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Stuck for cash– the new recruit

Started by Wormseye, 15-Dec-17, 02:39 PM

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Nicola looked over at the woman sat on one of the computers. She had drawn Nicola's attention as soon as she had arrived. It was hard not to notice her plump backside and those thick thighs packed tight into a pair of jeans. Before sitting down, the woman removed her jacket to reveal a pair of magnificent breasts protruding out from a pink sweatshirt. They were really quite huge, especially for woman of her size. Nicola liked what she saw and thought to herself that this woman with her curvaceous figure would be fantastic for business! Although she was quite short, probably about 5,6, she knew that this woman had the sort of figure her customers went mad for.
Once again this voluntary job at the advice centre for the unemployed had proven just as good a recruitment ground as the student advice centre at the university. She had found some of her best clip material here and today was no exception.
Letting out an audible sigh as she starred into the monitor, the woman became visibly frustrated with ever click of the mouse. She ran her fingers through her curly black shoulder- length hair and constantly adjusted her position in the chair. Nicola held back a while longer until the woman held her head in her hands in what would suggest an act of capitulation. Realising the moment was perfect, she homed in, "Hi, you ok? You look a bit fed up." The woman looked up at Nicola and sighed, "It is not easy to find any work nowadays." Nicola smiled at her and gestured with her hand, "Come on, let's go into the kitchen area and I will get you a coffee. You look like you need a break. My name is Nicola by the way." "Anna" replied the woman, allowing a small smile to cross her face.
Nicola and Anna both leaned on opposite counters in the long narrow kitchen, sipping the hot coffee. They were alone and Anna had quite clearly calmed down and was looking more relaxed. The scene was set and it was time for Nicola to go to work, using her expert ability to extract information from someone through a friendly chat.
With several perfectly placed questions, she skilfully led the conversation to Anna's past work experience and financial situation.
Bingo! Though Nicola to herself as Anna, after several minutes of discreet queries, eventually made reference to some modelling work she had done when she was younger, "Wow that sounds great, what were you modelling?" Anna immediately broke eye contact with Nicola at this point and briefly looked down at her shoes before looking back at Nicola, albeit, rather sheepishly, "To be honest, It is a bit embarrassing really! She blushed "It was topless work, if you know what I mean." Inside her head, Nicola jumped for joy, but her facial expression gave nothing away, "Oh I see! Well I don't think you should feel embarrassed about it" she smiled kindly at Anna. Nicola's smile and kind words had a calming effect on Anna, her body language and facial expressions becoming once again relaxed. "Considering your predicament at the moment, is it something you would consider doing again?"
Anna immediately blushed again but this time Nicola could see that Anna's mind was in a state of contemplation.

The camera whirled and the room was full of bright flashes as Nicola called out instructions, "Ok, Anna, now strike a victory pose!" Anna complied and raised her gloved hands above her head, her huge melons rising slightly as she did so. Click, click, click " Now place your hands on your hips, that's it. Great" Anna was in her element. She felt so sexy in her black panties and her black high heeled boots. At first, she thought it a bit unsual when Nicola asked her to wear boxing gloves, but once she had donned them, she had to admit, she felt a strange excitement.
During the hour long photo shoot, Nicola had her put on all sorts of attire from open swimsuits to stocking and suspenders, but always topless and always wearing boxing gloves.
After the shoot had finished, Nicola and Anna sat for a coffee in the office before finishing off. "Here you go" said Nicola, passing Anna her check, "I will pick out the best and post them onto the website this afternoon. Give it a few hours." Giving her a card, she added "This is the web address from the site. Have a look around the site and see what you think."

When Anna arrived at the Advice centre a day or so later, she instantly recognised the short woman behind the counter. She had seen her on the website in a clip that starred her and another short woman called Marta together pounding a guy in a boxing match. "Yes, Nicola, it's me Rebekka. I have a lady called Anna to see you.... Yes...ok.. I will send her through."
Nicola greeted Anna warmly and ushered her into one of the empty offices. "Well, did you get chance to view the pics? I though they came out really well, don't you?." Anna smiled and nodded "umm, that other stuff you do, you know the clips on the website....." Anna added somewhat nervously. "Do you, eh, pay the ladies for that sort of thing?" Nicola smiled to herself, knowing that she was on the edge of a sale, "Yes they do. We pay about a grand for each clip and a percentage from the sales." She said nonchalantly. "Are you, eh, looking for anyone to star in those clips?" asked Anna finally. Smiling back at Anna, Nicola replied, "I believe we are. Have you ever done any boxing?"

