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Nicola’s fighting girls

Started by Wormseye, 15-Dec-17, 02:34 PM

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Nicola's fighting girls is a DVD/clip production company that is run by Nicola. The company specializes in all sorts of mixed fighting action where the women dominate their much weaker male opponents. Nicola only recruits amateur ladies with promises of earning extra cash in addition to their day job.
The male opponents are recruited from university students who frequent the Student Advice Centre where Nicola works or from a job club for unemployed where she volunteers. Being privy to disclosures made by the men themselves, Nicola selects the ones most desperate for cash.
In order to save money on overheads, Nicola uses a large office on a quiet part of campus. Naturally, the ladies in the office are in on it (and sometimes even star in clips/DVDs).
The Stuck for cash stories (on this forum) all revolve around Nicola's fighting girls DVD/Clip company. Here are some profiles of the ladies who star or will star in the stories:
Sharon is by day a soft-spoken office worker and mom. However, unbeknown to the people her know her, she  stars in mixed wrestling, ballbusting, facesitting and mixed boxing clips to earn extra cash on the side. Sharon is 35, 5'7, and has shoulder-length brown hair. Although she has a narrow waist and small but perky breasts, she has thick strong thighs and a bubble butt to die for. Sharon normally fights  topless in skimpy leopard print panties and red boxing boots, but she sometimes fights clothed (especially for the short clips)Her favourite move is the body or headscissors which are known to be devastating. Her speciality is to gag her opponent with her bra in order to muffle their screams of pain whilst she squeezes the life out of them.  Her facesitting style is to grab  the man's legs and tuck them under her armpits to ensure that escape is impossible (also so that she has a good view of him being knocked out!) Additionally, she likes to camel clutch her male opponents in front of a mirror so that she can watch their agony first hand. She always ends a fight with one foot on her victims head whilst striking a victory pose.
Nicola is a mature woman in her early 50s and the boss of However, don't be put off by her age, she has a wonderfully- formed pair of breasts, a firm figure and long strong legs. She has black hair that comes to just over her shoulders that frames her attractive face. Nicola is educated  and very articulate. For a woman, she is quite tall standing at 5,10. She is a skilled wrestler and boxer with many years' experience and tonnes of passion. Nicola looks fantastic topless in her black stockings and suspenders! As well as totally humiliating her opponents with every conceivable move possible, she is the queen of talk. She likes nothing more than to verbally demean her opponents with her posh voice! Her speciality is to get her opponent in a standing head scissors, then drop to her knees onto the mat, taking her victim with her. She then repeats this move until her opponent begs for mercy.
Kim is a buxom curvaceous 38 year-old housewife who stands at about 5'8. In addition to working for Nicola's company,Kim wrestles men for extra money at the weekend and her husband films her fights which they sell online. She is a straight-talking gal with lots of attitude. She has shoulder-length reddish hair and wears round black- framed glasses. Her favourite things to wear in a match are panties and trainers. Also she loves to wear a robe whilst squaring off with her opponent, so that she can let it drop to the floor and reveal her magnificent melons. She moves quickly and her opponent spends most of the fight between her tits or under her mound and arse. She has a speciality move which she invented herself. She hooks her arms under the weakened opponent's knees, lifts him up and forces him up against the wall. She then presses her huge breasts into his face. This move never fails to get a knock out! Her victim can't do anything but wave frantically with his arms until his lights go out!
Becky is a very buxom curvy girl who stands at about 5'6. She is 18 years old and has long curly hair that she ties into two tails. She is an absolute bitch and loves inflicting as much pain and humiliation on her opponents as possible.  Her favourite trick is to go to a nightclub and con some young lad into going back home with her. She then spikes his drink. By the time he comes to, his is hanging up on the rafters and Becky is using him as a punch bag. Becky loves to show of her huge knockers and will often parade around in front of her opponent in her red heart pattern panties with matching socks, arousing the guy with her magnificent melons! Her favourite move is the lying breast smother with close ups of the humiliated look on her victims face. Beware, this lass is a dirty fighter. Not a fight goes by without Becky, grabbing balls, punching and kicking her opponent.
The German twins
Margit and Andrea, 40 and 25 years old respectively. These two petite German ladies who both lecture at the university, always double team. Margit has black shoulder-length hair, stands at 5.2 and wears glasses. Andrea is a small blonde, also at 5'2 and also wears glasses. Both women have great figures and Margit has a fantastic pair of well-rounded firm tits; certainly above average for a woman of her size. Andrea has smaller yet lovely breasts and a pretty sweet face to match. Margit normally wears black skimpy panties and black leather boots that come up just below her knee, whereas Andrea likes to wear pink bikini bottoms and boxing boots. These gals are well-versed and work with German efficiency as a team in the ring. The wear their much larger opponents down quickly through coordinated scissors, kicks and ball grabbing. Once they have tired him out, they continue his humiliation with double facesitting. The fights normally finish with either one facesitting their exhausted opponent whilst the other sticks her hand down his pants and works him off until shoots his load.
Dani is 27 years old, stands at 5'9 and has long straight blonde hair. Although Dani is rather plain looking, she is quite slim and has lovely big tits. Dani is a total chav; no manners and an attitude problem. She normally earns money for the electricity meter by breast smothering guys against the wall for £10 a time or facesitting the old boys at the home where she works for £20. She always starts the fight in her black bra and panties. However, once she is queening her opponent, she seductively removes her bra much to their delight. What they don't realise is that she is going to use that same bra to tie their hands around their back so that she can scissor them to obilivion!  Additionally,she is a ball grabber! It is not unusual for her to reduce men to tears with her vice-like grip!
Georgina is originally from Nigeria. She has firm strong thighs, an ample butt and a good-sized pair of breasts. She stands at 5'7 and normally fights topless in panties and trainers. Georgina is definitely a jack-of-all trades as she excels in all fighting genres. She is extremely popular with's regular customers due to her skilful and aggressive manner. Her opponents genuinely end up with a terrified look on their face once Georgina begins to works them over. Whether boxing, ballbusting or wrestling, the fight always ends with Georgina queening her victim whilst rubbing herself off on his face.
Anna is quite short at 5'5 but has a fantastic curvaceous figure with big round tits. Anna fights in any attire as long as she is topless. She loves the effect her melons have on her male opponents. Occasionally, she fights clothed (normally a tight t-shirt) when she does short clips for Nicola. These normally involve her knocking a guy out by pressing him up against the wall and breast smothering him. Although, Anna hasn't been with the company long, she has quite a following because of her amazing figure and the fact that she verbally humiliated her opponents whilst camel-clutching them!

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