundays, this woman is texting back and forth on her phone, and letting new people know about what we are doing here at the FWC.

She has an absolutely tireless work ethic. We have seen her get on those mats so many times when life was kicking her in the rear, or when she wasn't feeling good, or the countless times she has filled in for ladies who haven't shown up.

You would not be reading this, and we would not be here if it wasn't for her being here every single day since we started!

If Monroe Jamison has ever inspired you, here are a few ways you can support her today.

1. Send her a financial gift through her Paypal me link:

or, you can send the financial gift straight to her email at - themonroejamison AT

2. Buy her something off her Amazon Wish List:

3. Send her an email of support:
themonroejamison AT

PS. New releases have been flowing on the Female Wrestling Channel website every single day!!!

Bookmark this link:
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