Anna's heart skipped a beat as she realised that she had received an email from Nicola. Clicking on it, she opened it up – Hi Anna, hope you are keeping well. I have finally arranged a recording session for you. I must admit, you have quite a fan base already and I have had a lot of requests for you to star in a 2 on 1 mixed boxing match with a lady called Georgia. You can see Georgia in action on the website. The session will be tomorrow at 1pm. Let me know if you are up for it – Naturally, Anna didn't have to look at the website, she remembered the clips of  this sexy black milf absolutely destroying her male opponents in all her matches. In fact she had been constantly browsing the website since she found out about it. Quite frankly, the more she watched the clips and view the photos, the more aroused she became. Without a moment more, Anna promptly clicked reply and confirmed with Nicola that she was, indeed, interested.

"Pleased to meet you, Georgia" stretching out her hand, Anna shook hands with the woman. Standing about 5,7, Georgia was dressed in a pair of white trousers that perfectly displayed her ample arse and think thighs. From the waist up, however, she was quite trim. She wore a blue t-shirt that covered her average-sized but firm breasts. Looking at Anna's huge bust, Georgia commented in her African accent, "Wow, you really are a big girl" Anna smiled back blushing.
Niceties  and  introductions out of the way, the three ladies were soon heading through the car park towards the side building.

