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You are walking down the beach (3d)

Started by wrestling_pi, 10-Dec-12, 06:31 AM

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You are walking down the beach with your dark, curly haired, tan girlfriend, enjoying the waves crashing.  Out of the corner of your eye walks past a toned, fit, red head with in a lime green bikini.  Your girlfriend catches your eyes meeting with the redheads, and that's all it takes.

She runs over and shoves the red head from behind.  It does not take long before both girls are headed to the beach ring to settle this.  Your girlfriend has made a big mistake, and the red head is going to make her suffer with you watching.

The struggle begins.

It's not long before your girlfriend is stuck between those muscular thick legs of the powerful red head.

She flexes those glutes as your girlfriend can only beg for help.

She's realized what a mistake it was for this challenge, as she's crushed in a front headscissor hold.

And now some time for humiliating facesitting

This fight is over,

How about some feet in your girlfriends face?

The final victory pose, who will you be meeting up with tonight?



Real nice work, pi  :goodjob:   :bravo:

PS please stay with our list of image hosts. Tinypic is known to remove questionable stuff


Excellent artwork.  Great short story.  Karma and thanks given.

BTW, if this is your artwork you have an awesome talent.


I'm in love with a 3-D redhead!  ;D

You've got the bodyshapes/proportions just right.........   :goodjob:

.....facial expressions, the lot!

Half a dozen  :k1:  for what must be very time-consuming work.

Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Karma to you

Some of the best art wrk I have ever seen

Now we need a mixed match!


More more more!!
You're so skilled!!
What is the program used? Do you have created these models or use existing ones?



How convenient to have a wrestling ring right on the beach, so that the bikini clad babes can settle their differences.  ;D

Great stuff, bro!

:TY: :k2:


Wow! I'm in love too! XD Please tell me the name of redhead girl? If u know;) i want to see more matches with her. XD




Is this done with 3d poser if so which one its great work


working on a sim version of our red head wearing green, here are some renders

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