Terry, another one of Nicola's skint students who was desperate for cash, fitted her criterion perfectly. Her customers liked to see wimps getting destroyed by more physically imposing woman of all shapes and sizes. Terry definitely fit the bill. He was less than 5'6, was flat chested and was overall very slight in build.
He stood in the hallway nervously, looking rather pathetic in his Homer Simpson boxer shorts and a pair of trainers, "You can come in now Terry" called Nicola from inside the room' As Terry entered shyly, he saw Nicola at the back standing behind her camera equipment. Once he was further in, his heart skipped a beat as he saw Anna and Georgia standing together at the opposite end of the windowless room. He felt an immediate tingle in his boxer shorts as he saw Anna standing there, her gloved hands on her hips, her massive breasts on full show! She wore a pair of skimpy black panties, with a bit of a pooch poking out over the top. The whole look was complemented by a pair of red lace-up boxing boots. Georgia's fine black breasts already glistened with a bit of sweat as she too stood with her hands on her hips, drawing attention to her broad hips and thick thighs by swaying side to side in a provocative manner. Terry became fixated on her mound that was covered by a tiger-pattered slip as it gyrated with Georgia's movements. However, before Terry became fully aroused, Nicola interrupted, "2-3-1 action"
Before Terry realised it, both women pounded their gloves together and started to head towards him. Terry's attention soon turned from Georgia's shapely hips to Anna's huge bouncing melons as both women stood in front of him, dancing from side to side. Georgia noticed this and swiftly got around the back of Terry and promptly grabbed his arms at the elbow joint and forced around his back. Locking them firmly in place, she shouted to Anna, "Get him!"
Anna wasn't going to waste any time and she thrust her gloved fist firmly between Terry's eyes, his head jerked back as she made contact. Terry was completely stunned by Anna's strike and couldn't believe how strong she actually was. At the same time, Anna noticed how aroused she had become by the look of terror on Terry's face, "Get him again, Anna!" demanded an animated Georgia! Taking a swing, Anna caught Terry again right in the middle of his face. Noticing that Terry must be a bit dizzy as his resistance to her hold gave somewhat, Georgia let go completely and Terry staggered back a step. Anna, saw her opportunity and let lose a barrage of punches to Terry's head. As Terry fell back after the second or third hit, he could hear Georgina and Nicola cheering as he hit the mat with a thud. Before he could gather his senses, Georgia started to circle him menacingly as his tried to recover on all fours. Georgia swung her fist back and planted a blow on the side of Terry's face that sent him plummeting back down to the mat. At was at this point that he really started to panic. He couldn't believe how hard these ladies could punch. He knew he was in a humiliating pounding.
Anna's huge chest heaved with excitement as Georgia cupped Terry's chin with her left and then let rip with a right straight into Terry's face. Terry who had been shakily supporting himself with one hand on the mat, slumped back down onto the mat. "Slow it down, ladies. I want at least 20 minutes out of this clip" insisted Nicola in an annoyed voice. Abiding by Nicola's directions, the women resorted to standing over the battered male whilst taunting him.
Once Terry had finally managed to get to his feet, he stood there wobbling in front of them and still looking dazed. He raised his hands in panic as Anna and Georgia approached him from each side. Anna was the first to start the onslaught with a right hook to his chin, closely followed by Georgia's cross punch to his nose. This assault continued with the ladies taking it in turns to plant punches on him. It was impossible to defend against this tactic. Trying to defend against a blow from Anna, just opened him up to a strike from Georgia. Having pounded Terry from one side of the room to the other, it didn't take long before an uppercut from Anna finally sent him tumbling to the mat again. "Great stuff" delighted Nicola, knowing this is what the her punters wanted to see.
"Right, ladies get him back on his feet and this time just Georgia. Georgia save some for Anna mind" came the instruction from behind the camera. The women then both reached down, grabbed one of Terry's wilting arms each and forced him to his feet. Terry, who could hardly stand, stood swaying as Georgia approached. He limply raised his defence, but knew that the humiliation of being knocked out by a woman in a boxing match was inevitable. Georgia danced around him, toying with him, pretending to strike with her left, allowing him to defend against it whilst she struck full power with the right. Terry cowered and tried to back away as this powerful black beauty rained punch after punch on him. It wasn't long before he had to go down on one knee again. Again Georgia had cupped his chin and was about to blast him to kingdom come, when Nicola interrupted, "Hang on Georgia, I what Anna to finish him off in this clip." Georgia had barely stepped aside, when Anna attacked him with a combination of a jab, cross, hook then a devastating uppercut, the flurry of punches met with its target every time and the uppercut virtually lifted his feet off the ground. Terry's world went out before he even hit the mat. "I just punch his lights out!" whooped Anna with utter delight!, her huge melons bouncing up and down in her excitement. She celebrated further with Georgia by taking it in turns to place a foot on Terry's head in victory. Remembering their instructions, Anna and Georgia, knelt either side of Terry, grabbed one of his arms each which they placed their knees whilst cupping his head in their  gloved hands and lifting it to face the camera. Terry was just coming to as Nicola zoomed in with the camera on his bruised and battered face.
"Ok, ladies, let's finish this off. You know what we discussed. Ok, let's have some fun with him! Georgia, you know the score, you take the lead." Willingly, Georgia went other to where Terry lay flat on his back, still dazed and confused. She flipped him onto his stomach, laid her whole body on him, slipped her arms under his and joining her hands around the back of his head. Holding him firmly in this grip, she rolled over in one swoop, taking Terry with her. Now she had him locked in place on top of her, "Anna, my friend, stuff your tits in his face, innit!" A smile came across Anna's face as she savoured the thought of what she was about to do to this guy. She knelt over Terry on all fours with her massive breasts daggling cm's from his face. She squealed with delight as she look down at Terry's terrified face before she quickly forced her melons into Terry's head. After a half a minute, Terry's arms started to flap wildly as her struggled for breath. He tried to free himself but Georgia's grip was too strong. Georgia stuck her tongue in his ear before whispering, "This would be a good way to knock you out, innit!" At this Terry panicked and tried once again to free himself, albeit to no avail.
Having endured this breath game for several minutes, Anna, stood back up and Georgia realised her grip. Pushing him off her unceremoniously, she also got up. Although Terry was still trying to catch his breath he was at least relieved that they had finally stopped. His relief  as, unfortunately, short lived as he saw Georgia's mound slowly lowering onto his face. Once in position, she firmly trapped his hands under her knees. Looking down at Terry over her breasts, Georgia erotically licked her lips and said "You gonna give me some fun, innit!" as she immediately began to gyrate her hips, allowing her womanhood to rub against Terry's mouth. "Ja, man!" she moaned as her thrusts got stronger. "Anna, come and get some, sister! Anna didn't need asking twice and she was soon kneeling behind Terry's head. Georgia slipped back so that Anna could take her place. Soon there was a cacophony of Anna and Georgia's  moaning as they pleasured themselves on a powerless Terry. Before long, both women began trembling before they both became stiff and Terry could feel the dampness seeping through their knickers onto his face.

Clutching a cheque in one hand and  nursing a black eye and a very sore face with the other,Nicola patted Terry on the back as she led him to the back entrance, "Don't forget, if anyone asks, you got mugged or you have taking up boxing!"

Please feel free to share with me which character you liked best. You can even share what you would like that character to do to you. I might even add it into one of my stories.

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